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No child should have duct tape on their face when they die. There’s no reason to put duct tape on the face after they die.  ~  Dr. Jan Garavaglia 

Today’s testimony, in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, was powerful and compelling. Things are going downhill fast for Casey Anthony – and she knows it.

Okay.  So, the defense has not told its side of the story yet and the tide may turn, though it’s very unlikely.  For one reason, today’s testimony by the determined Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Chief Medical Examiner of Orange and Oseola Counties, clearly dispelled any question about an accidental death, or a drowning in this case.

Doubt is Doubt, and Reason means Reason

If there was any inkling of reasonable doubt in anyone’s mind that Casey Anthony was responsible for the murder of the darling Caylee Anthony, today totally squashed any doubt.

How could anyone have a doubt who’s responsible  for Caylee’s murder after today?


Dr. G. laid down the circumstances surrounding the cause of death and the manner of death so brilliantly today.

It was ironic that the most powerful pieces of Dr. G’s opinions and findings were given during the defense’s cross examination!

Cheney Mason asked Dr. G. open ended questions and she ran with them!  She was able to discuss drowning accidents, too. (Oh, how many of us were cheering her on?!)

Dr. G. told Cheney Mason that drownings are an unfortunate reality in her world.  But, 100 percent of the time in these cases, 911 is called in an effort and hope that the child can be saved.  100 percent of the time!

And Cheney Mason asks Dr. G., “Well, what if the child is obviously dead?”  Dr. G. responds by saying, in essence: There is always a chance the child could be saved, so people dial 911.

During direct testimony with Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, she was asked if she had an opinion in regards to the manner of death.  “Yes,” she said, and goes on to say:

Homicide. It’s based on three main things. When a child isn’t reported, that’s something we look for; for foul play.

The body was hidden, also the body is also in a closed container, a suitcase or a bag, like this one was. The last would be the duct tape, located somewhere on the lower half of the face.

Although, Dr. G’s examination of Caylee’s remains could not yield the means of Caylee’s death, she told the jury that the preponderance of the evidence leads to the only logical conclusion: Homicide, based on the three main factors, discussed earlier.

Surely the jury has figured out that drowning is not a likely scenario in this case.

What is the Jury Thinking?!

I often think about the day the case is handed to the jury –  putting myself in their shoes, I imagine they’ll be so relieved to finally be able to discuss the case, after keeping silent about the testimony for so long. And then I wonder if, after the selection of a Foreman, will they take a straw vote regarding the First Degree Murder charge?

  • Not Guilty?  Raise your hand.  No one moves.
  • Guilty?  Raise your hand?   All hands quickly spring up!

That’s my dream scenario, anyway – and I would not be surprised if a verdict is quick in this case.

But, the Defense will Have its Dog Day Afternoon

The defense case has not been heard, that’s true.  But, what can they argue?

They will try to dismiss Dr. G’s testimony with testimony from Dr. Spitz – but it won’t work.  He’s pompous and unlikeable and the jury will not believe him – that’s my prediction, anyway.

The defense will try to use Robyn Adams to discuss Casey’s sexual allegations against George and Lee.  I predict that will fall flat, if it’s even allowed at all.  Casey’s letters are not evidence unless Casey testifies because the letters are self-serving, therefore inadmissible.

The defense will bring back all the State’s witnesses and they will try to discredit or impeach them.

So, jurors will have to weigh the evidence before them.  However, given what we have seen from the defense up to today, it looks very bad.  And, much of it is Jose Baez’ fault.

Will the Defense Case be Fun?!

Cheney Mason famously said, in regards to trying this case, “It will be fun.”

Did it look like Mr. Mason was having fun today as Dr. G destroyed the defense case?  I don’t think so!

Cheney Mason also predicted that he’d walk out of the courtroom “arm in arm with Casey.”


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