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any theory will do

Cindy is at it again.

Those of us who have been following the case surrounding the murder of the dear little Caylee Marie Anthony, saw it coming.   I’m referring to the Anthony family’s lies and cover-ups.  The only problem is, they can’t keep their stories completely straight, and that is not going to play well for the jury.

The strangest testimony today came from Lee Anthony.  Lee broke down when he recalled the horrible hurt he felt about not being included in the news that Casey was pregnant, and was not asked to be there when Caylee was born.  You know what? I love my brothers, but I’m not sure they’d be there for the birth of my child.   But, Lee wanted to be there – he wanted to be included but said he was ignored.  He sobbed over the memory of it.

It was very curious why the defense failed to use the opportunity today to ask Lee about paternity.   It seemed like the perfect time for the defense to bring up their horrible defense theory.  Have they dropped the idea of Lee’s alleged abuse?  Will the full burden of abuse rest on George Anthony now?

Judge Belvin Perry today had questions about the theory of the defense of Casey Anthony – the jury has to be wondering, too.

One aspect of the “theory” was brought up today regarding the pool ladder.  Cindy Anthony and the defense would like the jury to believe that because the pool ladder was inadvertently left on the pool one day, Caylee must have drowned that day.  But, on cross examination, it was revealed that Cindy is not really sure what day the ladder was left up on the pool.

It sure appears as if profound jealousy is a weird dynamic in that family.  I cannot begin to know the truth of the matter, but my reaction to hearing Lee today is that both Casey and Lee may have had a deep hunger for love and affection from their mother that was never fulfilled.

I tell you, the Anthony family dynamic could fill an entire folio of Shakespeare’s tragedies.

The bottom line is, the Anthony’s will lie on the stand to save Casey.  I don’t think they will condone the molestation theory, of course, but Cindy sure buys the drowning theory.  Regardless, the defense is still looking for their theory; so is Judge Perry because he asked the defense to clarify it.

Judge Perry told the defense that he’d thought the theory of the defense was that Caylee drowned, and Casey covered it up due to the years of abuse.

Cheney Mason confirmed that was their theory, but then added, “among other things.”  This prompted sidebar #32.

Well, I really couldn’t count the sidebars, but more time was spent in sidebars than in testimony today.

Court starts at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, and is scheduled to be in session until 2:00 or 3:00.

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