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hair and heart sticker residue

The big news today came as a result of Judge Belvin Perry announcing that the Prosecution’s case, in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial, is likely to wrap up either Tuesday, or Wednesday morning  of this week!   This means the defense will start their case Wednesday afternoon!

The heart sticker found at the scene of the crime in the State v. Casey Anthony Trial

It was surprising to hear the State’s case will conclude without calling Roy Kronk, other family members, Shirley and Rick Pleasea.  I also wonder if experts will testify with regards to Casey’s cell phone pings.

I do understand why the State would not need to call Kronk, since the defense will certainly call him.  The State will be able to rehabilitate Roy Kronk in their cross examination during the defense case.

Depending upon what the defense brings to their case, the State of Florida may put on a rebuttal case.  I tend to think they may.

The defense may then put on their own rebuttal, but the Judge would have to allow it, and the focus could only be on what the State brought forward in their rebuttal.

With regards to upcoming State witnesses, I read that Robyn Adams (Casey Anthony’s former jail roommate) is supposed to testify soon.  I would think the State’s Botanist, Dr. Hall, will testify at some point this week as well.

As far as today’s testimony, we heard from two FBI analysts.  One FBI witness was Stephen Shaw, an FBI expert in forensic hair and fiber.  He testified that the single piece of hair, with the decompositional banding found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, is similar to the hair found with the remains of Caylee Anthony.

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI latent-print examiner, explained that she discovered a heart shape on one of three pieces of duct tape sent to the FBI Laboratory for analysis.

This is evidence that the Defense tried desperately to keep out of the trial.  It was odd that Baez did not do a better job of cross-examining Ms. Fontaine.

The defense fought this  “phantom” outline/image of residue in the shape of a heart, on the duct tape. The reason?  That a heart sticker (pictured) was found near Caylee Anthony’s remains on a piece of duct tape.  This, as you know, inexplicably tells us that that heart sticker was applied on the duct tape.

What I don’t understand is why the heart shape (pictured) found in the area where the remains were found, was not introduced today.  Perhaps that piece of evidence is coming later.   Law Enforcement found in Casey Anthony’s home, sheets of heart stickers resembling the sticker found at the crime scene.  Perhaps Law Enforcement will introduce both these items.

The beginning of the defense case is going to be interesting!  Will Casey Anthony testify?  If Jose Baez is going to stick with his molestation theory, she will have to.

That will be something to see!

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