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June 14, 2011


the ugly life

by Andrea O'Connell

A beautiful life? 

Bella Vita, says the tattoo emblazoned on the left shoulder of Casey Anthony.  Bella Vita is Italian for a beautiful or happy life.

How is it possible to enjoy your beautiful life when only 17 days ago your daughter’s very life – your flesh and blood – was snuffed out?

Casey Anthony's "Beautiful Life" tattoo

A beautiful life is a happy and carefree existence, a rich life that is free of any care or burdens; free from the sense of the unspeakable suffering of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Bella Vita is poetic justice for Casey Anthony now.

In February of this year, the defense, knowing the damage this tattoo would create for them, filed a Motion in Limine to strike this evidence. Here is their motion:

Tattoo (attached)

Motion in Limine to Exclude Irrelevant Evidence of Tattoo

This defense motion was DENIED. The defense asked that the tattoo be eliminated because it was irrelevant. Not so said Judge Perry!  The tattoo “Bella Vita” is quite relevant as to the timing of receiving the tattoo, as well as the meaning, or nature of the tattoo. Judge Perry explains himself in his ruling when he writes:

The state argued this evidence was not offered to show character, and further argued the circumstances surrounding the timing and nature of the tattoo are relevant and probative to show the Defendant’s state of mind.   On July 2, 2008, when her daughter was allegedly missing and she was conducting her own search, she obtained a tattoo reading “La Bella Vita” (translated as “the beautiful / good life”).  She did not appear to be upset, and when asked how her daughter was, she simply replied, “fine.”

There was little surprise at the Judge’s rulings as to this evidence.

And now, this evidence is the finale for the State!

The testimony, today given by Orlando tattoo artist Bobby Williams, was critical to show Casey Anthony’s state of mind during the time she claimed to be searching for Caylee.

Casey Anthony never lifted a finger to assist in the search for her daughter when she was bonded out of jail. The evidence clearly shows Casey’s  state of mind – a state of mind that was completely lacking of any care or concern for her daughter.

Why should she have cared?  She knew her daughter was dead.

The State of Florida will rest its case tomorrow morning, June 15th, the day before Caylee Anthony died in 2008.

The Defense will begin its case on June 16th, 2011 – exactly 3 years to the date of Caylee Marie Anthony’s death.

Let justice be Caylee’s now.

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  1. Jun 14 2011

    And I am hoping that on July 16th Casey will be on that road trip to Lowell…

    • Jun 14 2011

      I sure hope we wrap this up by then, too, Sherry! Lowell is looking like a real possibility for this monster…. Ann Finnel had better be at her very best – I think the DP has a real potential in this case, sadly.
      Big hugs to you, my dear!

      • Sherry
        Jun 15 2011

        Big hugs back atcha! :mrgreen:

        You know how I feel about the DP but I am hoping she doesn’t get it for George and Cindy’s sake. I don’t think they can take much more.

      • Darlene
        Jun 15 2011

        Cindy and George has so much pain, I hope Casey doesn’t get the death. they shouldn’t have to deal with more. Mercy for Cindy and George

      • Jun 15 2011

        Hi Darlene and welcome! I agree with you – it would be cruel to the two of them should Casey be sentenced to death. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jury feels so sorry for George and Cindy that they spare Casey’s life. (That’s what I hope, anyway.)

  2. damagdpets
    Jun 15 2011

    The state has come up a little short for me if they are going to rest tomorrow. I feel there was much more to do in tying Casey to the computer searchers via G&C’ s work schedules. There were a lot things they could have shown with the cell phone pings and Casey’s general activity on a day to day basis. The state may have gambled on not calling Kronk and several others but you know that it will force the defense to call witnesses that they didn’t want to. Once the defense gets these people on the stand and Baez opens one of the many doors….the prosecution may play out the second half of their case. I really hope this is how it will go down because as of today there are several things the jury could have had more help in understanding. I keep telling myself I have to be patient. Party starts Thursday when Baez calls his first witness.

  3. Jun 15 2011

    Andrea: It’s always a pleasure to drop in and read your beautifully written posts.

    I believe the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony took the ‘beautiful life’ of her baby daughter and left it in the swamp to rot. She then moved on to enjoy her shallow idea of the “Bella Vita”.

    Now she finds herself in a cold and lonely place where she has no-one to comfort her but herself. She feels her whole life has been taken from her.

    She doesn’t even have the human decency to show remorse.

    The circus is about to go into full swing; and I predict that her defense will shake the foundations of justice and hit the headlines with horribly twisted facts. I predict that some of those who should show love and respect for the ‘beautiful life’ of Caylee Marie Anthony will, instead, swallow their pride and outright lie to save the ‘ugly life’ of Casey Marie Anthony.

    The final decision will be up to the judge and jury.

    In the end, society will have pronounced a punishment upon the one who branded herself with the words ‘Bella Vita’,

    It doesn’t seem like enough; but it’s the best we can hope for. 😐

    • Jun 15 2011

      Hi Nan! Oh, it’s always so nice to hear from you! I try to visit my buddy Mainstreamfair as often as possible and enjoy reading your contributions very much. 🙂

      Yes, Casey Anthony has NO human decency. She has absolutely not even an iota of empathy for anyone! It’s really weird. I’ve never met anyone like her. I hope I never do.

  4. Weezie
    Jun 15 2011

    Here goes Mason, pleading for not guilty, just practicing his closing argument. I am guessing this is happening in front of the jury? Never advised of her Miranda rights, well I thought they argued that way back when. “Food for Thought”, so Mason says. I’m sure Perry is used to this and it is pretty standard stuff. Let’s get on with it.

  5. CptKD
    Jun 15 2011

    KARMA, ever so quietly doing her work….
    No doubt, preparing for the grand ‘FINALE’!

    Indeed the “IRONY IS RICH”, once more!

    • Jun 15 2011

      Very nicely put.

      I’m well pleased with the way the state presented their case. I had a few shaky moments, but I dug out her indictment and looked up the Florida statutes for the charges, and it made me feel better.

      I think I was expecting the state to have a ‘Perry Mason’ moment and pefectly fit all the pieces together.

      I realize now, though, that that is not necessary. They got her. 😉

      BTW, nice to ‘see’ you.

  6. Jun 15 2011

    I have complete faith in LDB & JA. Judge Perry is the most thorough, knowledgeable and patient man I have ever seen – he will guide this until its natural conclusion!!

    Waving to all!!!

  7. Allomorph
    Jun 22 2011

    RE: Casey’s tattoo

    All they have to do is to add the following to her Bella Vita tattoo: “…behind bars.”
    You know, like fortune cookies (except in her case, the words “in bed” just don’t apply anymore. Hmmm, maybe “in cot”?!?)

    And while the tattoo artist is there, have him give her a new one on her right shoulder:

    “Karma is a bitch.”


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