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July 5, 2011


Verdict Watch day 2 – We Got a Verdict!!!!!

by Andrea O'Connell

Day two of jury deliberations in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony trial.

All the attorneys, sans Jose Baez, assembled into courtroom 23 at 8:30 a.m., to receive the jury.  (Other reports say Baez was present in the courthouse, but in the hallway.)

Judge Belvin Perry gave the jury his usual admonitions and sent them on their way to deliberate.  It took about 60 seconds!

Casey Anthony was there.  She will wait in the holding cell at the courthouse. What a long wait it must be for her.  I wonder if the reality of what she’s facing has hit her?   Is she in total denial, or has she accepted what ever fate deals her?

Has she come to terms with living in jail for the rest of her life?  The jail employees say she’s a model prisoner.  She’s easy to deal with and pleasant.  Jose Baez wanted these jail employees to testify, the judge would not allow it for obvious reasons.  What has the opinion of jail guards have to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony?

This morning, Kathi Belich, of WFTV, tweeted that Juror #3 was in a suit today.  WESH reported that many of the jurors are dressed up today.   Hmmm.  Are jurors thinking a verdict would be delivered today and they’d be appearing before the cameras tonight?

It’s all speculation …. One never knows when it comes to deliberations.

So…. we wait.

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  1. Jul 5 2011

    I heard that the jury only needed a little bit more time last night but HHJP insisted that they go “home”. Its a rumor but since its been tweeted this morning that the jurors are dressed up may be today that we hear.

  2. one4truth
    Jul 5 2011

    A quick verdict would tend to favor that this jury could see through all the “nonsense” presented by the defense and find her GUILTY quickly. As far as her life in prison, maybe they can have a “hot bod” contest just for her. I’m sure many of her fellow inmates would enjoy this………….

  3. Jul 5 2011

    Every One can speculate what Verdict the Jury will come up with, the Reality is we never can second guess any Jury.
    Myself I will be fine with whatever Decision the Jury will make, I would think they will look at All the Evidence and work hard to do the right Thing for Caylee and yes even for Casey.
    No One in this sad Case will come out a Winner and it will not be a Day for Celebration when the Verdict comes in, at least not for me.
    I do want Justice for Caylee Marie just like the Rest of us and I do want Casey A. to have to pay for what she did to Her Daughter at the same time I won’t be enjoying it to see a Young Woman who not just took the Life of her not even 3 Yr. old Daughter but also destroyed her’s and her Family’s Life in the Process.
    How sad!
    I do not believe Casey Anthony will walk away from this like nothing happened, she will be charged, with what we just have to leave that up to the Jury.
    Caylee, sweet Angel, Justice for You is just about to come ~ RIP~

  4. Jul 5 2011

    I want to say just one more Thing,
    I wouldn’t be fine if the Jury ends up in a Hung Jury because One Juror can’t judge any One like Juror No. 4, after All that what the Jury is for to judge guilty, or not Guilty, that is their Job! 🙄
    I did question at Jury Selection, why Judge Perry seated Juror # 4 on the Jury, knowing she couldn’t judge any one because of her religious Beliefs.
    I hope that won’t cause any Problems when deliberating.

  5. one4truth
    Jul 5 2011

    You’re correct that we should not celebrate because many, many people have had their lives altered by the actions of Casey. We should take pride in the fact that justice was done, assuming the jury does convict. If the jury didn’t convict her, Casey WOULD walk away like nothing happened. Her life should be a “living hell” if she chose to live in FL (or anywhere else in the U.S.), but on a personal level, she’d be fine living in her “world of denial”. If anyone brought up Caylee, I sure her response would be, “I don’t want to discuss her, she’s not here anymore.”

  6. one4truth
    Jul 5 2011

    It’s ironic that juror # 4 claims to be religious. Most “Christians”, although they are many religions that call themselves Christian, (when in fact they’re not), believe in judgement because God will judge us all someday. I find this view very conflicting………the Old Testament is chalk full of God’s judgement on His people when they didn’t follow the law!!

    • Jul 5 2011

      one4truth, very good Point and I agree 🙂

    • offthecuff
      Jul 5 2011

      Sometimes it’s the so-called religious that get the whole judgement thing the most wrong. Many want their God as loving and forgiving, and that’s all. I don’t believe that biblical. Jesus talks about hell in the New Testament more than all the other passages.

  7. colleen
    Jul 5 2011

    Verdict has been reached!!!!!!!! Everyone is heading into the court room. Verdict will be read at 2.15 p.m. est.


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