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84 deadly searches for chloroform

I’ve just finished watching most of today’s testimony in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony trial, in Orlando.  Today’s testimony did not disappoint, and it continues to go down hill for Casey Anthony and her hapless defense team.

First on the witness stand today, the State called another Cadaver dog handler.  Just as Jason Forgey’s dog, Gerus did, Bones, the K9 handled by Sergeant Kristin Brewer, also alerted to decomposition in the backyard of the Anthony home.  It was eerie that both dogs alerted to the same spot in the back yard.

It was the saddest testimony!  Just the thought that Casey actually considered burying her dear daughter there in the backyard is gruesome – unspeakably cruel.  I wonder what the jury is thinking about this?  Their hearts have to be breaking.

The State is laying out its case in such a way that it should be effortless for the jury to connect the dots, don’t you think?

In my opinion, the dots will draw a picture of premeditation, especially after hearing what the computer specialists had to say today.

What does the jury think about Casey sitting at the defense table as if she’s in another world?  I get the feeling that Casey Anthony is watching this trial unfold like its happening to someone else – like she’s watching a movie, or something.

Search for Chloroform 84 Times!

First let me say that Linda Drane Burdick is brilliant!  It was fascinating to see how she planned the witnesses to each compliment each other – each computer expert built upon the next.

The final computer analyst, John Dennis Bradley, consulted for the State Attorney on the case, and his was the testimony most damaging.

There were Google and Wikipedia searches on Casey Anthony’s computer for:

  • Internal bleeding,
  • Ruptured spleen,
  • Death,
  • Self-defense,
  • Chest trauma,
  • Household weapons,
  • Chloroform,
  • Hand to hand combat,
  • Neck Breaking,
  • Internal Bleeding, and
  • How to make Chloroform.

All of this is bad enough, and Baez did his best to try to diminish the blows – in reality he didn’t come close because Linda Drane Burdick, during her redirect, asked Mr. Bradley the BOMBSHELL question:

Linda Drane Burdick:   How many times was the word “chloroform” searched on this computer?

Mr. Bradley:  84 times.

Linda Drane Burdick: No more questions, your Honor.

Judge Perry:  Cross examination on these items and these items alone, Mr. Baez?

Jose Baez:  No further questions, your Honor.

What could Baez say?  He was utterly defeated after Ms. Drane-Burdick kicked it out of the ball park!

Casey Anthony began these horrible key-word searches in March of 2008.  In my estimation, this is a clear indication of premeditation – she plotted and planned the murder of Caylee!

If the State can provide more evidence of premeditation, how will Casey Anthony avoid the death penalty?  This is one of the most important factors, I believe.

Did Casey Anthony Really Want to Kill her Parents? 

Remember when Amy Huizenga was (so she thought) just days away from moving into the Anthony home?

Ever since the beginning of this case, when the Law Enforcement interviews with Amy Huizenga were released, I thought that Casey Anthony was actually plotting to kill her parents, not Caylee.

Some of the key word searches, like hand-to-hand combat, self defense, chest trauma, etc., lead me to think this.  And, when Casey told the story of her father having a stroke, her parents getting a divorce, her mother moving out of the house, leaving no-job-Casey to pay the mortgage, it occurred to me she was setting up some kind of scenario with her parents as victims.

As a result of reading the story on today’s WFTV coverage of the trial, I feel even more convinced of this possibility.

In today’s WFTV article, click here for link, they suggest the following:

The experts testified that Casey’s first chloroform search was done on March 17, 2008 around the time she found out she couldn’t go to Puerto Rico with friends because her mother Cindy Anthony would not watch Caylee for her.

The state is setting the stage for premeditated murder by showing she was searching chloroform some three months before Caylee disappeared, said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

The computer searches all happened in the month of March!

It is difficult to wrap my brain around Casey Anthony planning to murder her daughter (or her parents) since March, 2008!!

That was a bombshell for me.

Note:  A blogger, Sandy, left a note today asking why would Jose Baez say “since Caylee went ‘missing” in reference to something on the computer?  Isn’t it the defense’s contention that Caylee was drowned?  Why would he say this today?  I guess he doesn’t believe his own theory either.

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