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never so much as a blink

Today was dedicated to chloroform and decomposition in the State v. Casey Anthony trial, now in its third week, in Orlando.

First up on the witness stand, Gerardo Bloise, OCSO Crime Scene Investigator who handled the garbage found in Casey Anthony’s trunk. Jose Baez continues to ask the jurors to believe that the “smell” was a result of the trash in Casey’s car.

it’s simply total garbage!  Totally ridiculous!

During this testimony, Jose Baez continued to sing the smelly song about the smelly garbage.  The Baez tune about the “smell” emanating from garbage not containing any food, is obviously such an impossibility that the jurors must be loosing all patience with the defense.  Defense lawyers have to be careful about the doubt they try to float.  If a defense lawyer makes too many ridiculous claims, it ends up coloring other defense theories as irrational as well.

Well….with all due respect, even though his tactics are despicable, Baez did have moments when he did a fairly good job, from a defense perspective.  Jose Baez has fleeting moments – they don’t always last, but he’s getting a little better, I think.

After Bloise, the FBI forensics expert, Dr. Michael Rickenbach, who tested the trunk liner for chloroform, testified. Dr. Rickenbach testified that he was surprised at the amount of chloroform he’d found.

Cadaver dog expert, Jason Forgey testified about his dog, Gerus, and described how the dog gave a “trained alert” on two spots near Caylee’s playhouse, as well as in the car driven by Casey.

Caylee’s playhouse is any little girl’s dream.  It has a mailbox, there are flowers lining the house, and paved stepping stones circling it, too.  One would think that Casey Anthony would be heartbroken and desperately sad when pictures of this little playhouse played in the courtroom.

Casey never even blinked today at the desperately sad discussion about Caylee’s body near that adorable playhouse.

Never so much as a blink.

Caylee Anthony's Playhouse

During the Frye hearings in this case, I wrote the post below about the Cadaver dogs, should you like to read the history.

Training K-9’s to Alert to the Smell of a Decaying Defense Team

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