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June 1, 2011


the court jesters

by Andrea O'Connell

Today, in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, the day began with a discussion regarding whether the six felony charges against Casey, can be proffered by the State.  There will be more discussion on this as the trial wears on.  The State could mention the felonies since Baez opened the door to allow it in, but rather than risk a possible issue on appeal, the State is backing off of using it, at this time.

Amy Huizenga was the first to take the stand this morning.  It was Baez’ turn to cross examine Amy.  She clearly got irritated at Baez’ habit of putting absurd words in her mouth, as he often does to witnesses, but Amy was quick and did not allow Baez to twist her words.

Baez actually suggested that Amy went after Casey’s boyfriends when Casey was done with them!  He was referring to Ricardo Morales (she slept on his couch). And, because Amy and Jesse Grund met a couple of times to discuss the case, Amy must have been involved with him, says Baez.  It was totally inappropriate.   I wish Amy had said, “Yeah, I also tried to use my bank account after Casey was done with it, we know how that turned out!”

Then, Baez suggested that Amy was a big drinker.  He intimated that in 2008, when Amy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a guard rail, she was drunk.  Amy said, “that’s not relevant.”  And it wasn’t!

Lee Anthony was on the stand today.  He testified about Casey’s admission about being “a spiteful bitch,” with regards to keeping Caylee away from the family. Lee said, Cindy Anthony suggested Casey was an “unfit mother.”  Amy Huizenga referred to this as well.

With regards to Lee’s testimony.  Was there even a whisper about the molestation allegation against Lee?  Nope!  Nary a word spoken by the State of Florida, therefore the Defense could not bring it up.

I thought it was the elephant in the room for the jury.   The Defense will have to bring it up in their case, if they are allowed.  I believe there will have to be evidence to support it before the Defense can raise it.

There were quite a few Orange County Sheriff’s Officers who took the stand today today.  Brendan Fletcher was the first of Officer on the scene on Hopespring Drive on July 15th, and he was the first to take the stand today.  He testified that he had not smelled an odor emanating from the car, and left the home after two hours.

Then, Adriana Avecedo, the Officer who took Casey in her squad car to Sawgrass Apartments.

Finally, Reginald Hosey took the stand and was asked about how Casey was handcuffed, and did he order the handcuffs removed?  He didn’t remember.

The defense tried with all their might to revisit the Miranda issue once again.  Cheney Mason did everything in his power to discuss how threatening the police are – how threatened Casey must have been is the idea he wanted to float.

Mason discussed the (intimidating) cage (bars) used in police cars; he talked about the scary men in scary police uniforms and scary guns on their belt.  Oh, and there were so many officers there, too.  His argument fell flat; and the record is clear on this issue – Judge Perry has ordered that all of Casey’s statements were admissible some time ago.

Yuri Melich was on the stand today, and as usual, he was an excellent, intelligent and professional witness.

Casey Anthony’s written statement from July 15th was brought into evidence and read into the record by Yuri.  Then, the first recorded interview that Yuri took of Casey was entered into evidence and played for the jury.

Casey lied, and lied, and lied some more in that statement.  And, worse than that, Casey’s vocal tone, pitch and slow pace was reminiscent of a job interview, not a plea to find a daughter recently kidnapped.

From the defense today, I began to hear their innuendos about George Anthony, all of which suggest that George was distant about the “kidnapping” because he knew Caylee was already gone.

Here are examples of what I heard:

  • George did not react when Cindy fell into his arms after telling him Caylee was missing.
  • One by one police officers were asked what was George like that night, July 15?  Invariably, the witnesses today said, George was calm, while Cindy was frantic.  I believe it was Officer Hosey who said, Cindy was at times frantic and at times calm.
  • When Lee was questioned in cross, he was asked if George came into the bedroom to talk to Casey.  No, he didn’t, Lee said.
  • The conclusion seemed to be that George was oddly distant given the situation.

The defense will  take every opportunity to twist George’s actions into suspicious innuendo against him.   The facts remains, however, this defense team will not be able to create reasonable doubt – they are too incompetent to spin such a tale.  There are too many holes in the story Jose Baez told in his bizarre opening statement – proof that they have not given enough thought to theory.

Had the defense done a simple IF / THEN examination of their theory, they might have more answers,  instead of black holes that make no sense.

For instance,

  • IF George was involved in a “drowning accident” of Caylee, THEN why would he not perform CPR or call 911?  What compelled George to hide Caylee’s body?
  • IF George got Casey involved in covering the death up, THEN why did the Cadaver Dogs alert on two places in the yard and why did the body decompose in the trunk?
  • IF George and Casey were in cahoots to hide the body, THEN why would George, a former detective, not advise Casey about the harm of leaving evidence behind?
  • IF George has something to do with the “accident” and colluding with Casey, THEN why would he report the gas can incident to the police?
  • IF George and Casey were in on the murder, THEN why would she tell her mother about the gas can incident, rather than hide it from her?
  • IF Casey was sexually abused, THEN why did she trust George to take care of her daughter?   Note: I read that it has never (or rarely) been reported that a sexually abused mother would kill her offspring.
  • IF there had been a pool accident, THEN why did both George and Casey have NO reaction to the pool accident that was discussed by Cindy in the Jail video?

We could go on and on with IF / THEN scenarios that prove the lies Baez floated in his opening have glaring holes, and are so obscenely foolish.

We laugh so often at Jose Baez and his inane tactics that he’s become our Court Jester.

He’s missing the large ruffled collar, the diamond colored leggings, the large shoes that curl at the point with bells on the heels.  Well, that’s no matter.  He’s still recognizable.

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  1. damagdpets
    Jun 1 2011

    Once again Baez is not prepared for court. Perry asked him if he had copies of the Websleuth blog involving Yuri M. and Baez didn’t. He asks the judge for 5 minutes to have copies made. Instead of sending someone, Baez himself leaves the court room only to be followed by Sims and Mason. Copies my Ass! Meeting time! 5 minutes stretches to almost 20 and this is where Baez hung himself. Baez gone, Perry starts looking up case law to see if the blog and posts by Yuri should be admitted. By the time Baez got back Perry was ready to ask questions and after Baez answered he was denied using any of the blog comments. I really thought Baez might be in trouble for not being prepared and costing 20 minutes of time but I was wrong. It cost him evidence that he wanted to use to make Yuri look bad. How did that work out for you Mr. Baez? Another great tactic today was Sims objecting about 40 times when Lee was on the stand. He was there for almost 2 hours and testified for about 15 minutes. not all was lost for the state. The jurors got bored and upset but got to hear Lee tell how his mother thought Casey was an unfit mother and that Casey claimed she was a spiteful bitch! The biggest thing for me is when Lee was talking to Casey and started the role playing where he was the police asking questions. Just like running into a dead end at Universal Casey changed her story about Caylee being asleep to Zanny kidnapped the baby 31 days ago. This reaffirms what we know. Casey is a good and detailed liar until backed into a corner and has to come up with a whole new lie. If she does not take the stand to try and convince a jury they will only know that she is a real big liar. That’s not good……..

    • Whistlersmother
      Jun 1 2011

      I agree, so funny to watch Baez as he thinks he has a “gotcha” moment and he is beat down by an objection!

    • Venice
      Jun 1 2011

      Is this a comedy show?? Sometimes I forget it’s a Capital Case, let alone a criminal trial.

    • Jun 2 2011

      You got it, DamagedPets! The evidence keeps piling up more and more, and as it piles up, it drowns the defense absurd George drowning and molestation theory.

      We always knew the defense had NO case, but I never thought it would be this bad!

  2. Whistlersmother
    Jun 1 2011

    Well once again Jose entertained me by getting reamed by the Judge AGAIN! The argument about Yuri being biased just cracked me up-he was just standing there taking his lashes and thinking about all the money he is going to make because he was the LEAD attorney on this case. Just sickening….I am really starting to feel sorry for Casey that she thought she was so smart to hire Jose Baez against her parents wishes. I wonder if she is just thinking about what a dumbass she was to keep him on. At least it was a day off for Cindy and George, they must have felt pretty good about just sitting in the back.

    • Jun 2 2011

      LOL, Whistlersmother…. Yup, Casey thought she was getting a GREAT lawyer because Baez pretends to believe her nonsensical lies. The fact is, no other lawyer would have taken this case, only a very desperate moron would even try to win this one.

  3. Jun 2 2011

    I haven’t watched any of the court today as of yet. I appreciate the spoilers here in the comment line-I may not have to take time out to watch the replays. So, thanks for the run run down on the low down! lol :mrgreen:

  4. Linda
    Jun 2 2011

    Hi Andrea, In the first place , why didn’t the judge rip him in a new one when he tried to get something in that wasn’t turned over in discovery?
    I have to laugh at Mason when he said maybe Casey was intimidated by police and afraid.. He may be deaf but the jury is not, They heard the tape and there is no fear in Casey Anthony. Not only that, they heard the way she spoke to her mom and brother on the first jailhouse phone call…….
    Don’t forget Andrea the people on the jury are not the talking heads on tv, they are like us and if they don’t believe just one of the defense bullchit excuses from the MORONS opening statement they won’t believe any of it.

    • Venice
      Jun 2 2011


    • Jun 2 2011

      Hey Linda… oh yeah! Mason and Baez really want to pretend that Casey is a young girl who is just so unable to fend for herself! Didn’t the defense listen to the jail house call with Cindy or see the damning jail videos??? I seriously think they wasted three years NOT reviewing the discovery at all. The talking heads seem to be seeing Baez for the goofball he is now. Someday, maybe Baez may be a good lawyer, but he’s far from competent today…. far, far away from it.

  5. Linda
    Jun 2 2011

    my above statement about discoery was about Yuri Melich blogging…

  6. Faith
    Jun 2 2011

    Another excellent article and ITA Bozo is reall making a fool of himself with his questioning of the witnesses. Mason isn’t doing any better.
    This was sent by a friend and as soon as I saw it I thought of you!

    It’s absolutely amazing! ENJOY!

    • Jun 2 2011

      Faith! Thank you for this lovely video! I love the Roufus Hummingbird! What an incredible video… that was so nice of you! This is a GREAT way to advertise Alaska, too. 🙂

      • Faith
        Jun 3 2011

        You’re more than welcome! I almost fell off my chair(bad news at my age)when I watched that one. It’s too beautiful to delete so I’ll save in in my Good Stuff folder!
        I’ve been busy today,lunch with a friend,Pedi & mani,I call it fix & repair. I’m trying to catch up with what when on at the trial on WFTV tapes. Looking forward to your next article.
        Thanks so much for all you do!

  7. CptKD
    Jun 2 2011

    Baez is proving, yet once again, just how
    ‘UN-qualified’ he is when it comes to
    cross-examing a witness…

    He is trying so hard to mess with Yuri,
    and it’s almost laughable…

    It just isn’t going to happen!

    The Jury has no doubt experienced that
    ‘connection’ with Yuri, and there is NO
    WAY that Baez will be able to break that!

    NO WAY!
    He is NOT that good! NOT even close…

    • Jun 2 2011

      Hey CptKD… Yes, Yuri is one cool witness. And it’s wonderful how he talks right to the jury. He’s just a consummate professional… My kind of Law Enforcement Officer!

  8. offthecuff
    Jun 2 2011

    Why doesn’t Baez just come out and ask why didn’t Melich consider the possibilility of drowning, so that Melich can answer?

    Is Baez so thick headed not to realize that this was still a missing child? Yes, Casey is lying, but which statements are lies are which are not? Melich has to verify in time which ones are.

    • Jun 2 2011

      Hey Offthecuff. I agree… the first priority was to find Caylee and they did everything possible to get Casey to talk… What a brutally cold character she is…

  9. offthecuff
    Jun 2 2011

    It’s frustrating to hear from Lee’s jail phone call that Baez is NOT cooperating with police or giving Casey family letters. The truth about Caylee was at stake.

    • Jun 2 2011

      Absolutely! And, oh boy, Baez did not like this one single bit, did he? Well, it’s his own fault for not trying to get these videos edited or suppressed.

      • Jun 3 2011

        I can’t remember which legal analyst it was who said that the tapes we are seeing has blown Baez’ OS theories to bits. I hope the jury sees and remembers this when its the defense’s turn at bat.

      • Jun 3 2011

        To think, Baez had 3 years and $200,000 to put together this defense. I’d say he’s smart enough to know how to rip off a client and still have her believe she will be set free!

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