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June 30, 2011


a dog day afternoon

by Andrea O'Connell

In the IMDb (Internet Movie Database), for the movie, Dog Day Afternoon, it says:

A man robs a bank to pay for his lover’s operation; it turns into a hostage situation and a media circus.

In the case being tried right now in Orlando, The State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, it was a real dog day as the Anthony defense team focused on the Anthony family pet burials, and the testimony benefited the State of Florida.

A Dog Will Have its Day

Had the Anthony defense team stipulated that Casey Anthony learned how to double-bag dead family dogs in a blanket, wrapped up in a bag, and taped with heavy-duty tape, it would be one thing.  BUT to HAND this testimony about burying dogs in a pet cemetery directly to the State is quite another thing, and is totally unbelievable!

The Defense asked Cindy, Lee, and George specific questions regarding the burying of animals – their intention was to illicit testimony that duct-tape was used, and George was the primary person burying the beloved dogs.

Clearly, the plan backfired in way that was justifiably poetic because one could not help but be left with the sense that Casey Anthony bagged Caylee this way because she’d learned and seen how it was done since she was a young girl.

The icing on this case was Jeff Ashton’s question on cross:

  • Jeff:  Did you ever take a dead pet and throw it in a swamp?
  • George: No.

When Cindy testified about the dying dogs, Linda Drane Burdick followed up and asked Cindy if she’d ever given her animals chloroform, or taped their mouths shut with duct-tape?


The Defense Rests

It is amazing we have come this far – that the end of this case is almost here!  Indeed, today marked the end of the Defense case (unless they’re allowed to put on Sir Rebuttal testimony), and it ended with a whimper, it fell flat as a decomposing pancake.

What did the Defense prove?

In opening statements, Jose Baez promised….

  • Molestation by Lee of Casey.  No evidence of.
  • Molestation by George since age of 8.  No evidence of.
  • Drowning. Suggestive of evidence, but no direct evidence.
  • Put Duct tape in George’s hands. Proven to be available to George, and Casey.
  • Smell from garbage.  Not proven.  Too many State witnesses testified to smell of decomposition in trunk.
  • Roy Kronk in possession of body?  No evidence of.
  • George throwing Caylee in woods?  No evidence of.
  • George is a ladies man?  Possibly, but irrelevant.

Granted, it is not incumbent on the defense to put on a case; but they have put on a case, to their detriment.  I can barely think of a single fact they have proved, can you?

It appears to me that absolutely nothing was presented to support the wild claims Baez made during his opening statement.

Cindy Anthony’s Big Blunder to Save Her Daughter

Last Friday, Cindy Anthony made the grave mistake of testifying that her work records were wrong to indicate that she worked during the week of March 17th to 21st, 2008.

Although her records say she was at work, and the State understood there was no dispute of this, Cindy Anthony got on the stand and testified that she was home and had made the searches for Chloroform.

The State of Florida turned to the company where Cindy worked at that time – Gentiva – and procured those records, proving that Cindy was indeed at work and could NOT have performed the search for Chloroform.

A serious question left on the table, did Jose Baez knowingly put Cindy Anthony on the stand knowing she would LIE?????

This is a serious matter, if true.  We will hear about the fall out from this after the trial, if there is any truth to it.

River Cruz aka Crystal HollowayAn Affair to Remember?

I want to believe George’s version of this affair with Crystal Holloway; however, the conclusion I ultimately come to is, So what?

George is not on trial, his daughter, Casey, is.

In essence, I felt this testimony also backfired on the defense.  It was explained that it was Casey, not George, who Crystal indicated George was referring to when he said mentioned the “accident snowballing out of control.”  Crystal supported this and indicated that she never thought George was involved.

There were other defense dogs today, but it’s too late in the evening…

…. and I am dog-tired!

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  1. Linda
    Jun 30 2011

    Hi Andrea.. ha ha I can believe ONE the statments he made in his OS.
    Casey Anthony IS a LIAR.

  2. Becky
    Jul 1 2011

    Thanks Andrea for a great post! I have a question for you if I may, I;m a little concerned about juror # 4. She is the one who said she could not judge.Do you think she may cause a hung jury? Could she be an alternate or do they even know at this point who the 12 are and who the alternates are? It is hard for me to imagine That Caylee might not get justice.
    What is your thought on this? Thanks, so much

  3. Jul 1 2011

    Hi Andrea. great post. Cindy is not computer savvy as she thinks all of these records are gone now as she said to Linda Burdick. She is about to get a rude awakening. it is one thing to lie to the media or on a deposition but it is an entirely new ballgame when you lie under oath in a court of law. I still cannot believe the defense put the dog burying mess on. That is worse than the lady Ms.Bock saying maybe a dog/coyote buried Caylee’s bones and this my friends is how Baez acquired his name as Bozo.

    • dee
      Jul 1 2011

      I agree. But when lie after lie so confidently fell from Cindy’s mouth, with so much contextual information, it reminded me of Casey. She like her daughter seems to think that they are mental giants, but I think during the course of this trial they both receive a lasting and perhaps life changing reality check.

    • Jul 1 2011

      B…b…but its still an insult to my childhood friend, Bozo, the Clown! 😥

      I call him a buffoon and he makes me wonder about evolving from apes whereas he’s a throwback. I pity his mother.

  4. Jul 1 2011

    Hi ya Linda, i second that!!! lmho.

  5. Jul 1 2011

    Oh my goodness, Linda, I forgot he even said that! God bless you, Andrea, regardless of your excellant writeups. I’ve stated before, I watch from a youtube channel, 1947Sierra, right? Today, her last video, Part 9, 2:35 min. long. I swear, Casey got caught stealing from councel’s table.

  6. dee
    Jul 1 2011

    If you get a chance, please visit Baez’s website…so entertaining. He is already using this case to promote himself.

    • Jul 1 2011

      Are the links working yet? 😆

      • Jul 1 2011

        Hey Sherry and Dee! That website has not changed in three years! And, isn’t it interesting that the caption of the picture reads: “Battle over Jailhouse Tapes” when dumb as nails defense team NEGLECTED to battle over them!!!!!!!!!!

        I’m home today! on vacation today and next week! Will be able to see this circus come to its end, untimely or not!

      • Jul 1 2011

        Congrats, kiddo! :mrgreen:

      • dee
        Jul 1 2011

        Of course not…

  7. Lona1
    Jul 1 2011

    Found at The Hinky Meter. Be prepared to get scared, really scared!

    • offthecuff
      Jul 1 2011

      Scary? The footage is poor! Bad lighting.

      But it does show her actually dabbing the kleenex INTO her eye! Her upper eyelid closes down on top of the Kleenex while still IN her eye. That is a good trick to cause EYE IRRITATION and tearing.

  8. Jul 1 2011

    Death Penalty really back on the table, as Mommy dearest is proven to lie about the chlorform searches. Premediation is real and sealed, planning ahead. They say it is the strongest part of the case. And it is almost the last thing in the rebuttal case, which the jurors will remember. This will make it much easier for the jurors. Oh oh, talking heads are arguing whether the Prosecution will go after Cindy and charge her with lying under oath. Poor Cindy just can’t stay clean and out of trouble, just like her little apple who might just fall off that rotting tree.!!!

  9. Jul 2 2011

    i hear you Dee, I am doing my best to think positive, and lightly. I don’t know this case has affected me the way it has. I have felt every emotion under the sun, I’ve lost sleep, cried my eyes, felt rage, shock, knotted stomach. I am emotionally raw. And, it’s not over. I’ve carried my own guilt over my initial thought process, when I convicted Casey to death. I allowed this case to get under my skin, maybe because I am a mom. I am haunted by the fact that the last thing Caylee saw was her Momma, and what else did she see, hear, feel? Casey’s death will not bring her precious baby girl back. In the news is another mother, from Texas, who killed her young son, dumped his body on some hardly used dirt back road up in New Hampshire, maybe? It’s heartbreaking, all over again.


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