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June 7, 2011


never so much as a blink

by Andrea O'Connell

Today was dedicated to chloroform and decomposition in the State v. Casey Anthony trial, now in its third week, in Orlando.

First up on the witness stand, Gerardo Bloise, OCSO Crime Scene Investigator who handled the garbage found in Casey Anthony’s trunk. Jose Baez continues to ask the jurors to believe that the “smell” was a result of the trash in Casey’s car.

it’s simply total garbage!  Totally ridiculous!

During this testimony, Jose Baez continued to sing the smelly song about the smelly garbage.  The Baez tune about the “smell” emanating from garbage not containing any food, is obviously such an impossibility that the jurors must be loosing all patience with the defense.  Defense lawyers have to be careful about the doubt they try to float.  If a defense lawyer makes too many ridiculous claims, it ends up coloring other defense theories as irrational as well.

Well….with all due respect, even though his tactics are despicable, Baez did have moments when he did a fairly good job, from a defense perspective.  Jose Baez has fleeting moments – they don’t always last, but he’s getting a little better, I think.

After Bloise, the FBI forensics expert, Dr. Michael Rickenbach, who tested the trunk liner for chloroform, testified. Dr. Rickenbach testified that he was surprised at the amount of chloroform he’d found.

Cadaver dog expert, Jason Forgey testified about his dog, Gerus, and described how the dog gave a “trained alert” on two spots near Caylee’s playhouse, as well as in the car driven by Casey.

Caylee’s playhouse is any little girl’s dream.  It has a mailbox, there are flowers lining the house, and paved stepping stones circling it, too.  One would think that Casey Anthony would be heartbroken and desperately sad when pictures of this little playhouse played in the courtroom.

Casey never even blinked today at the desperately sad discussion about Caylee’s body near that adorable playhouse.

Never so much as a blink.

Caylee Anthony's Playhouse

During the Frye hearings in this case, I wrote the post below about the Cadaver dogs, should you like to read the history.

Training K-9’s to Alert to the Smell of a Decaying Defense Team

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  1. Jun 7 2011

    There was one thing that blew me away-that Febreeze has chloroform in it. It does not! Chloroform in cleaning products have been outlawed. I wonder what the makers of Febreeze can do if this trial causes sales loss? I hope the jurors aren’t fooled. Anyways, its the decomposition that matters because it for sure puts Caylee in the trunk. I’m curious what the prosecution will say about the duct tape…I believe that was the murder weapon, but if the prosecution has a way to tie in the chloroform, I’m all ears!

    • Weezie
      Jun 8 2011

      Sherry, why wouldn’t the Prosecution bring out to the jury that chloroform is outlawed in cleaning products. It doesn’t make sense that they would not attack the Defence’s statement. I think the Jury is taking the testimony about trillion to million to heart, don’t worry there’s too many people that have confirmed decomposition and chloroform. We just need to get to the meat of the matter or I should say the heart (sticker) of the matter. lol

      • Jun 8 2011

        Hi Weezie dear! I agree with you…. But, I hope that someone clarifies the Fabreeze question for the jury. I totally missed this exchange. I’m so envious that you’re able to watch every day! LOL!

    • Jun 8 2011

      Hi Sherry! Did they bring that out in the testimony? I remember we concluded that there was no chloroform present in Febreeze. Surely if there’s chloroform in Febreeze, it must be a tiny amount did the State correct that assumption? Maybe it’s small potatoes at this point since chloroform has such a large presence in this case….
      And, I agree with you…. though I hate to think about it, I hope the tape was placed there when Caylee was already passed out from chloroform….

  2. Jun 8 2011

    Casey didn’t flinch an eyelash while the playhouse photos were shown….nada
    nothing, zilch.

    I hope the jurors are watching her closely, and taking in her ability to divorce herself
    from the entire trial…….unless it’s all about herself. Thats where the tears flow like
    the mighty Mississippi.

    She is one cold-hearted Bit ch………with ice water running though her veins.

    • Weezie
      Jun 8 2011

      Christine, do you know what they handed her yesterday to keep her so busy. I’m thinking it’s some kind of task that they would have to pay a clerk to do, so that she isn’t staring into the jury, making her look more psycho by the minute. How do Defence Lawyers sleep at night, honestly. I hear she is becoming quite the watched diva and followed by a cult. Yea right, she deserves that….

    • Jun 8 2011

      HI Christine – you got that right! It’s completely unreal that she could hear this testimony about her own daughter, and not react AT ALL! If Baez has told Casey not to react to anything, it’s a big mistake…. The jurors have got to be thinking, “this is her daughter and she sits stonefaced?!”

  3. Susan
    Jun 8 2011

    I am in training all day most of this week and next, so I can’t follow the live updates / feeds. I have to catch up as much as I can from DVRing and watching the news and some of the HLN update shows in the evening. Admittedly, there is some fast forwarding while watching, however…

    Casey seems to have cease the “crying” and apparently is mostly sitting “impassive” (impassive maybe the wrong word, but stonefaced seemed so judgmental and not quite on target) during the testimony. I found lots of the information interesting.

    I also concerned that the jury didn’t understand the difference between the testimony of Drs Vass and Rickenbach. I am glad that JA was able to get the word “surprised” from MR to match the “shocking” from AV. However, I think the point was so buried that the jury may miss it. They are BOTH expressing, in their own way, the fact that the amount of chloroform was definately out of the ordinary for the SITUATION. However, after attending a local county meeting a few weeks ago, I have great concerns about the jury getting that MR “agreed” with AV.

    The county meeting, that I attended, was fairly simply with some discussion of possible rezoning and some development in our area. Nothing was said about taking people homes or rezoning the already residential lots to commercial, however… just because the words “redevelopment” and “rezoning” were used , some people got all hot and bothered about losing their homes – which was NOT the stated purpose of this meeting. So my concern is the the jury may be not get the fact that AV and MR agreed, due to the way the information was expressed / conveyed so differently – excited, passionate researcher vs formally trained FBI scientific witness.

    • Jun 8 2011

      Hi Susan! Boy, I feel for you being in training so much… that’s my life too and I’d much rather be watching the trial!
      I was thinking, too, that the jury may nott understand the difference between the testimony of Dr. Vass and Dr. Rickenbac… But, I’m hoping for the best because I understood it and I don’t know anything about science! Dr. Vass had such a wonderful ability to train the jurors so they appreciated what he does, IMO…. 🙂

      • Susan
        Jun 9 2011

        Luckily the training is only all this week and 1.5 days next week. I still can’t watch at work even when I am not in training, but at least I can check the blogs and feeds during lunch and breaks. Since the training is another building on a different computer and requires all my attention, I have been missing most of this week.

        I liked Dr Vass testimony, it was very understandable. However, I work in a scientific field with computers.

        Anyway, hopefully all the jury members are listening and understanding all this.

  4. Sandy
    Jun 8 2011

    Why would Jose Baez use the term ” since Caylee went ‘missing’ ” today in reference to something on the computer, if his contention is Caylee was dead?

    • Jun 8 2011

      Sandy – Are you serious? He said that??? Wow. I sure hope the jury caught this – I hope the State Attorneys caught this, too.
      Sandy, that’s huge! I sure as heck hope that Linda Drane Burdick is aware of this – she could point out the contradictions in the defense case in her closing…..
      I will mention this in my next post.
      Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Sandy
        Jun 8 2011

        He absolutely did say that!!! I was shocked and wondered if the State caught it!

  5. Weezie
    Jun 9 2011

    EUREKA. Last night on Dr.Drew, a Dr. came out and said asey is Evil and there is such a finding. She does not believe Casey was abused in her lifetime. She believes this behaviour of lying started at early teens when that is the time that children start to seperate from their parents, as a natural course of life. There was a lot of competition between Cindy and Casey, Casey being the dominant over Cindy. ie: Daughter abusing Mother. She said Casey was the DOMINANT person in the relationship. The lying began to continue her power over her mother. It became an everyday occurence. IIt spiraled out of control. The main thing she said is that EVIL is not a product of the person’s environment but rather something in the gene pool. This will be very interesting it to see what Dr.s will be coming from both sides.


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