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June 9, 2011


dry tears

by Andrea O'Connell

Thrown away. Discarded as if she was trash.

Her life ended before it began.

Of course, I am referring to the murder of the beautiful little Caylee Anthony who was tossed away like garbage into a horrid and dirty grave.

The ground was littered with beer bottles, and other ugly things that people discard – cigarette butts and gross reminders that people think nothing of staining the earth with items they no longer care for.

A place not worthy to even be the cemetery of a pet snake, was the grave of a beautiful, beautiful child.

The evidence is piling on the defendant in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, with devastating effect as orchestrated by the Asst. State Prosecutors in Orlando.

The jurors, the attorneys, the Judge, and the audience in the courtroom saw something in that courtroom today they are likely to never forget.  All reports from the courtroom convey that seeing the photos from the crime scene was like being hit by a tempest of horrors.

The thought of throwing away an animal in such a torrid, airless and oppressive place is unthinkable.  But a child?  A beautiful and delightful little girl who was the light of so many lives, is treated like trash?


A little girl who’s hair was trapped by the duct tape that also kept her little mandible in place, had plant life growing in and around and over what was left of her skeleton. The Medical Examiner explained that it’s rare that a mandible (lower jaw) stays attached as the remains become skeletal in nature.

The Henkel duct tape kept Caylee’s mandible in place, proving, they say, that Caylee was alive when that tape went on.

Tears for Caylee?  Hardly.

Casey Anthony at Defense Table

I saw anger in Casey Anthony.

She was irritated and angry.

She was in jail when Caylee’s remains were discovered and probably realized today, as the photos she saw attest, that she didn’t throw Caylee very far into those cruel woods.

Yes, Casey Anthony was angry today.  Her forehead was many times furrowed, hardly lined with grief.

She looked at tears on her fingers that were not there.

She patted her cheeks with a perfectly folded tissue.   As a woman, when tears come, the tissue that we use to wipe away the tears,  shreds.  The ends of the tissue rolls up like a piece of a twisted pasta as it crumbles from the tears filling and soaking it.

No, Casey Anthony was not crying today, but the defense team was quick to position her body so the jury could see her dab her eyes.

But, the jury didn’t look at her.

How could anyone look at her after seeing such images?

She is as cold as a snake after it bites.

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  1. melanie
    Jun 9 2011

    I was looking at her face while the jugde gave his warnings to everyone about the gruesome nature of the photos…she was blank!Than all of a sudden as if RIGHT ON CUE she begins her show!I find it hard to believe that she could be out partying KNOWING THAT HER DAUGHTER WAS DEAD, no emotion for the whole 31 days she was pretending that caylee was alive to her parents actually she never got emotional until the body was found 6 months later, but these photos which she was making sure that everyone saw her NOT LOOKING AT THEM got her so upset?……give me a break! “AND THE OSCAR GOES TO”…………………………….

    • Jun 9 2011

      no oscar…she wanted to win the Tony!

      • Addie
        Jun 10 2011

        Sherry 🙂 Good one !

  2. offthecuff
    Jun 9 2011

    The jury may not be automatically thinking she was the perpetrator. After looking at all the facts like we have for 3 obsessive years, we have concluded she is the murderer. The jury may still be tallying the facts. They may have What Ifs still in their minds.

    Or they may be at the stage like I first was, wondering how this person could have possibly done this? Where is the motive? Is there another villian out there who really did it, or helped her?

    Some stuff adds up, like the death was in her car, while other stuff, like her being a loving mom and no previous violent, argumentative, or dissatisfied history yet brought up. Even the ability to lie and live unscathed from this monstrous act, simply does not make sense.

    There has been no psychologist introduced to explain a type of person who could do this and act this way. There has only been circumstantial evidence. It’d be so much easier to connect her to the crime if she was fresh from reform school or was addicted to crack.

  3. Laurali
    Jun 9 2011

    Andrea- Don’t know what to say because you pretty much said it all. However I will add what kind of mother dumps their child in the neighborhood landfill? When JP ended court 90 minutes early today I was angry. Today was Caylee’s chance to show the court what her mother did to her and Casey went and got sick. PU LEASE!

    I have thought a lot lately about what the jury will decide and imo as long as Casey stays locked up until she is no longer fertile than I will be okay with that. She does not deserve to ever feel the love of another unsuspecting, totally trusting precious child. And I do mean EVER!

  4. Jun 9 2011

    I don’t think the jury had the patience for her theatrics today, hence why they didn’t look at her.

    Caylee’s wee little skull was so out of place in that trashy hell hole she was tossed into… 😥

  5. whistlersmother
    Jun 9 2011

    Today was eye opening for me, I think in my heart I kept hoping that it would be obvious that she drowned in the pool and she panicked and hid the body. But after yesterday and today-no such luck. This sicko killed this little girl shortly after they left the house. She did not accidentally kill her with chloroform, it was afternoon when they left the house so there would be no reason to need to sedate her-Casey had no place to be so she taped her mouth and nose shut and let her smother in the trunk. I don’t know, I am leaning more and more towards the death penalty for this tart. I cannot imagine it being any uglier than today!

  6. melanie
    Jun 10 2011

    I think she knocked caylee out with the chloroform, duct taped her mouth and nose shut and put her in the trunk.In caseys sick twisted mind maybe she thought this was a humane way to get rid of her daughter, so she could spend more time with Tony Lazarro.I think thats why she did all the stealing so that she would have money to keep from having to return home because she knew her parents would want to see caylee.I think she ditched the car because of the smell and because of possible evidence that might be left behind in the trunk!One thing she did not count on was her mother finding Amy Huizenga’s contact info in her car, I mean heck she prob never even realized that the car would ever be recovered by anyone especially her parents.I would have loved to be inside her head on July 15th when she stepped outside and saw her mother outside of Tonys apartment!One can only imagine how her heart must have been racing!I bet she was frantically thinking of some excuse or reasons to give to her mother about caylees wherabouts.In my opinion , I don’t think she ever planned on returning home.I still wonder why in the heck she put that tiny little body so close to her home?Just my theory anyway, I guess no one will EVER know what really happened , but I do believe there will be” justice for caylee”

    • Kitt
      Jun 10 2011

      I agree with you, Melanie. I don’t think Casey ever planned on returning to her parents’ house once she “ridded” herself of Caylee.

      My thoughts as to why Casey put Caylee’s body so close to home….sheer laziness, and not thinking in more than 10-minute increments. I think she just left Caylee in the trunk until the odor was unbearable, and then she knew she had to “get rid of it.” I never thought that Casey killed Caylee with the intent of making it look like a kidnapping. Never. I think that she actually didn’t even think beyond just “getting rid of” Caylee, be done with it, and never give it a second thought.

  7. Addie
    Jun 10 2011

    Andrea, great article !
    I watched as she sat there from beginning she was working up to her fake tears. She knew this was coming and exactly how she “thought” she should react. All that eye rubbing, down towards nose eventually did lead to ONE tear I saw roll down her cheek, BUT anyone would “tear up ” after all that digging in their eyes and rubbing their nose.
    I don’t anymore believe she was sick than I believe the sky fell last night. All I think was wrong was that she FINALLY was trapped in a position where she had NO say-so and couldn’t “get away”. Also, she wasn’t the center of attention, Caylee was. KC makes even ME sick. IMO, she isn’t a mental case, she is just pure evil and has NO feelings for anyone other than herself.
    I pray there will be justice for Caylee. Just a baby girl.

  8. Weezie
    Jun 10 2011

    Andrea; That was so point on, what you said, and I give credit also to Nancy Grace for hammering the saying “THROWN AWAY LIKE SHE WAS TRASH”, That was THE BOMBSHELL for the Jurors yesterday. Casey, the stage hand, made sure her scripted reaction to the show was right on time. It was reported the Jurors had no time to look at her antics. Their eyes were focused on the tastk at hand. Wait till all the experts come on speaking of plant growth through the skull, the bugs, the vegetation. I guess she will be stone cold for that!!! As I was trying to research the clothing that Caylee was wearing at the time of finding her body, I came across this website and thought it rather interesting. This was written by a Psychic back in 2008. Some of her ideas seem to fit..

  9. sue
    Jun 10 2011

    I believe casey killed her sweet little girl & then threw her away. Unless im wrong i belive the detectives really dropped the ball by not followingup on not 1, not 2, but 3 calls from the utillity worker. That chid could have been found in
    aug (1st call) Oct.(2nd) then finally dec.20 they think “gee the guy found a skull—maybe we should take a look—nice detective work-hope you sleep at night(not) i do believe someone else is involved


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