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wee wee wee, all the way home

This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

This little piggy cried, “wee, wee, wee”

All the way home!


As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  Same goes with a false witnesses in a court of law. When an Expert witness only wants to please the side they are on, rather than being scientifically ethical, it is just plain wrong. A good witness will tell his own truth, not the truth that one side wants to hear.

In the case of the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, one defense witness took up the entire day.  Dr. Timothy Huntington, a forensic entomologist and Adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska.  (An Adjunct professor, by the way, is not a full-time employee of a university.  Adjuncts are hired to fill in and cover courses term by term.)

Mr. Jose Baez must have thought that he bought a pretty good witness before Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton applied his incredible expertise at cross examination!

Oh, the pigs were oinking and crying when Mr. Ashton was finished today!

This expert, hired on December 11, 2008, by Linda Kenney Baden, just finished his Ph.D. in 2008, and desperately wanted to do well for the defense.

Dr. Huntington, in order to research the decomposition process in the trunk of a car, experimented with a pig, wrapped in a blanket, in the place of a small body. He photographed and cataloged the bug species that came to feast on the poor pig.

When Mr. Ashton asked if this pig in a blanket experiment (yes, he said “pig in a blanket” to everyone’s delight!) was done as a result of being hired by the defense, Dr. Huntington was clearly being disingenuous when he said, “No” he’d always wanted to do this kind of experiment. Right!  No one believed it. Not for a moment….

By the way, this witness is a very young, he has never testified in court before, and he may never do so again.  Well, maybe for a defense team needing a chameleon.

Thank you Dr. Huntington.   Love from, Jeff Ashton

Despite his tendency to be disingenuous, this witness was wonderful for the State and Ashton hog-tied him to quite a few admissions!

  • The witness said the body was in one place (the car) and was deposited in June and did not move from there.  This is incredibly important to the State’s case!  How could Kronk have known about where the body was in June, when Cindy Anthony only made the fateful 911 call on July 15th?  There was not even a reward for Caylee until later.
  • When the witness examined the car in July 2010, it still stunk, despite there not being any garbage in the trunk (oh yes, Baez would still like the jury to think the smell is the garbage).
  • This witness said, “Oh well, I know there was garbage in that trunk, so I couldn’t say it was decomposition.”  Ashton countered by saying, “When has garbage kept an odor after two years?”  Then Ashton paused and gave this witness a glare that clearly said he was mortified that the witness continued to dissemble and speak from both corners of his mouth.
  • Ashton asked the witness, “Why didn’t you place the pig in a blanket, then in two garbage bags, then in a laundry bag?”
  • This witness stuck to his theory that bugs were likely attracted to “chew” in the empty chewing tobacco can.  Huh?
  • Ashton got the witness to agree there was NO food in the garbage bag.  The witness said, oh no, I’d seen salami still in the package in that garbage. Ashton got the garbage out of evidence, fished out the salami package, and showed the witness what he thought was salami was crumbled paper.

There were other points scored by the State, including the fact that the high levels of chloroform in the trunk would contribute to killing or warding off the bugs.

Let’s hope the remainder of the defense experts will be more forthcoming at the outset.  Listening for a full day to the flat testimony today, may have had made the jurors go buggy!

I was so disgusted at the whole charade today – with the focus on pigs in a blanket and not a dear child, I could have snorted like a pig!


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