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July 4, 2011


whose life was better…?

by Andrea O'Connell

Today proved that Caylee Marie Anthony has indeed been sitting with Linda Drane Burdick, Jeff Ashton, and Frank George all these many months and years leading up to the trial.

Caylee's Team. Photo credit:"lil toad."

Prior to the rebuttal argument today, in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, Jose Baez argued an issue to Judge Belvin Perry.  I can’t really remember what his  argument was about, I believe it had to do with restricting the State’s closing argument.  When the Judge turned to the State to ask for their response to this defense argument, Linda Drane-Burdick said, “Mr. Baez has already made his closing argument, Your Honor.”

In other words, she stuck a pin into Jose, deflating him so perfectly!  It’s over, Jose, she seemed to say!

Yes, Jose Baez has had his time – his show.  His show of shows.  It’s time to sit down now.  It’s time to let common sense and truth  prevail as justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

You have to give it to Jose Baez – he battled right until the very end – even though the defense presented probably the most nonsensical defense theory anyone has ever witnessed.

Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick effectively explained to the jurors how fantastical and bizarre the defense arguments were.  The State skillfully explained how absurd the defense theory is; how their version of events could not possibly be true.

The State’s use of audio and video to support their argument was powerful, too!  They used John Allen’s questioning of Casey at Universal Studios, where he’s explaining how he’s had to deal with many mother’s who’ve lost their children by tragic accidents, etc.

The state played the jail video of Casey saying “Surprise, surprise,” to the idea that Caylee may have drowned.  The call that Casey made to her family that first night she was jailed, was played.  The jurors heard again Casey’s single-minded need to get her boyfriend, Tony’s, telephone number and completely ignored any mention of her daughter. If anything provides a look into the real Casey, it’s that phone call.

I was very pleased that the Anthony’s, George and Cindy, were discussed as the loving and doting, grandparents they are.  The way Jose Baez characterized George Anthony was nothing short of vile.  No doubt this will not be lost on the jurors.

The idea of Caylee’s death being portrayed by the defense as a drowning accident was put to rest once and for all today.  If Caylee’s death had been an accident, why would anyone try to make it look like a murder?

Why would anyone make it look like murder?

That is the singular question with regards to the absurdity of the defense’s case.  That, and the powerful question asked today by Linda Drane Burdick:

All you really have to do is ask yourself a simple question.  Whose life was better without Caylee?  That’s the only question you need to answer in considering why Caylee Marie Anthony was left on the side of the road, dead.

Following this powerful question, we saw, side by side, pictures of a dancing Casey in a “Hot Body” contest, and a picture of the “Bella Vita” tattoo emblazoned on Casey. A few seconds passed, giving the jurors time to allow the images to sink in.  Then, Linda Drane Burdick spoke these final words, “There’s your answer.”

And that was it.

It was powerful, incredible and final.  I’m going to watch it again and again; it was the perfect ending to the heartbreaking story that has lived with me – with us – for so long.

We have no way of knowing how long the jury will deliberate.  I personally believe this jury will not need a lot of time to decide.

Although I have vacillated about what the verdict  might be, I do think they will find Casey Anthony guilty of Felony Murder One.  That is if the jurors doubt the Chloroform searches during the Month of March, 2008.  If they are convinced that Casey Anthony searched the Internet for how to make  Chloroform, I think the verdict could be Premeditated Murder One.

Of course, the defense will appeal and appeal and appeal.  They will write one motion on top of more motions.   It doesn’t matter. Casey will still be found guilty.

It’s nearly over, that’s true.  But, not really; I will always mourn the loss of little Caylee Marie.

Happy 4th of July.


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  1. Jul 4 2011

    Hi Andrea, great post. I didn’t get to see Linda’s testimony today, do you have a link? I agree with you it will never be over as we will always mourn and remember little Caylee Marie. Thanks for being there for Caylee and us and keeping us informed. I will be checking back in.” HAVE A HAPPY FOURTH””.

  2. Jul 4 2011

    “Following this powerful question, we saw, side by side, pictures of a dancing Casey in a “Hot Body” contest, and a picture of the “Bella Vita” tattoo emblazoned on Casey. A few seconds passed, giving the jurors time to allow the images to sink in. Then, Linda Drane Burdick spoke these final words, “There’s your answer.””

    Brilliance, pure and simple.

    Justice for Caylee is coming soon

    Tick tock, Casey

  3. katydid
    Jul 4 2011

    I do hope and pray the jury does comes back with a guilty verdict…I don’t care if it is felony murder or premeditated murder….as long as she is found guilty. You just never know what a jury will come back with. IMO after the pictures Casey, if they would have shown Caylee singing “You Are My Sunshine” that would have been better.

  4. Jul 4 2011

    Hi kim/manfred, thanks for the link. I hope you have a fun fourth. I am awaiting the verdict like everyone else. hope the juror’s see it like we do. i am going to the link you gave to see Linda.

    • Jul 4 2011

      wavin’ at Knight Owl and Louie! Finally! Its over and we await the verdict! I’m sure it won’t take long and it will be one that gives her Life, at least. I trust this jury knows what is right and true.

  5. Jul 4 2011

    Hi Katydid, Happy fourth. your right you never know what juror’s will come back with. I sure hope it is justice for Caylee.

  6. Jul 4 2011

    I knew LDB would be good but she blew me away with just hopw good her closing argument was! I hear her nickname is Linda Drone Burdick, as in a military weapon of precise aim. She delivered the death knell to the defense’s closer.

    Bella Vita, Casey, will be your cellmate’s name!

  7. Jul 4 2011

    Happy 4th!

  8. Jul 4 2011

    Hi Sherry, Happy fourth from me and Louie!! i hope you have a good one. I have said so many prayer’s that the juror’s will see through the lies and Caylee will finally get justice and Casey for once in her life be held accountable. I think Jeff and Linda did a truthful and phenomenal job of presenting the facts, the true facts. The defense aruguments were pure fictional. Jeff got it right with the rabbit hole saying. haha.

  9. Jul 4 2011

    Let Freedom Ring! Let Justice Ring Even Louder!! ~for Caylee

  10. margaret
    Jul 4 2011

    Thank you Andrea for all of your follow ups on this case, I have read for along time and you have been great at keeping us informed for Caylee. I believe the jury will see that Baby Caylee has full justce. May I save the picture of Caylee and ” Her Team” in my photos? They were truly her team today. Thank you

    • Andrea OConnell
      Jul 4 2011

      Of course, Margaret!

      Sent from my iPhone

  11. whistlersmother
    Jul 4 2011

    Great post Andrea! it seems we are near the end of the trial and I thought that it is going to be hard for The Anthony’s after this. Sort of like when someone dies, you have people milling around, calling etc for a few weeks after and then reality sets in and everybody goes about their lives and you are in reality! so sorry for them. I had a question come up in the last week–was anyone surprised by how many animals that died in their home? geez my cocker spaniel just died after 15 years of being with me. Plus, I can barely say her name without choking up and these people describe how they prepared their body? Just seems odd

  12. Jeff
    Jul 4 2011

    baez was saying that the report which stated that the cloroform page was visited 84 times was false and that information should be given to the jury.
    I agree with him. the report was done till June 2011. How can that be possible??? That is the state’s premediation and it is very shady that they did the reports during the trial!

    • colleen
      Jul 5 2011

      Jeff, not sure what you are saying is correct, but, even if you throw out the computer searches, she is still guilty of felony homocide. If half the evidence the prosecution showed, was thrown out……i believe there is still pleny of evidence to convict.

  13. colleen
    Jul 5 2011

    LDB did an excellent closing. I was glued to the tv. It also made me feel quite sad. Casey is an evil, evil person. Cindy Anthony should have allowed Casey to have let Caylee be adopted out. Casey never wanted to keep the baby. So sad.

  14. Jul 5 2011

    Who’s like is better? The person who searched missing children’s websites, and saw a money train. Give you two guesses


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