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July 7, 2011


don’t like attorney antics? file a complaint

by Andrea O'Connell

Did you know that we, as citizens, can file a complaint against a lawyer?

I didn’t realize this until yesterday.   The Orlando Sentinel has reported that someone in Coral Gables, Florida, has filed a Florida Bar complaint against Mr. Cheney Mason for this reprehensible posturing and lewd gesture.


John B. Thompson, who says he is a lawyer, bases his complaint on the fact that Mr. Mason is not representing the integrity of the profession.

Ya think?

The story, however also states that the complaint is made by an attorney, John B. Thompson, who is listed as a disbarred attorney.  Read Story.

The Orland Sentinel contacted the Florida Bar who said a complaint has not been lodged against Mr. Mason at this time.

As individuals, we can make a complaint to the Bar.  Here is the form to complete: Bar Complaint

The above complaint form is under the “Consumer” link on the Florida Bar Website:

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  1. Jul 7 2011

    i don’t think it will matter because he’s retiring. But, this is nice to know-that citizens can file Bar complaints. I hope that means all states.

  2. katydid
    Jul 7 2011

    Isn’t it true, if more evidence is found…or not found…Casey could be tried again in Federal Court for violating Caylee’s Civil Rights?

    • CptKD
      Jul 7 2011

      NOW that would definately be something to see –
      Not so sure she’d be still smiling then, eh – LOL!

      Great question ‘katydid’!
      Being that I am NOT all that familiar with AMERICAN FEDERAL LAW,
      perhaps Andrea can check into that with her (Attorney) Brother.

      He might have the answer –
      And wouldn’t a POSITIVE one at that, just be the icing on that damn Athony-Cake!

    • Jul 7 2011

      That would be a great outcome, katydid, but unfortunately, I believe that would still fall under the double jeopardy category….:(

      tears of Caylee supporters could fill that swamp off of Suburban Drive once more. Casey’s sentence, if it were just, might include her laying in that swamp, too.

      • Jul 7 2011

        No it would not. There have been several cases that hve been tried…then aquitted….and then found guilty in Federal Court….I forget the best known case but it was about some white guys killing a black and were found not guilty in state court…but were found guilty in Federal court for violating the guys civil rights.

  3. Jul 7 2011

    Hi Sherry, i don’t think he is going to retire yet as i thought he has another case already and if i remember right two cases. He just is such an offensive smuck and has been since he got on this case. Calls Kathy Belich names all the time and that should not be allowed from a Lawyer either.

    Louie is waving~~

  4. Jul 7 2011

    Hi Katydid, i would like the answer to your question.

  5. Jul 7 2011

    Hi CptKD, BOY that would be fantastic~~ It is making me sick how they are mulling around talking how they can get Casey released with her safety in tack so to speak. I think LE and tax payer’s of Florida should not have to pay a single dime to get her ugly butt out. Set her free and let her fight the crowds on her own. she is not a celebrity~

    • CptKD
      Jul 7 2011

      They should send her on her way…
      Complete with a roll of HENKEL brand duct tape, two black garbage bags with YELLOW ties, an off-white WHITNEY DESIGN linen, laundry bag, the JAIL BLANKIE she’s been sleeping with for the last three years, dressed in the skin tight jeans, and the CAYLEE is MISSING t-shirt she was wearing upon arrest, on her back….

      That’s it – That’s all!

      That was all she needed then – I figure she shouldn’t need much more than that at this point!

      The State of Florida has COVERED her ass long enough!

      Time to grow up, and get out there and face the REAL world, like the BIG girl that she is….

      She ‘apparently’ could take care of everything up until little Caylee died –
      Well, now it’s time to pull up her socks, or should I say PANTS, and get back to the land of the LIVING and do it again….

      At HER OWN EXPENSE, and on her OWN Flippin’ Dime, this time!

      • Addie
        Jul 7 2011

        So well stated CapKD ! And, I SO agree with you !

  6. Jul 7 2011

    Hi Andrea and thanks for the info on fugly Mason.

  7. Hilde
    Jul 7 2011

    Andrea, thanks for the Info, that is very interesting and I will definitely check it out.
    Mason should be ashamed but then again I guess he just showed us again what kind of Man he really is, he can be really proud of him self
    He doesn’t know how to act like a Professional and has no Manners whatsoever.
    He was a perfect match with the Rest of the Defense Team for Casey Anthony, Casey included!
    What an Ego that Man has, it is laughable that’s all I have to say!

  8. Jul 7 2011

    Couldn’t they go Capone on her arse and get her for evading the 2008 irs taxes????? PLEASE GET HER ON SOMETHING!

    • CptKD
      Jul 7 2011

      Something – Someone – Somewhere – Somehow
      Has got to get this evil wench sent to the slammer
      to serve out some time for the wretched CRIMES
      that she has been involved with….

      And yes – I say CRIMES… Because when you break it
      all down, she did alot more than just take Caylee’s life!

      Though she got away with that one…
      Certainly, somewhere in there, there has to be something
      with which to nail this b*tch to the stake!

    • Jul 7 2011

      YES!!! I forgot about that one, Another Andrea! Thank you for reminding us…. she sure does owe taxes on the money she earned… She is not going to have an easy time of it for a while, so that’s going to be some justice…. not enough, certainly, but some.

  9. Hilde
    Jul 7 2011

    What really is confusing to me. Back when Judge Strickland still had the Case, Casey was convicted of several Check Fraud Charges, at the time she already served I believe 1 1/2 Yr in Jail, so Strickland credited that time to the Check Fraud as time served. Well, that means she didn’t have All that time Judge Perry credited her for todays Sentence of 4 Yrs.. 1 1/2 Yrs. should have been subtracted as Credit for her Sentence today. Why has nobody brought that up I wonder. Did Casey get lucky once again?

    • Jul 7 2011

      Hi Hilde.
      Yes, I bet that wasn’t taken into account. But you are absolutely right – there should be an accounting of that, I’d think. But, maybe the individual charges don’t come into play when you’re acquitted in such a big crime? Perhaps they just add up the jail time period without accounting for the current charges… but, that doesn’t make sense either.

      I’ll try to get an answer to that for us………..

  10. Jul 7 2011

    There is talk out there (heard on HLN today), that the agency “William Morris” wants to sign both Jose Baez and Casey Anthony. It makes me sick to think of the profits these nuts could enjoy via this tragedy….. That’s what I find to be so callous….

  11. Jul 7 2011

    They could not charge her with murder but civil rights violations are Federal Offenses and is not the same as State Court.

  12. katydid
    Jul 7 2011

    I believe that not reporting Caylee dead and leaving her body to rot in swamp with duct tape on her mouth IS a violation of her civil rights. Plus the fact that the Anthony’s lied to cover up her death..they could all be charged with a crime in Federal Court….There was a case also in Kentucky not that long ago…where the guy was found not guilty when he was charged with his girlfriends death…many years later when he moved the new owners were renovating the house and found pictures of him in the process of killing her hid in the walls…I am going to see if I can find that case…but he was prosecuted for a different violation and was sentenced to prison..let me locate it.

    • NancyB
      Jul 7 2011

      I remember this case, now that you have mentioned it. The lead detective was awesome! Internally he never let the case go even though he was adjudged not guilty in the 1st trial. He kept tabs on the guy and then the miracle of those pictures!!! Can’t remember the victim’s name but the murder really killed her parents – they’re lives were destroyed by her murder & lack of any justice. She had 2 brothers who were AWESOME and showed what a wonderful family they all were.I think that they lived in Kentucky. The victim was a beautiful, loving and bright young woman and I think she worked in a physician’s office – I can still see her face behind my eyes. I think they lived in Kentucky.

  13. katydid
    Jul 7 2011

    Here is one…The Rodney King case. The police officers were found not guilty….but was tried in Federal Court for violating his Civil Rights and they were convicted….I don’t know why i had forgot that one.

  14. Jul 7 2011

    Gee, wonder if I can make a complaint against Jeff Ashton when he was clearly making a mockery out of the court by constantly shaking his head, laughing, etc, etc and trying to sway the jury by doing so….HMMMM

    • katydid
      Jul 8 2011

      go back to your JB Misssion.

  15. Jul 7 2011

    Hmmm, George was an accomplice? Noooooo,,,,,,really?

  16. colleen
    Jul 8 2011

    Couple of questions, can anyone answer? When is Judge Perry going to deal with the contempt charges against Baez?

    Will the court ever unseal the documents why the defense wanted CA evaluated to determine if she was fit to continue with the trial???

    • Jul 8 2011

      Hi Colleen, that’s my big question, too – when the contempt charges will occur, and if they will occur. I really hope they do but they may not, in my opinion, as it could seem to people that Judge Perry was unhappy with the outcome of the case. We’ll hear from the media, no doubt, if there will be a contempt proceeding – they will be all over it.
      As for those evaluation records of Casey being un-sealed. I can’t begin to know… Perhaps the media would have to file a motion that asserts the public has a right to know, and ask to unseal the documents.

  17. Jul 8 2011

    Great post, and very interesting information! One thing I find fascinating about attorneys is that so many of them like to pretend that they are somehow above the rest of us mere mortals.They work within a system that is supposed to be devoid of emotion, completely logical, and fair and impartial. While they would all love to believe that they, at all times, have the ability to rise above their own human nature, this is clearly wishful thinking. Anytime human beings are introduced into a system, such as our legal one (not perfect, but definitely the best in the world), emotion will influence behavior, and even decisions such as that which was made by the jury in this case. I suspect, although I can’t prove it, that the one juror who spoke out, but chose to remain anonymous (Juror #2 I think), might have actually hung the whole verdict had he or she been willing to be the one in an 11 against 1 scenario. A lot of people crumble and cave when faced with the alternative of not being liked, or their own self doubt, i.e., if all of them think I’m wrong, maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I got off topic there…the point is that the unprofessional behaviors of both sets of legal teams during this case, flipping the bird, laughing during closing arguments of the other side, and that sort of thing, is proof positive that a system completely untainted by human emotion is a pipe dream at best.

    • Jul 8 2011

      Hi wittybizgal… Thank you for your observations that I agree with 100 percent! There is no way emotion can be removed from the equation – I don’t think it’s right to demand jurors leave their humanness or emotion be left out because it would just confuse people.

      I agree this jury, despite their saying otherwise, operated on emotion. Why else would they report crying as a result of the decision? And, yes, if that one juror had the guts to stand for his or her beliefs, despite the juror-friends, the trial would happen again, as it should. That would be much better than the situation as it is now.

      What I question is, did this jury act with empathy? Did they put themselves in Caylee’s shoes?

      How could they argue they did not know how Caylee died when the duct tape was affixed to her little skull??

      That’s what I find confounding….

  18. Jul 8 2011

    What really gets me. Mr.Mason said we will never know how Caylee died, what? Baez said Caylee drowned on June 16th in the Family Pool! So what is it Mr. Mason?
    Oh I forgot they were able to say anything they wanted in their Open Statement and it really didn’t have to be the Truth, wow, talk about playing Games! All the Defense had to do confuse any one they could, especially the Jury, well they succeeded.

  19. colleen
    Jul 8 2011

    I still say that the jury is plain STUPID. Somehow, 12 + stupid people got on one jury. What would be the chances of that? I think it happened in this case. Even that alternate juror, stating she was a good mother?? Who here thinks towing your toddler around to college kids parties and hang-outs, not working to support your child, mooching off your parents, living with your parent so they support you and your child, having your child sleep in the same bed as you and your boyfriend is being a good parent???If she was a good parent she would have been trying to make a living so she could feed and clothe Caylee. Plain stupidity!


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