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Thrown away. Discarded as if she was trash.

Her life ended before it began.

Of course, I am referring to the murder of the beautiful little Caylee Anthony who was tossed away like garbage into a horrid and dirty grave.

The ground was littered with beer bottles, and other ugly things that people discard – cigarette butts and gross reminders that people think nothing of staining the earth with items they no longer care for.

A place not worthy to even be the cemetery of a pet snake, was the grave of a beautiful, beautiful child.

The evidence is piling on the defendant in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, with devastating effect as orchestrated by the Asst. State Prosecutors in Orlando.

The jurors, the attorneys, the Judge, and the audience in the courtroom saw something in that courtroom today they are likely to never forget.  All reports from the courtroom convey that seeing the photos from the crime scene was like being hit by a tempest of horrors.

The thought of throwing away an animal in such a torrid, airless and oppressive place is unthinkable.  But a child?  A beautiful and delightful little girl who was the light of so many lives, is treated like trash?


A little girl who’s hair was trapped by the duct tape that also kept her little mandible in place, had plant life growing in and around and over what was left of her skeleton. The Medical Examiner explained that it’s rare that a mandible (lower jaw) stays attached as the remains become skeletal in nature.

The Henkel duct tape kept Caylee’s mandible in place, proving, they say, that Caylee was alive when that tape went on.

Tears for Caylee?  Hardly.

Casey Anthony at Defense Table

I saw anger in Casey Anthony.

She was irritated and angry.

She was in jail when Caylee’s remains were discovered and probably realized today, as the photos she saw attest, that she didn’t throw Caylee very far into those cruel woods.

Yes, Casey Anthony was angry today.  Her forehead was many times furrowed, hardly lined with grief.

She looked at tears on her fingers that were not there.

She patted her cheeks with a perfectly folded tissue.   As a woman, when tears come, the tissue that we use to wipe away the tears,  shreds.  The ends of the tissue rolls up like a piece of a twisted pasta as it crumbles from the tears filling and soaking it.

No, Casey Anthony was not crying today, but the defense team was quick to position her body so the jury could see her dab her eyes.

But, the jury didn’t look at her.

How could anyone look at her after seeing such images?

She is as cold as a snake after it bites.

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