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June 17, 2011


wee wee wee, all the way home

by Andrea O'Connell

This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

This little piggy cried, “wee, wee, wee”

All the way home!


As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  Same goes with a false witnesses in a court of law. When an Expert witness only wants to please the side they are on, rather than being scientifically ethical, it is just plain wrong. A good witness will tell his own truth, not the truth that one side wants to hear.

In the case of the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, one defense witness took up the entire day.  Dr. Timothy Huntington, a forensic entomologist and Adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska.  (An Adjunct professor, by the way, is not a full-time employee of a university.  Adjuncts are hired to fill in and cover courses term by term.)

Mr. Jose Baez must have thought that he bought a pretty good witness before Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton applied his incredible expertise at cross examination!

Oh, the pigs were oinking and crying when Mr. Ashton was finished today!

This expert, hired on December 11, 2008, by Linda Kenney Baden, just finished his Ph.D. in 2008, and desperately wanted to do well for the defense.

Dr. Huntington, in order to research the decomposition process in the trunk of a car, experimented with a pig, wrapped in a blanket, in the place of a small body. He photographed and cataloged the bug species that came to feast on the poor pig.

When Mr. Ashton asked if this pig in a blanket experiment (yes, he said “pig in a blanket” to everyone’s delight!) was done as a result of being hired by the defense, Dr. Huntington was clearly being disingenuous when he said, “No” he’d always wanted to do this kind of experiment. Right!  No one believed it. Not for a moment….

By the way, this witness is a very young, he has never testified in court before, and he may never do so again.  Well, maybe for a defense team needing a chameleon.

Thank you Dr. Huntington.   Love from, Jeff Ashton

Despite his tendency to be disingenuous, this witness was wonderful for the State and Ashton hog-tied him to quite a few admissions!

  • The witness said the body was in one place (the car) and was deposited in June and did not move from there.  This is incredibly important to the State’s case!  How could Kronk have known about where the body was in June, when Cindy Anthony only made the fateful 911 call on July 15th?  There was not even a reward for Caylee until later.
  • When the witness examined the car in July 2010, it still stunk, despite there not being any garbage in the trunk (oh yes, Baez would still like the jury to think the smell is the garbage).
  • This witness said, “Oh well, I know there was garbage in that trunk, so I couldn’t say it was decomposition.”  Ashton countered by saying, “When has garbage kept an odor after two years?”  Then Ashton paused and gave this witness a glare that clearly said he was mortified that the witness continued to dissemble and speak from both corners of his mouth.
  • Ashton asked the witness, “Why didn’t you place the pig in a blanket, then in two garbage bags, then in a laundry bag?”
  • This witness stuck to his theory that bugs were likely attracted to “chew” in the empty chewing tobacco can.  Huh?
  • Ashton got the witness to agree there was NO food in the garbage bag.  The witness said, oh no, I’d seen salami still in the package in that garbage. Ashton got the garbage out of evidence, fished out the salami package, and showed the witness what he thought was salami was crumbled paper.

There were other points scored by the State, including the fact that the high levels of chloroform in the trunk would contribute to killing or warding off the bugs.

Let’s hope the remainder of the defense experts will be more forthcoming at the outset.  Listening for a full day to the flat testimony today, may have had made the jurors go buggy!

I was so disgusted at the whole charade today – with the focus on pigs in a blanket and not a dear child, I could have snorted like a pig!


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  1. Jun 17 2011

    This was not a good day for Baez. His paid witness, the bug doctor, became a state’s witness and the witness, Vasco Thompson, that he added to his list late in the game got John Morgan’s son, Matt, to mention that the move against him was done in bad faith. But! Casey remained in a smiling good mood despite. She even thought Ashton’s “pig in a blanket” joke was funny (I didn’t-not in a murder trial for a toddler). Baez should try to be honest and ethical-its far better for tummy health.

  2. Jun 18 2011

    Hi Andrea, you are a great writer and i always enjoy reading your posts. That title is too clever and funny and i love how you said you could have snorted like a pig. lol. Well so could I. I didn’t really care for how Judge Perry kept saying to Ashton to calm down. i didn’t see any reason to tell him that for one, and two, Perry hasn’t had to deal with the lieing unethical clown for three years doing everything to stall the case from ever going to trial, to not doing his homework, filing motions incorrectly, and just plain because he could, being a pain in the ass. I couldn’t believe my ears when Perry lost it today when Ashton informed him Baez was texting and Perry said he didn’t care if he was standing on his head. Not professional of Perry so after that outburst he made he should be able to cut Ashton some slack. This bug guy huntington was not very bright. The tobacco spit for example was totally stupid. However, despite the sneakey mistruth’s the bug guy tried to tell he was not smart enough to go up against Ashton with his untruths and he got hammered. So to spite it all it was a good day for the prosecution and our beautiful beloved Baby Caylee~~ Thanks for keeping us informed .

  3. Jun 18 2011

    oh and go figure it was Miss.Piggy herself LKB that hired the uninformed bug dude. Always new she was not bright and today it was proven.

  4. Jun 18 2011

    Hi Sherry, Louie and I are waving at you. Your right some truths would be better for Baez tummy but he can’t handle the truth~~ lol. Our little budding secretary was jovial today i thought too. Guess she is envisioning soon being free to go Rving with felon Robin. hahahaha. Baez is her white knight ya know.

  5. Jan
    Jun 18 2011

    That phrase inferred Caylee wrapped in a Winnie the Pooh blanket.
    It was not funny.

    Ashton acted like an angry maniac. Jurors didn’t like his disrespectful mocking of a witness. They don’t care what Ashton’s opinion is, they want to know the truth. All Ashton seemed interested in doing was keeping the jurors from hearing the truth. He lied to the jurors.

  6. Jun 18 2011

    I agree that Jose’s witness lied to the Jury. Very disrespectful in my opinion. At one point JA get this witness to admit the car smells like decomp then when Jose went up there he said he did not think the body was in the car. WTH!

    I find it most interesting this guy was hired 12/11/08. Seems like the whole defense team knew exactly where her pos Mom left her. It took a few days to get dna confirmation. If the defense team knew she was there that whole time and they did nothing to aid in Caylee having a proper burial, than I hope they rot in he!! too. No one should be tossed like trash especially a 2 year old toddler.

    Mr. Vasco should file a complaint with the bar. Jose has lied on numerous occasion about innocent people being involved in this case. I believe he does that because he is not qualified to handle his business. This case should have never gone to trial. Jose should have begged for a plea deal. Instead he only wanted to make a name for himself on the back of CAYLEE ANTHONY, not Casey because in all honesty no one will remember her in a few years. Caylee we will remember.

    Good morning Ladies! 🙂

  7. leukosxpsephos
    Jun 18 2011

    i hope that she gets off, not to justify careless manslaughter, but solely as a testimony against the injustices of the trial. honestly, i hope that she repents, and is born again. JESUS did not die so that people should fry—a real day of Judgment is coming.

    • sha
      Jun 20 2011

      Then you can hire her as your nanny.

  8. CptKD
    Jun 18 2011

    This whole defense and Defence Team, has become just what, it has and always has been these past three years:

    NOTHING but One big JOKE!

    Set out to make BIG, those much NEEDING to feel as such,
    and set out to DESTROY, everything, anything and ANYONE
    that sits opposite of this ‘Grand-standing’ mockery of what a
    TRUE DEFENCE should be!

    Inmate Anthony should be ashamed of herself, no question there!
    But those that SUPPOSEDLY are there to DEFEND her, should be even MORE ASHAMED at the techniques, the measures, and the dirty moves they’ve used in this pathetic attempt to do that….

    They’ve accomplished NOTHING thus far, but they sure have a left a massive mess of destruction. They’ve destroyed so many lives, and not once in there, have they given any thought or consideration to the TRUE victim in this case…..

    Even in ACKNOWLEDGING that this was a “ACCIDENT”!
    They cannot have her stand up, admit to that, and take her lumps!

    Instead they will try to discredit EVERY single person involved with this case!
    Fault every individual that WORKED on this case… As well as the others,
    that by no choice of their own, were DRAGGED into this case because of someone’s LIES and FANTASY life

    While it is THEM – Who have taken this to the UGLIEST of places!
    AS if it wasn’t UGLY enough!

    The ACCUSATIONS they’ve put, and continue to put forth, are strikingly similar to that which is REFLECTIVE of themselves, their clien, and their entire defence team…

    Indeed, THAT IRONY is rich!

    • Jun 18 2011

      BRAVO and thank you for your wonderful comments! I would say more but I am heading out of the house (I’m late) to an outing with family! Will talk to you and everyone, later! Hugs!

      PS. How about Dr. Spitzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ??? Sad, wasn’t it?

      • sha
        Jun 20 2011

        Dr. Spitz said Dr. G did a shoddy autopsy because she did not open the skull. He opened the skull and CRACKED it….Then he forgot that wearing gloves isn’t JUST to protect himself, but also to protect the body and any dna or evidence, he failed to do any tests, identified brain dust just on sight, and decided how sticky something was from a photograph. If Dr. G’s autopsy was shoddy what would someone call the ridiculous half attempt at one Dr. S did? The saddest part was when Ashton had him saying “PLEASE just believe me”.

  9. katydid
    Jun 18 2011

    There should be some kind of law against defense attorneys that make accusations against innocent people. He should have check out his source on Mr. Thompson before he subpoenaed him.

  10. Jun 18 2011

    Andrea I hope you had a nice day! Thought I would leave you a link of a beautiful picture. It is sure to put a smile on your face. 🙂

    • Jun 19 2011

      Oh, Laurali! That took my breath away! Thank you so much for sharing it…..
      words cannot express how beautiful a thought and image that is. It did put a smile on my face…. I’m sure it has for many others, too.
      Thank you again so much, dearie!


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