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June 2, 2011


a D’OH! day

by Andrea O'Connell

Oh, where to begin!

What an eventful day it has been – let’s see if I can capture the good, bad and the ugly from today’s testimony in courtroom 23-A, in the State v. Casey Anthony case.

First up on the witness stand there was Jeffery Hopkins, (the real Jeffery Hopkins), who is a fresh-faced young man who knew Casey in middle school.

Unlike the made up Jeffery Hopkins, this Jeffery Hopkins has never lived in Jacksonville, has never had a child, does not know Zenaida aka Zanny, but recently saw Casey at a local Sports Bar.  He and Casey exchanged phone and email information, and the next thing he knew, he was getting Facebook invites from Casey to attend the night club Fusion.

Bringing the real Jeffery Hopkins to the stand was an effort by the State to ensure the jury that Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office have looked into all of Casey Anthony’s lies, including the lies regarding the “Imaginary Friends.”

While on the topic of imaginary friends, I do want to point out that the defense is referring to the fake people that Casey Anthony has conjured up in an attempt to hide her crime, are not “imaginary friends,” as the Defense would like the jury to believe!

An imaginary friend is what children create to make their little lives more interesting and fun.  A little bit of research into “imaginary friends” informs us that approximately 40 years ago, Psychologists and Childhood Development professionals like Dr. Benjamin Spock, believed that childhood imaginary friends were a sign of some kind of underlying emotional trouble.  Fast forward a few decades and the thinking is that childhood imaginary friends are a good and healthy thing for young children.

The research will also show that imaginary friends are rare, if not non-existent, past adolescence and into teen or adulthood years.

And, let’s get real here, the Baez defense use of the term “imaginary friends” is a ploy to soften the truth of the matter with regards to Casey Anthony’s lies and actions.

The bottom line is, Casey’s actions are in no way imaginary!  These are lies that Casey Anthony was completely cognizant of as she tried  desperately to avoid being found out.

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

The defense attorney, Jose Baez is not just a complete abomination, he is worse than the bottom of the barrel of first year law students.

I have written often about how infuriating it is that this man is allowed to defend someone faced with the death penalty!

The mistakes Baez has made, his sleazy remarks, and his inability to see the forest from the trees regarding his obviously guilty client, are so extreme that it’s beyond malpractice that he handles a case that he is not capable of defending.

It does not take a person with a law degree to see, with total certainty, that every step that Casey Anthony made after June 16, 2008 until now, was riddled with lies.

Okay, a liar does not a murderer make.  However, given a Defense Team with an absurd claim about drowning, molestation, and imaginary friends – showing a defense team who also lies, and coupled with the evidence we saw today, the jurors have an excellent foundation from which to build the obvious conclusion.

D’OH!  I Forgot!

After today’s testimony of Detective Yuri Melich, at Universal Studios, where Casey Anthony claimed she worked, this July 16th, 2008 interview conducted by Yuri, Detectives John Allen and Appie Wells, was introduced and played for the jury.

The jurors heard the defendant stick like super glue to one lie after another and the Detectives grow increasingly frustrated at not being able to convince her to come clean and tell them what happened to Caylee, but she does not budge.

Yuri Melich said, “I don’t want to think of you as a cold, calculating monster, but you’re giving me no choice!”

Later he said, “She’s out there somewhere and her rotten body is starting to decompose,” there was not so much as a peep from Casey Anthony at that thought!

Now to the D’OH! of the day.  Jose Baez claimed that he didn’t have the time to write a motion to prevent the release of the Jail visits with the family!

He objected in the middle of the playing of the first video, with Lee.  Judge Perry overruled immediately, telling Baez – it’s too late now.

The truth is, Baez had since 2008 to object to these extremely damaging videos, but he did not.  It makes one wonder if Baez even watched them!  Surely if he’d watched them he would have seen how incredibly damaging they are!

Not only are they damaging to Casey Anthony, they also speak volumes about how incompetent Jose Baez is!  It’s true!  There are quite a few disparaging statements about him in these videos, such as “Baez does not return calls,” or, “Baez is not concerned about Caylee,” and so on.

Surprise, Surprise!

The jail videos work against the Defense’s theory, and bolster the State’s case.  The Anthony’s come across as sympathetic and solely focused on finding Caylee.  In contrast, Casey Anthony’s focus is me, me, me!

There is a jail video the jury will see in which Cindy tells Casey that there’s a rumor that Caylee died as a result of drowning in the pool.  Casey let’s out a light laugh and cynically states, “Surprise, surprise!”

So much for THAT defense theory.

Good Grief!

The defense, it seems, are realizing their case is going down the drain.  At the very end of today they announced a new witness who will testify about grief and bereavement.

The “expert” is Dr. Sally Karioth.   Baez gave to the State a copy of a webpage about Dr. Karioth, suggesting they just found her!

The State is objecting to the addition of this witness, of course, because not only is the deadline too far gone, the defense cannot produce reports as to what this witness will testify to.

The attorneys will argue the addition of this witness after the testimony on Saturday.  However, Judge Perry has already cited case law that suggests bereavement and grief witnesses are inadmissible.

Oh, and did I mention that Baez asked again for a mistrial?  It’s true.  It was as a result of jail videos painting him in such a negative light in front of the jurors.

I gotta tell ya’, the jurors didn’t need the jail videos to tell him the truth about Baez – they got that message on May 24th, 2011 during defense opening statements.

The video below is the new defense “Expert,” Dr. Sally Karioth.  A good fit with the defense team?

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  1. Jessica
    Jun 2 2011

    Love the blog!!! Really think you would enjoy the page we made for Baez he’s such a Bumbling Boob!! you can delete the comment 🙂

    • Jun 2 2011

      Hi Jessica! Thanks so much… I will be sure to check it out! 🙂

      And, your comment is too good to delete!

  2. Jun 2 2011

    Oh, and did I mention that Baez asked again for a mistrial? It’s true. It was as a result of jail videos painting him in such a negative light in front of the jurors.

    Okay~I haven’t been able to watch anything that happened today but did Baez call for a mistrial because of the bad light he got from the tape? Huh? LMBO!

    • Andrea OConnell
      Jun 3 2011

      It’s true, it’s true! Today was fascinating – the tapes and videos painted a sordid tale, that’s for sure. Night my dear!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Jun 3 2011

        Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  3. Whistlersmother
    Jun 3 2011

    This trial is just getting pitiful. This morning listening to Casey talk about how her dad is the quiet reserved one, the one that takes time to process all the information before commenting is just damning. I have to agree that Jose Baez did not even watch these videos. They are using these videos to shoot down everything that the defense has claimed. And to add on top of that the court keeps educating Baez on how court works-its just a travesty on Casey’s part. Not that I condone her actions , but geez each defendant deserves competent representation. It just gets worse by the day, I wonder if it is lawful for Judge to excuse Jose and move Mason into the representation, it is just embarrassing to the profession.

  4. Kitt
    Jun 4 2011

    “…I gotta tell ya’, the jurors didn’t need the jail videos to tell him the truth about Baez – they got that message on May 24th, 2011 during defense opening statements…”

    Yes, precisely.
    And that woman…Sally Karioth? Whoa! I tried to watch the video, but ended up skipping thru it. So…is she a stand-up comic, or what?! She got on my nerves within just a few minutes. I tried to follow along, really. But I guess I just don’t get her. I heard her mention Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, but couldn’t figure out if it was a dig toward EKR or not, but figured it wasn’t worth backtracking to listen again. In one ear and out the other. Where do they find these people? 🙂

    • Jun 5 2011

      Hey Kitt…. I know! I tell you, I think they found her on the Internet that very day they proposed her as an “EXPERT” I am sure they just googled on the topic, found the video, and liked what they saw… All I can say is, WOW!

      However, they were supposed to have a hearing over this on Saturday… so, I have a feeling she’s a moot topic now…


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