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today was just half as bad for Anthony defense

I’m sure it was a relief to the defense that evidence and testimony in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony trial, lasted only half of the day today.  Instead of a day-full of defense witnesses turning into witnesses for the State, they only suffered half the hurt.

There were no inroads made by the defense again today as they continued to point out the “lack” of evidence in the State’s case.

It’s interesting that the defense, rather than attacking the evidence presented by the State, are presenting testimony to illustrate the lack of evidence found.

Perhaps this strategy would work in another case – a far different case.   Not in this one. Common sense tells us this will not work in this case.  Why?  The amount of circumstantial evidence is staggering.

Remember Scott Peterson’s trial for the murder of Lacy Peterson and the death of her unborn child?  That was a circumstantial case, too.  There was far less evidence in that case and he’s on death row right now.

The duct tape, the baby blanket, and the laundry bag clearly ties Casey Anthony to the crime.  The smell and evidence of decomposition in Casey’s car links her further, as does a long strand of Caylee’s hair found in the trunk of the car, and showing the dark banding near the hair-root indicating it came from a dead child. And there’s even more evidence…

The evidence is strong and it clearly and profoundly links Casey Anthony directly to the crime.   As does, the 31 days. The tattoo. The lies. The made up people and places. The computer searches. The evidence of chloroform.  The duct tape. And on and on and on.

The defense  has a miserable story to tell, as we heard during their opening, but to date they have not whispered a word of it.

A parade of six defense witnesses today brought little to bear for the defense.

The defense will get no where in this case as long as Jeff Ashton has an opportunity to cross examine the defense witnesses.  He is brilliant, passionate and completely devoted to finding the truth.

Today’s defense witnesses:

  • FBI forensic geologist Maureen Bottrell,
  • FBI forensic toxicologist Madeline Montgomery,
  • Dr. Michael Sigman of the University of Central Florida,
  • Dr. Michael Rickenbach,
  • Dr. Andrew Kramer, professor and head of the anthropology department at University of Tennessee, and
  • FBI lab technician Karen Korsberg Lowe.

All much ado about nothing.

Where’s the beef Jose?

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