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June 11, 2011


bombshell bugs, pavers too

by Andrea O'Connell

Dr. Neal Haskell likes bugs.  Especially flies.

Like Dr. Arpad Vass, who is Dr. Haskell’s relied-upon colleague, is an expert married to his field.  The science of Forensic Entomology is his  passion.

He’s been a bug man for nearly five decades he said.

It was a big day for the Prosecution in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.  There was important information about bugs, and a great deal of crime scene evidence introduced today.  Most importantly, the prosecution appears to be leading up to the release of the heart sticker evidence.

The testimony of Dr. Haskell brought home the reality regarding the length of time Caylee spent in the car versus the woods.

According to Dr. Haskell and the kinds of bugs found at the grave site, the body of Caylee Marie could only have been in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire for a couple of days before it was removed (and placed in the woods off of Suburban Drive).

Casey Anthony kept a trash bag full of garbage in the trunk of her car – seemingly to cover up the smell from Caylee’s body decomposing.  Paper towels, found in that trash bag, among the garbage, were full of the kinds of pupae, and larva found in the early stages of decomposition.

Therefore, says Dr. Haskell, this is indicative of “someone” using the paper towels to clean up the fluid that resulted from the early decomposition process.

It is incredibly difficult to imagine a mother cleaning up the fluidly result of her own daughter’s decomposition.

It is sickening.

I found a very interesting article about the work of Dr. Haskell in the NY Times, written by Elizabeth Svoboda.  This article describes how a case was solved as a result of the findings of Dr. Haskell.

This May 11, 2009 New York Times article is about a daughter killing her mother (excerpt below), and is entitled The Truth, Revealed by Bugs: The Case of Brookey Lee West

Dr. Haskell determined that blow flies, insects that usually appear on corpses right after death, were nowhere to be seen on Ms. Smith’s body. Instead, most of the larvae Dr. Haskell found came from scuttle flies, or “coffin flies,” insects that cannibalize dead bodies after they have undergone initial decomposition. “We knew it was a long time since Mom had been seen, and I thought, ‘If we have the blow flies, we can tell what season she went missing,’ ” Dr. Haskell said. “When I got the insect specimens, I was really disappointed.”

But then Dr. Haskell realized the significance of the blow flies’ absence: Ms. Smith had to have been put into the garbage can either directly after she died or while she was still alive, barring the blow flies’ access to the corpse. (Coffin flies, on the other hand, could have gotten to the body because they often tunnel through tiny nooks and crannies.) “That showed me that West had to have lied about what she did with her mother,” Dr. Haskell said. After only two hours of deliberation, a jury pronounced Ms. West guilty of her mother’s murder. Ms. West is serving a life sentence at a prison in southern Nevada.

Henkel Duct Tape

There was discussion of the Henkel Duct tape today.  The Anthony home was searched on December 11, 2008, the same day Caylee Anthony’s remains were discovered by Roy Kronk, the Meter Reader.

Ronald Murdock, a forensic supervisor with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, was on the stand today.  Mr. Murdock collected the gas can, and photographed a sheet of heart stickers, similar to the heart-shaped sticker that was found near Caylee’s remains.

Also today, Jose Baez mentioned “pavers” during one of his cross examinations.  This got me thinking about the defense theory, and an a-ha moment (about the defense plan) came to me, which I will discuss in a moment.

Testimony from Robert Murdock also told us that the roll of unique  Henkel duct tape was not discovered during that December 11th search of the Anthony home.  The only remnant of duct tape found in the home was on the old red gas can found in one of the Anthony’s sheds.

The Defense, of course, would like us to believe that Casey Anthony did not have access to that tape.  Baez did not say it, but he will say George had possession of the duct tape, therefore he placed the duct tape on Caylee.

It is clear the defense is going to put the tape in George Anthony’s hands.  In fact, there are photos of the tape used at the Caylee search command center.

Poor George Anthony, little did he know that the tape he used to put up signs at the Caylee search command center, would become the tape that the defense would like to use against him.

Remember when Baez said in his (bizarre) opening statement, “Follow the duct tape”?

There is every reason to believe this is what Baez means – Follow the duct tape because it will land in the hands of George Anthony.

The Cement Pavers

Jose Baez mentioned the word “pavers” today when questioning a witness about a close-up picture at the site where the remains were found.  Why?  Is he dropping hints now?

I think so.

I am speculating, but I predict that another theory of the defense is going to revolve around the cement pavers found on Suburban Drive, around the vicinity of the remains.

Remember when, before the remains were found, Dominic Casey, on two separate occasions, went peeking around those woods for something?  Jim Hoover, Private Investigator, was there also, video taping Dominic Casey.

Hoover testified that Dominic was looking for tell-tale “pavers,” indicating that he thought the body of Caylee Marie Anthony was in the vicinity of these pavers.

The fact that Hoover and Dominic Casey were so close to where the body was ultimately found, raised a great deal of suspicion in this case. Anger, too.

When John Allen and Yuri Melich found out Dominic Casey was searching this area, they were disturbed that law enforcement was not called.

The speculation at the time?  That one of the Anthony’s was at the other end of the line speaking to Dominic, describing to him where to look for the pavers, hence the body.

Many of us following the case speculated that it may have been Lee on the other end of the phone directing Dominic Casey’s movements, though we don’t know for sure.

Will evidence prove that it was George Anthony providing direction to Dominic Casey???

If, in fact, that is true, it fits very nicely into the defense’s theory that George Anthony was the one who placed the body of his beloved Granddaughter into those woods.

In fact on December 11th, or 12th, when Caylee’s body was found, Yuri Melich and John Allen told the Anthony’s where Caylee was discovered.  And in an excited utterance, Cindy told the two detectives that it can’t be Caylee because they, the Anthony’s, “had someone search that area already.”

This is total speculation, but what if Dominic Casey says he was not speaking to a Psychic, but was speaking to George Anthony that day?

Could that serve as reasonable doubt, if true?

The 3-D Version of Suburban Drive

The final witness today was a videographer hired by the State to reproduce a 3-D representation of the grave site on Suburban Drive.

The video also included how the bones were distributed in the area, which gave a good representation of how the bones were scattered.

The video was not in the least bit graphic – it was a digitally enhanced computer animation of the area, but Casey Anthony could not look at it.

I wonder why?

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  1. Jun 11 2011

    Yeah, I was wondering WTH Casey Anthony’s problem was this morning when they were only showing an animation of the area and where the bones were located. Odd, she watched the animation yesterday of Caylee’s face with the tape…(her anger at Baez for not preventing its showing to the jury coupled with her crying at what Ashton said at the one hearing-the one where she wants him to stop-makes me think Casey did tape up Caylee’s nose and mouth and left her dying while she talked on her cell phone because she didn’t want to watch and have her mind changed from watching the suffering. 😈

    Andrea sez:
    Poor George Anthony, little did he know that the tape he used to put up signs at the Caylee search command center, would become the tape that the defense would like to use against him.

    I bet that tape was in the KF truck and when it was discovered that duct tape was found on the skull, he got rid of it. Gee, it may very well slap him in the face for disposing of it!

    • Jun 11 2011

      Hi Sherry, and all…. I’m heading out for the day…. will be back later! Let me know if there’s any news… 🙂

    • Jun 12 2011

      Hi Sherry, Now, I’m confused…. I thought that the roll of tape was found eventually? I can’t remember… It makes sense that it would have ended up with the Kid Finders things, in their truck or supplies….

      And, it is really not surprising that Casey is unemotional at Caylee’s memory… Ever since June 16th, she has forgotten her child as if she never lived…….

      • Jun 13 2011

        No, Andrea, the tape wasn’t found. Some say (like Sandy :mrgreen: ) that it could have been used up but the picture shows quite a bit on the roll so I kinda doubt it. Others have said, like me, that it landed in the KF truck or storage shed and is long gone now. Look for it to be sold on ebay by the Milsteads! {snark}

  2. Sandy
    Jun 11 2011

    Maybe they used up the whole roll of duct tape putting up the signs.

  3. offthecuff
    Jun 11 2011

    Just Casey drama. She sat there quite nicely during all talk of decomp on paper towels, but was signaled to react to Suburban Dr.

  4. Venice
    Jun 11 2011

    Hi Andrea my friend! I just wanted to say hello and wonder where you have been watching the trial?? I’m dealing with michellefrommadison again stealing my personal information and posting with it. I’ve had just about enough of this person, and I am going to take some severe action as I speak. Enough is enough. Well, take care sweetie and I will talk to you later on ~~

    • Jun 11 2011

      MfM cloned my blog!!


  5. melanie
    Jun 11 2011

    ow was just watching a “48hrs” special about the case.I was floored at the end when Cindy Anthony said” I have faith that casey will be coming home to us soon”!I couldnt believe my ears.How can she still believe her daughter is innocent? Does she think someone else took caylee and killed her or maybe she really does believe it was accidental.Either way after seeing some very disturbing photos of the reamains of little caylee and hearing the facts of the case, I HAVE FAITH THAT CASEY WILL SPEND THE REST OF HER MISERABLE LIFE IN PRISON!The defense stated on the tv special that the prosecution does not have evidence that proves she killed her,did internet searches for chloroform, drove around with her rotting body in the trunk, dumped her body in the woods, or put duct tape on her mouth!My question is: if george really had anything to do with this AND it was an accident why wouldnt he have come forward by now? If my daughter was facing death penalty for something I KNOW FOR A FACT she didnt do, I would be falling all over myself trying to tell evryone “hey I know it was an accident because I was there and I helped her cover it up so if you’re going to prosecute someone prosecute me!”IMO these parents know nothing.It does anger me what cindy said , but I do believe that she knows in her heart her daughter did this but maybe just doesnt want to see her executed.Just cant understand believing someone who has lied about every aspect of their life, so why should anyone believe her now when she says it was an accident? Maybe 6 months from now she will change her story again once we prove she’s lieing now!

  6. Rob
    Jun 11 2011

    Andrea, Outstanding post today. Dr. Haskell was brilliant. He is the man to go to for bug knowledge. The defense tried to retain him, but had to settle for one of his former doctoral students. Andrea, this trial is getting to me. Baez makes my blood pressure surge. What he is doing to George Anthony is disgusting. Hopefully, he will not get away with his dishonesty. When I look at the state attorneys I see light, and when I see the defense attorneys I see darkness. Linda is Caylee’s guardian angel.

    • Jun 12 2011

      Nahhh, I totally disagree! All due respect. This man was struggling big time when Baez was doing his cross. MOO.
      Anyho! That bag of garbage has a mind of its own traveling from Tony’s to KC’s trunk, to trash at Amscot. How long was it there before CSI picked it up>? Now think!! Those bugs could’ve jumped ship from the trash at Amscot to the bag feeding on dead carcuses in the trash. Hardly a prosecution win. Still struggling IMOO..

  7. Jun 12 2011

    Thanks for all the excellent blogs all week Andrea, I really appreciate them 🙂

    I was very interested in knowing who Dom Casey was talklng to while searching the woods, so, I began researching (2 years ago) that through the phone records that were published at that time along with the date and time stamp on that video of him searching, and I found that it really was that psychic Ginny (Lewis?) that Dominic was talking to at the very time time he was in the woods being video’d by the other PI.

    They called each other, he called her, she called him back. I did read that it was Cindy who found this psychic and had Dominic contact her, that may not be tru though.

    So, the phone records prove it was that psychic, as I recall he didn’t talk to anybody else, according to his phone records, during the time he was out there, if he didn’t talk to Anthony’s about the location of her body, then that is one Hell of a good psychic!

  8. Jun 12 2011

    The State is struggling big time! Dirty Cop George said several times he never touched the bag of trash how many times? Why do you think it was important George say that 3, 5 or 6 times? Again, the trash was sitting in that amscot trash bin for awhile, picking up insects that normally feed on dead meat etc, the garbage is hardly evidence that Casey killed her child. But it is potencial evidence that George planted that garbage bag there after he found it in Casey’s trunk on the 24th huh…The gascans and the duct tape is signifcant in this case, always has been as it’s the link to the killer…IMOO…Revert back to my prior posts on ohhhh George.

  9. Jun 12 2011

    So now, isnt the question is why Law Enforcement turned their head pertaining to anyone else, and especially George’s possible involvement…Why wasnt GEorge’s activities investigated? Was it because they believed an ex-cop couldnt be involved? I dont believe George quit his job back in Ohio. I believe he may have gotten fired due to lying or padding investigations? I’m sure i’m not too far off. His daily affairs will be brought to light and it will show the reasons why nobody cared enough to call authorities. I thinkmIt was and always has been all about GEORGE and protecting his illegal activities.

    • damagdpets
      Jun 12 2011

      GasCan, The idea that LE didn’t look at someone else has been amusing. If you go back to the interviews done on the first night Cindy (Not Casey) reported Caylee missing and the next 24 hours before Casey quit talking…….what information did LE have to work with? The accepted procedure was to track down everything that is told in the initial investigation. They also look to the nearest family members to clear them before they can go on to friends and aguaintances. With Mayors, Judges and fellow officers being pulled over today for DUI”s…..the good old boy system is not what it used to be. I’m not saying it does not exist at all but to acuse LE and the FBI of a deliberate failure to investigate with no evidence is kind of a stretch. If the defense has any evidence to support the theory it will be brought out but I sincerely doubt it.

      • Jun 12 2011

        I agree with you 100 percent, damagedpets. A “Good ole boy” type of mentality still does exist here and there, and it’s scary. The fact that the Defense will need to show evidence of George or Lee’s acts will be problematic. Who can attest to this if not Casey? The only way to get this information before the court, she will need to testify!!!! That would be a disaster! However, it would be an amazing thing to see Linda Burdick destroy her lie by lie. But, it may be the only hope for the defense. Could there be one juror who will give her the benefit of the doubt? I doubt it!

  10. Jun 12 2011

    The duct tape is more consistent In My Opinion of a MALE and possible bondage linked to a sexual assault? Chloroform and duct tape/ bondage goes hand and hand, look it up. And the possible searches that was made on the family pc…porn sites….Geee, why didnt the prosecution bring that up?? Stay tuned, the defense will!

    My suggestion? RUN GEORGE RUN,,,,go check yourself back in because the chit hasnt hit the fan yet! And you know it. What you’ll hear hopefully when the defense has its turn is what GA tried so hard to cover up….And I doubt it’s going to be pretty…IMOO. Take care

    • sha
      Jun 20 2011

      Don’t forget….KC had her hands on that duct tape too. Way too cheap to buy her own, she needed it to tape her flag to her body for the no-clothes party. Check KC’s texts I believe she mentioned duct tape to Amy.

  11. whistlersmother
    Jun 12 2011

    My favorite part of the testimony this week was when the good scientist told Baez that he had not been paid yet from the defense! LOL and what was Baez’s response-“oh the check is in the mail” what a complete idiot Baez is. Just another bill that he has not paid with the tax payers money. This is the circus that I envisioned all along, Baez has not disappointed us with his inadequacy and insults. His short 3 year career as a lawyer is falling fast. Nobody with any sense will buy his book, since he has no idea what is going on in his own case. Just a travesty all around for the tax payers of Florida.

  12. beckster
    Jun 13 2011

    sorry to just jump in, but i’m trying to find out if i missed roy kronk? if not…WILL he testify, or are they avoiding him?


    • Jun 13 2011

      Hi, beckster! The State wisely decided not to call Kronk-he’s the defense’s dog in this race since they want to make him out to be a morally corrupt individual who body snatched Caylee’s remains according to the opening statement Baez gave. Boy, destroy the character of a hero-that’ll go over well with the jury-NOT!

  13. christina
    Aug 18 2012

    from me watching every single detail ,the case and the interviews this is my conclusion to the whole story. Casey was home with caylee alone ,casey drowned caylee in the pool and took her out and put her on the grass,(the reason the dogs hit in the anthonys back yard)casey was going to bury her daughter in the back yard but the land was to dry so she put caylee in the trunk of the car drove close to the airport and tried to think of what to do.she went back to the house backed into the garage to get the laundry bag and the trash bag and taped up caylees mouth to stop any more body fluids from leaking into her car ,the reason chloroform was found is because she used everything possible to try and clean out the trunk of her car,(did you notice the huge bleach stain on the carpet) she dumped caylees body and then did everything she could to lie and say she wasnt in orlando because she couldnt get the smell out of her car. when she went to the home to try and cover up evidence she had left.Her dad was there and had a good idea about her taking the gas cans when he said he was going t get something out of the car she ran past him because there was something in that trunk that would have hung her a&( that day. then she played putting a trash bag in the trunk to cover up the smell,when that didnt work she had no choice but to put the car by a dumpster and even left a purse in there to lure someone to steal the car and blame the smell on them.So what everyone thought the duct tape was for wasnt used for that reason at all, Defense was right about Caylee drowning in the pool but she didnt get in there by herself. which is why the ladder was up and the side gate was open,when casey was going to put her daughter in the trunk of the car. Thats what i picked up from everything i watched and when i actually read notes that i had written and possible theories this one gave me goosebumps and i knew that was it. As far as all the other mumbo jumbo that revolves around the case it was all a huge cover up so that way more time could pass, so that way evidence could dissapear,


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