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it gets more worser each day

What happened today in that Orlando courtroom, where the State of Florida is trying Casey Anthony for the murder of her child, Caylee Anthony, demonstrates how bad the case looks for the defendant.

It was a day where things kept piling on and making matters worse for the defense in this case.  What’s worse, it is entirely the fault of Jose Baez, the lead attorney on the case who, rather than seeking the truth, is playing tricks in a desperate attempt to gain advantage.

It was a really bad day – no, worse……

One of the most humiliating moments for the defense happened as a result of the Judge laying down a very cogent record for the contempt charges he will level against Jose Baez at the conclusion of the trial.

What must have been extremely humiliating for Jose Baez came as a result of Judge Belvin Perry questioning the defense team’s Touch-DNA witness, Richard Eikelenbloom.  Judge Perry asked Mr. Eikelenbloom a series of questions regarding if Jose Baez told him he needs to render an opinion, and write a report in this case.   Answer:  No.

The witness said, Jose Baez informed him on Saturday, June 18, 2011, to write a report and give his opinion.


Jose Baez, desperately needing to ambush the State, faced sanctions today as it pertains to some of what Mr. Richard Eikelenbloom can testify to.  The Judge did not allow any testimony with regards to the absence of DNA in decomposition fluid found in the trunk of the White Pontiac Sunbird, driven by Casey Anthony.

However, the Judge left the door open for a Frye hearing on the matter.  It is up to Jose Baez to determine if this is something he wants to do.  Um.  I think Jose has bigger fish to FRYE, at this point.

It gets even worser….

Today’s parade of defense witnesses were very helpful to the State’s case.  Dr. Jane Boch, the Botanist, was the female version of Dr. Spitz.  She was so bad, so unbelievably bad, it was embarrassing.

With a straight face she said, repeatedly, the remains could only have been in the area for a minimum of two weeks.

Oh, really?

During the cross, Jeff Ashton (again showing his brilliance!), asked, “Dr. Boch, were you aware that remains of the victim were discovered buried four inches under the muck?  Wouldn’t it take more than two weeks for the muck to bury a bone in that fashion?”

The response from Dr. Boch, “Perhaps dogs, or coyotes buried the bone?”

Jeff Ashton’s jaw dropped before he said, “No more questions.”

So, that was the end of Dr. Boch.  She added nothing. Absolutely nothing but a chuckle or two.

And worser still…

And then there was the testimony of Dr. Marcus Wise of Oakridge National Laboratory.

Oh, this was bad for the defense.  This was unbelievably bad because this witness  turned into a State’s witness during the Defense’s direct examination!!!

Dr. Wise was freely discussing the unexplained and high levels of chloroform found by he and Dr. Vass in the carpet samples they tested.

And, if that were not bad enough, Dr. Wise (a very good witness) had an inordinate amount of praise for Dr. Vass.

It was a beautiful thing!

And even more worser….

The most incredible moment today, however, came before today’s lunch break.  Jose Baez was full of disgust at the State suddenly releasing computer data from June 16th, 2008, as well as releasing discovery concerning a woman who was incarcerated in close vicinity of Casey Anthony, and whose child drowned, in 2007, in a pool.

The child’s grandfather discovered the drowned child.  The grandfather performed CPR and called 911.  Sadly, the child could not be saved, though the family did all they could to save him.

The State advised they may not use this information, but they wanted to turn it over to the defense, since the info is discoverable.

If it is learned that Casey may have known about this story, it would not be a stretch to conclude how she’d use this scenario to craft her lies about George Anthony, since we know she uses real incidents to assist her in the lies she tells.

Saving the worstest for last….

The biggest bombshell today, in my opinion, came when Jose Baez thought he had a clear case of Tit for Tat, or “Gotcha!” as far as discovery violations.

When Casey Anthony allowed Law Enforcement to have her home computer to search for “clues,” a copy of the computer hard drive was also furnished to the defense – in the event they wanted to investigate it.

Inexplicably, the defense failed to do its due-diligence and look at the data on the hard-drive.

The State did.  (Insert smily-face here.)

Since the defense made it’s horrific claims of what happened on June 16, 2008, the last day that dear little Caylee was seen alive, the State went back to look at that day of computer activity.


Apparently so.   We don’t know the details of what was found on the June 16th date, but the State will use this information, if needed.

Linda Drane-Burdick said, in the event Casey Anthony testifies, they will use it against her, or they will use it to rebut any testimony the defense intends to put forward about that day.

Apparently, there was activity on that computer, there were instant messages (IM’s), too.

No doubt Casey’s IM’s tell a story that is very different than the version Jose Baez told in his opening statements!

Can it get worser?

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