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when does justice begin?

Here we are, Friday morning, waiting for the continuance of the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, and shenanigans are in full swing by a defense team in a boat with gaping holes and no paddles.

The Court is in an indefinite recess this morning while the defense deposes State rebuttal witnesses.

Interestingly, the defense is charging  that the State is “ambushing” them “again” by failing to disclose reports or information about computer searches, and about issues regarding a forensic anthropologist/toxicologist, rebutting testimony by the skull-clutching, Dr. Werner Spitz.

The Defense rested yesterday only to realize how deeply they’ve sunk, how desperate they are.  The defense has not raised a scintilla of doubt about anything Baez promised in his opening.

The defense has put on an empty case – an empty search for the truth as it is demanded by true justice.  It’s quite interesting that Jose Baez’ website is still as empty as the case it just rested.

Justice does not BEGIN with this defense team, as Baez Law Firm website says, it snoozes and is entirely lost:

It’s as if this empty website is a ruse or a facade because there are no working links still, after three years.

Furthermore, the photo on this website has the caption:  “BATTLE OF JAILHOUSE TAPES.”

We know, there was NEVER a battle over the Jailhouse tapes!  As a result of the jailhouse tapes, Jose Baez was totally humiliated.  The jailhouse tapes had disparaging comments from the Anthony family about Mr. Baez’ motivation and abilities to represent Casey.


I have some doubt the defense knew Cindy Anthony was going to LIE about being at home and searching for Chloroform.  However, Jose KNOWS that Cindy has lied in the past, however, whether Jose put on false testimony via Cindy would be difficult to prove. After all, Jose has to present testimony and evidence if its exculpatory, the State of Florida must provide all exculpatory evidence as well.

But, Cindy’s testimony has nothing to do with discovery or exculpatory evidence. There should be no surprise that the State moved to verify Cindy’s testimony as FALSE.  The State will prove Cindy was at work when those computer searches happened, they will also prove there  were  NO searches for Chlorophyll either, as Cindy testified to.  And the State will further PROVE Cindy did not have remote access to her work computer (from home).

There should be NO surprise to the Defense that the State of Florida has proved Cindy is a bald-faced liar, desperate to assist her daughter.

If the state of Florida puts Casey Anthony at that computer, making those 84 searches for “How to Make Chloroform,”  it is most damaging and goes to premeditation.  The State, if they prove this, will move very, very close to proving this aggravating factor for the death penalty:

The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.

Rebutting Dr. Spitzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

In its rebuttal case, the State of Florida will put on evidence to directly rebut Dr. Spitz’ testimony about the “cranial wash” and whether it is protocol to open the skull of a victim.

So, we wait this morning.  The trial is going to start again soon.  This is simply delaying the inevitable and ultimate sinking of the defense dingy.

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