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casey trial ended suddenly – speculation is just that

It’s very interesting to hear the excited speculation that was raised at the sudden end of today’s planned testimony, in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.

Today began (like many other days in that Orlando courtroom), with a defense discovery violation.

Jeff Ashton again brought up another glaring discovery violation as it relates to defense witness, Dr. Kenneth Furton, who is a professor and researcher with Florida International University (FIU), in Miami, Florida.

Arguments began regarding the discovery violation issue – Jose Baez was extremely recalcitrant and in denial about what could possibly be the problem.

Baez said, “We’re not going to go through this!”  The Judge said, “You’d think this would have grown old by now, but I guess some things never change.”

Then Mr. Mason alerted the Judge of another matter they needed to attend to.

The video on WFTV has the file of the first part of this morning’s session.  You’ll be able to see for yourself what the issues are.  Click here for the video.

The attorney’s went back behind closed doors for quite a while, when Judge Perry came back and announced there was a legal matter that required their attention – and it was unrelated to what was previously discussed (the Dr. Furton discovery violation).

HLN was all over the map trying to speculate. We’re all speculating, of course!  I get a giggle when HLN speculates, though.  HLN had a story on whether Casey Anthony was crying when she came out of the closed door session with the attorneys, since she was blowing her nose?  (Maybe she has a cold?)

And, then there was the story of George Anthony crying today since he was seen with a tissue.  George was clearly blowing his nose!

I don’t know if HLN brought this bit of speculation up, too, but someone on Twitter asked if a plea deal was offered today, hence the tears from George and Casey.

There was speculation centered around a mistrial (which I think makes the most sense). Oh, and there was more speculation that Casey wants a new defense team.  (Something she should have done on July 17, 2008.)

HLN speculated about the picture of Caylee (below), shown yesterday during Jose Baez’ direct with Cindy Anthony.  Was the picture doctored?

Caylee (?) at Anthony Home

Is it really Caylee?   Maybe the picture was staged?  Is that really Caylee, or is it another child?

Blah blah blah blah – the talking heads talked.

Honestly, I can’t help speculating as well!  

For what it’s worth, my speculation is this:  Yesterday, Cheney Mason brought up the motion for mistrial which is still on the table.  (Cheney Mason asked the Judge about it yesterday, near the end of the day.)

Judge Perry told Mr. Mason, if he was to entertain this motion for mistrial, it would require a full evidentiary hearing, and not just lawyers flapping their gums.  Mr. Mason concurred, and then the subject was dropped.

Did Mr. Mason bring up something solid with regards to this motion that sent everyone scurrying away?

I don’t think so, but who knows!

We may never know the answers to today’s abrupt change of plans because these closed-door discussions were sealed by Judge Perry.

The facts we do know surround the attorneys needing additional time to do some work, take more depositions, and so on.  It must be difficult to work on your case when you’re in trial all day.  No doubt the attorney’s are stressed and need more time to do the actual work that is required in the case (i.e. motions to write.)

After all, they only have Sunday off!

Reportedly, Jeff Ashton is taking this free time to do another deposition of Dr. Furton.  Court is resuming as usual on Monday morning, and it appears that things will be business as usual.

The Discovery Issue….

Dr. Furton, apparently scheduled to testify today, has come to court with some new ideas and opinions.  Jose Baez handed Assistant State Attorney, Jeff Ashton, a new PowerPoint demonstration created by Dr. Furton – today.  I believe this is at least the third time Jose Baez has played this trick – he faces contempt charges already, you’d think he’d learn his lesson by now?

When Dr. Furton testified in the Frye hearings, Dr. Furton came off as a “wanna-be Dr. Arpad Vass,” in my opinion.

During the Frye hearings, Dr. Furton would have liked us to believe there was no smell of decomposition; rather it was a result of the infamous trash, which is all garbage, which was left in the trunk of Casey’s car.

In addition, Dr. Furton’s bases his findings and his experiments on separate body parts decomposing.  Not entire bodies.

There’s a big difference between the two events, as can be imagined.  Dr. Furton would not concede, during the Frye Hearings, that there would be differing results from a whole body, versus a body part going through the decomposition process.

In short, he was not a convincing expert witness.

We’ll see how all this plays out Monday morning!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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