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well, it was a non-evidence kind of day

My parents always told me that it is fruitless to try to prove a negative since it generally returns results that are negative.

Mr. Jose Baez, apparently, was never schooled in this idea.

The purpose of highlighting non evidence?  Mr. Baez is banking on a single juror to be stupid enough to think such a lack of evidence is evidence of something.  What non evidence is evidence of, is anyone’s guess.

Oh, but Mr. Baez will blow smoke in the air and try and try and try some more to create “non evidence “smokescreens for the jury.

We know this after today’s monotonous, confounding and completely wasteful day of testimony, there was no attempt to lay the ground work regarding their theory of drowning.  And, we now know that Mr. Baez agrees that a body decomposed in the trunk of the car since he was asking his own witnesses about such evidence!

Therefore, today was about as wasteful for the defense as the trash that Mr. Beaz spent so much time talking about.


Because the result of today’s testimony advised the jury that not a single drop of blood was discovered by FBI, DNA Expert Heather Seubert, when she examined articles from the crime scene and from the trunk of the car driven by Casey Anthony.

We know that DNA cannot survive over a period of six months in wet, hot, and volatile environments.  Furthermore, it has been proved, both today, and in the State’s case, that DNA does not survive during the decomposition process.  Nor does blood, apparently.

And yet, Mr. Jose Baez asked and asked and asked and asked this witness, did you find blood to test?   No.  No. No. No. Mr. Baez, that answer will be, grrrrr, NO!

And, why does the defense focus on blood, or the lack thereof, if the defense contends Caylee drowned?

It is possible that the defense is trying to show that the amount of non-evidence exceeds the actual evidence?

Does the lack of evidence – or rather, of NOT finding evidence where we would not expect to find evidence anyway, prove anything?  Does this prove Caylee Marie Anthony was not drugged and suffocated?

No. Not in the least.

When Ms. Welch, who also testified in the State’s case and called today by the defense, was asked again and again and again and again and AGAIN, if items pictured as “trash” were ever sent to the FBI to be tested for anything.   The witness and the jury saw pictures of beer bottles, soda bottles, and a plethora of miscellaneous items one would find in a garbage dump.  And over and over, Mr. Baez asked – were these items tested for anything?  “Not that I recall,” said Ms. Welch, repeatedly.

When it was Ms. Burdick’s turn to cross examine Ms. Welch, she asked one simple, singular question that brought everything home and into focus for the jury:

Ms. Burdick: Ms. Welch, is it fair to call the area where Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were found, as a trash dump?

Ms. Welch: Yes, I would characterize it that way.

And so, today of all days – exactly three years from the very date that  Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered – Ms. Burdick pointed out that Caylee was treated as trash.

This small moment in time brought home the injustice that Caylee suffered.

May the Heavens continue to bless the little angel, Caylee Marie.

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