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June 3, 2011


no “surprise, surprise” here

by Andrea O'Connell

Today the trial, of the State v. Casey Anthony, began with more jail videos of George and Cindy Anthony visiting their daughter.

The terrible reality for the Anthony’s, of course, is the cruelty of their daughter then and now. The extreme cruelty of their daughter as she sits at the defense table knowing she has made these malicious accusations at George, and Lee, is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

It’s interesting to hear the talking heads in the media respond to the evidence they’re seeing for the first time.  I have followed this case very, very closely since day one, and it’s fascinating to hear the reaction of people who are hearing and seeing this case with a fresh perspective.  It’s very interesting and I enjoy seeing and hearing the evidence via the eyes of someone new to the case.

Jail Videos

During the jail visits, both parents are on eggshells as they try to slip in questions that will give them something to go on in their frantic search for Caylee.  We see the Anthony’s tiptoe around Casey Anthony, for fear she will explode, hang up, and refuse to speak to them.

She has yelled at her parents, she has threatened to hang up on them, and she has cried about being the real victim in the situation. The sad, desperate situation is made worse for the Anthony’s because Casey Anthony is their ONLY connection to Caylee.

The jail video with her father, George, was especially poignant but depressing.  Casey tells her father, “…you were the best father the best grandparent….”   There was another moment when Casey mentioned Caylee in the past tense when she said, “…Caylee had…”  The fact that she can’t hide the past tense is telling.

In the jail video with George on August 3, 2008, her father expresses his love and his support for his daughter while he tries to compel her to provide more information about Caylee’s whereabouts.  The videos definitely do not project or portray George as anything other than a loving, caring, hurting and broken father.

Because Casey Anthony is torturing her parents with the suggestion that she cannot tell them all of what she knows because it would put the family in harms way, George Anthony tells Casey Anthony that the entire family can go into protective custody!  She avoids this suggestion, quickly changing the subject.

What is the overall effect of seeing these videos on the jurors?  Court watchers say the jurors have at times scowled, shaken their head back and forth; most have been looking carefully at Casey Anthony’s reactions in court, too.

The jurors see the blank and detached countenance of Casey Anthony; they have to already know the score.

In the videos, Casey Anthony wants desperately to get out of jail to help in the search for Caylee.  The operative words however, are “get out of jail” as she never, in all the videos, expressed interest in the search or even asked how the search for Caylee is going.  She doesn’t care.

Soon after the final video, this pathological liar, thanks to Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla for putting up her $500,000 bail bond, gets out of jail.

What does Casey Anthony do when she’s out of jail?  She spends her days with Jose Baez.

She is reportedly bouncy and cheerful the entire time she’s home.  Her father George is so livid, he nearly chokes her – screaming at her to tell them where Caylee is!   Casey Anthony reacts like the psychopath she is and demands her father leave the house!   George leaves with his friend and does stay at a hotel that evening.

It was during this time that Cindy Anthony began to turn her attention more toward protecting Casey.  Cindy became Casey’s protector, which created a great deal of tension from people in the community.  People began to gather at the Anthony home, protesting that Casey was home and not in jail.

Cindy became a stalwart supporter of her daughter and then George took up the mantel, too.

The support the Anthony’s had for their daughter, denying that Casey had anything to do with Caylee, caused a maelstrom and the tide really turned against the family.

The Anthony’s had the terrible position of being the devoted parents of Casey, and the loving grandparents of the light of their life, Caylee.

Now, of course, the parents have come full circle in a tragic sense. The daughter they were devoted to has cut her parents down with such a deadly force I wonder how they will forgive her, though I know they will forgive.

Surprise, Surprise

Cindy Anthony, in one of the jail videos says, “Dad’s blowing up at the media. Someone said that the baby just drown in the pool,” Cindy said  to Casey.  Casey’s reaction was, “Oh, surprise, surprise.”

I say to Baez, Mason and all the attorneys on the defense, “Surprise, surprise,” at the state of your case!

When 95 percent of Baez’ attention these past three years is solely focused on media appearances, it’s easy to forget to do the real work and review some of the discovery that will be used in this case.

The State has the burden of proof, the defense has only to challenge the evidence!  Why Baez thinks he needs to come up with a “Law and Order” TV Pilot “theory” is sad.  This is a death penalty case, after all.

It is an abomination that the defense could come up with such a gross and inhumane theory of their case without checking facts!  They  come up with a theory of an abusive father and brother but fail to investigate the actual relationship of Casey Anthony with her family?!

They fail to realize these videos were so damaging???

If this case comes back on appeal because of ineffective counsel, I sure won’t be saying, “Surprise, Surprise!”

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  1. Brandon bob
    Jun 3 2011

    important to note that none of the evidence presented thus far proves or disproves any of the crimes alleged unless i am missing something.

  2. Brandon bob
    Jun 3 2011

    I take that back…they got her cold on the lying to LE as this is being admitted to openly by the defense. besides that no elements of any other crimes have been proven as far as I can see it

    • Jun 3 2011

      That’s okay, you’re waiting to see all the evidence. I’ve seen it already and don’t need the build up by the State of Florida, but appreciate how they are building Casey’s new jail cell brick by brick.
      We will never know how Caylee died, but defendants have been been convicted time and time again with far less evidence.
      This case will be decided on the preponderance of the evidence against which the defense reasonable doubt is offered.
      The defense has not put on its case yet. When they do, that is when a conclusion should be clear. That’s when you may or may not conclude that your doubt is reasonable.
      If the defense is hanging their hat on the abuse excuse, it will be too bad….not a chance in hell it will work

  3. Jun 3 2011

    Remember the meltdown Casey had after her mother left the stand and “didn’t” look at her? Lip readers said she was upset because her mother was on her father’s side and not hers. Casey despised her mother for her attention to George and Caylee. Cindy’s brother, Rick Plesea, once told Cindy that she spoiled her daughter and that she was Cindy’s princess who could do no wrong. I wonder if Casey was spoiled as a child and George would get upset because of it thus causing this deep resentment Casey has for him and an unhealthy relationship with her mother. Casey wanted to always be her mommy’s baby and I think Cindy obliged until her new baby, Caylee, came along. JMO

  4. Jun 4 2011

    In reply to Andrea’s discussion of the evidence, I have some questions. From everything that I see as to Casey’s cell phone records for the day of June 16, they have her near enough to the Anthony home to ping those towers until after 4PM. So how did George see her leave at 12:50? The desktop computer at the home shows intense usage from 1-3. George was due at work at 3, so who was on the computer then? These are published.
    Why would George lie about when he saw Casey? And why didn’t Baez use this to crucify him on cross examination?
    Also, remember Casey’s MYSpace posting of the little girl looking at the noose that said, Why do people kill people who kill people? Why hasn’t the state brought that up?

    • Jun 4 2011

      Hi suzontravel! As Cecilia says (below), Casey and Caylee left the house at that time, as if going to the babysitter’s house where Casey said they would spend the night. It appears as if Casey returned to the home after George left. Whether Casey was already dead in the car, I don’t know. Whether Casey went into the pool during that time and drowned Caylee, I don’t know, or whether she put Caylee to sleep with chloroform and she died, I don’t know. I would like to think that Caylee was not suffocated – it’s a thought that is terribly upsetting.
      With regards to the MySpace posting of that picture, I remember that, too. I don’t think it’s evidence of anything, to be honest. In my mind, it’s very telling, but it is also an anti-death penalty theme. Just my opinion!

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Both Caylee and Inmate Anthony WERE SEEN
        at a Walmart by a fellow who will be testifying for
        the State, as to this sighting.

        IDR his name, but his IS on the State’s Witness
        List, and will testify to seeing them at the Walmart,
        with Inmate X walking 10ft ahead of little Caylee,
        “as though she was on a mission”, and “not paying
        proper attention to a toddler in such a big, public
        location. He said the little Caylee was following
        behind her so called ‘mother’, and was NOT being
        paid any attention.

        He said it was really sad to see little Caylee training
        behind Inmate X –
        This also transpired during the ‘mid-morning’ hours,
        and so he has been ‘bothered’ and devastated, that he
        MAY have been the LAST one to see Caylee ALIVE!

        I’m sure he will be called, when the State tries to
        further establish the time-line, and pin-point WHEN
        (APPROX) Caylee actually DIED!

        Especially being that her cell phone pings were
        showing she HAD returned to the house…

      • Jun 4 2011

        I’m surprised that he is being called! His name is James Thompson, iirc, and he came forward more than a year later. Plus, he said the Walmart doors were different than they really were. Marinade Dave went to that Walmart and asked about those doors and they never were the kind you open yourself as Thompson said. If I find more info on this, I’ll be back.

      • Jun 4 2011

        Here’s the You Tube video of the doors~

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Knowing inmate X, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went “off the beaten path” – I could see her dragging little Caylee along, and taking the most difficult or challenging route just to make the child ‘struggle’.

        Anything to keep that child from being successful at ANYTHING, thereby making herself feel BETTER and BIGGER, and also keeping Caylee as ‘baby-like’ as possible.

        I honestly think that she was starting to panic about Caylee being able to talk, and knew that it would make her story-telling more and more difficult to do…

        Look at that one video, where for an extended period of time she video’d little Caylee in the high-chair, and said NOTHING to her but what sounded like, “I kill”!

        There was NO interaction between her and the child, as much as the kid tried to engage her ‘mother’. She flat out ignored her, and did not encourage her, or praise her for doing anything positive…
        Not to mention – The video taping of her crotch area was also really disturbing…

        Anyways, being that this fellow DID come forward one year later, could it be that they made a switch in the door system at that Walmart?

        Unles he made an error in the doors…
        Are they questioning whether he just made this up?

        I’m just wondering…. The wheels are turnin’ now….LOL!

      • Jun 4 2011

        Dave asked at the info desk and everyone said those doors had been like that for years.

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Most Walmarts have AUTOMATIC doors, do they not?
        Or are they still with regular doors, with the AUTO-open for wheelchair access?

        I know ours, the ones I’ve frequented here in Toronto and surrounding areas, all have AUTO doors….
        Most of them at this point, are the AUTO-sliders.

        I don’t necessarily agree to having AUTO doors, being that a child COULD in effect, walk out on their own, but I suppose that is also part of the reason, and in some respect, the ‘responsibilities’ of the ‘Door Greeters’.

        They scan for shop-lifters, those coming in with exchanges/refunds, and those coming in with shopping bags from other retail stores, so if they were to see some toddler strolling out of the store, I would like to believe that they would stop the child, and seek out that child’s parent(s) or guardian.

        I guess the AUTO-slider doors make it easier for those with huge or multiple purchases, along with those struggling with packages and children, and those requiring wheelchair access…

        Please do let us know, if you find out the status of those Walmart doors, and/or if this fellow will be testifying.

        I was under the impression that he is…

      • Jun 4 2011

        Here is the news article~

      • Jun 4 2011

        I hope they found a video at Walmart of Casey and Caylee at that time, if not, they best not call him. Here is why- MD knows that Walmart and knew there was something off about Thompson’s statement to police so he went to check it out. He found that there are no push doors to Walmart except for one that was unlikely to be used. He did a blog post on it and Thompson came in to comment defending what he saw. Guess who’s advantage this would be for? That’s right! The DT will debunk Thompson’s claim using MD’s blog post! This will sour the State’sa credibility, which the DT would love to do.

      • Brandon bob
        Jun 4 2011

        silly question but can you please tell me who MD is?

      • Jun 4 2011

        No such thing as a silly question unless you know the answer! :mrgreen:

        Marinade Dave

      • Brandon bob
        Jun 4 2011

        oooo thanks :). if i remember correctly, MD is the one who judge Strickland was communicating with which led to him recusing himself? Or am I confusing 2 separate bloggers

      • Jun 4 2011

        That’s the one!

      • Brandon bob
        Jun 4 2011

        thanks sherry, i thought that was the same person. thanks for confirming my memory 🙂

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Thanks Sherry!

        It doesn’t mention anything about the doors, but him waiting a whole year is ‘questionable’!

        I mean, short of him having his head up his a**, how did he NOT know about this case?
        He is right there in Florida – Obviously in a town/county close enough to Orlando, where Inmate X never left!

        Makes you wonder about some people….

        From WESH (with thanks)
        “The documents also included a sworn statement from a Maitland man who said he saw Casey Anthony and Caylee together the day after Father’s Day 2008, which is the day Caylee was last seen by the Anthony family.
        Inexplicably, Thompson waited until July 22, 2009 to tell police.
        James Thompson said he saw Casey Anthony walking ten feet in front of Caylee at a Casselberry Walmart.
        “To think I was one of the last people to see Caylee alive,” Thompson said in his statement. “It bothers me constantly.”
        Thompson, who is on the state witness list, would not comment on his statement.”

        ** At least he didn’t carry on with all kinds of ‘Comments’ to the media after he provided LE with a statement …

      • Jun 4 2011

        Unfortunately, i can’t find the original blog post but here is the reposting~

        I wish I could find the original so you could read the comments where we are grilling Thompson about what he supposedly saw.

      • Jun 4 2011

        BTW, are feeling better?

      • Jun 5 2011

        It seems this Thompson guy is pretty determined that he’s right about seeing them. Perhaps they were able to get video from Walmart – that would seal the deal. But, on the other hand, if LE had video and turned it over to the SA Office, we’d have seen it in discovery, I’d think. As for him not revealing this until 2009, July, do you think he just didn’t want to get involved, but then his conscience got the better of him?

        Thanks Sherry, and CptkD for this intriguing bit of info!

        I was out last evening and didn’t get a chance to read Dave’s post… I’ll read it today!


      • Jun 4 2011

        Hi Guys! I totally forgot about this…. I looked on the State Witness list, and his name is there but lists him as a computer store owner… ??

        Here’s the URL

      • Jun 4 2011

        Oh noooo! {groan}
        This will make the state look bad when the defense discredits his story.

      • Jun 8 2011

        We have a super walmart here too and the door are automatic however the side doors are not. You pull those open. I wonder if thats what he was talking about? I use the side doors all amost every time I go to that store.

      • Jun 8 2011

        No, the video shows there are no side doors that push open. There is one door that pushes open in another area but, as the video above shows, its unlikely that is the door.

        I’m pretty sure he is not going to be called unless the defense wants his testimony.

  5. cecelia
    Jun 4 2011

    “So how did George see her leave at 12:50?” She was driving right down the street (near the dump site, BEFORE a section of privacy fence went up) backing her car in and hiding out til they left then went back home. Too bad cindy didn’t try to catch her when she was “unsure who to believe anymore” (as per her note to casey) when george was telling her casesleaze was sneaking in and out, to get party clothes, money and food for her apt full of “boys”

    • CptKD
      Jun 4 2011

      This may be the time, when Inmate X was spotted at a Walmart with Caylee… (See above)

      She obviously did whatever ‘shopping’, and then returned to the house…

      • Jun 4 2011

        Thompson said it was at around 4:00 pm that he saw Casey and caylee-which was another red flag because it didn’t line up with the timeline.

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Well then, I stand corrected on my above post!

        I was under the impression, and had read somewhere that he had stated that it was in the later morning – early afternoon ‘time-frame’.

        Guess you can’t trust everything you read – Wish I could remember where that was…

      • Jun 4 2011

        It was in his statement that he said it was around lunchtime-everyone figured noon. MD asked him how that could be when cell phone pings showed Casey near her house at that time. he then backtracked and gacve an excuse that being a storeowner you can call 4:00 pm lunchtime. I left the article link above and the comment line might help to figure things out on this.

      • CptKD
        Jun 4 2011

        Thanks again Sherry!

        Going to check it now…

      • Jun 4 2011

        Been thinkin’ (duck and cover! it could get messy!)~ if the State was going to use Thompson, I’d think they’d have called him by now. So far, it looks like the State is going in orderly fashion and they are now at July 16th, 17th. I may have heard wrong but I think the state said they have a weeks worth more of testimony. Can’t wait to hear Dr.G.!

  6. MK
    Jun 13 2011

    If you look at that youtube video by MD you will see that there ARE 2 push type doors located in the front of the store toward the side (plus another in the auto repair area)



    There are vending machines and a payphone in those areas. Maybe Caylee was mad because she wasn’t allowed to get something out of the vending machine? (most kids would pout)

    • Jun 13 2011

      Yes, but those doors were ruled out when James Thompson was adament that there were push open doors in the front of Walmart where he entered.


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