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The Charming Dr. Arpad Vass

It was a fine day of testimony for the prosecution in the State v. Casey Anthony!  The testimony of Dr. Arpad Vass, Research Scientist with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (The Body Farm), was just as brilliant today as it was during the Frye hearings.

There is no doubt that the jury reacted well to him – all the “tweets” I read from inside the courtroom, indicated the jurors were keenly interested in his testimony.  Well, not when Baez was doing his cross – that fell flat in most instances, though Baez did okay at times.

Lot’s of Tweets said the jurors were irritated at all the objections from Baez – he was trying to disrupt Vass midstream – just when he was getting to the interesting part of his story / explanation. It was quite a learning experience for me – Dr. Vass breaks it down so easily, too.

Overall, this was extremely damaging testimony.  Dr. Vass said, in regards to the levels of chloroform compounds detected in the analysis of Casey’s car, they were higher than he’s ever seen in any decomposition analysis he’d done or seen.  Higher than anything he’d seen in all the twenty years he has been working in his field.

There are trace elements of chloroform found in the decomposition process, but never the high spikes as was found in the trunk of the car.  Dr. Vass said, he was shocked!

There was talk of the stain in the trunk, too.  Baez tried very hard to get Vass say that the stain could be from hamburger meat, or another kind of meat – presumably found in the garbage in the car.

Dr. Vass was an excellent witness – likeable, funny, and incredibly interesting.

An important realization for me, and I bet the jurors got this too, Caylee was likely in the trunk of that car without being wrapped in any kind of plastic bag.  That’s the only way the volatile fatty acids that are released during the initial phase of decomposition could have seeped into the carpet in the form of a stain.

It just hit me today, I guess.  I never visualized it – didn’t want to, but today I realized what really happened.

I hate to talk about this.

I’m relieved it’s late and past my bedtime.   Sweet dreams to all of you dreamers of justice for Caylee.


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