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July 9, 2011


coming out of the nightmare

by Andrea O'Connell

I don’t know about you, but I am slowly coming out of the Casey Anthony trial nightmare and into the land of the living.  I’m beginning to let the anger and the sadness go.

I also feel better after watching an interview of Jeff Ashton, that Kathi Belich, of WFTV, recently conducted.  I encourage you to watch it.

Not only is Jeff Ashton a terrific lawyer, he’s a very, very nice person.  He’s modest, kind and very respectful of the jury’s recent decision.

Jeff Ashton on WFTV

I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the interview, so I won’t reveal all of the gems he shares, though there is one item especially worth repeating here.

Toward the end of the video, Kathi asks Jeff Ashton, “What advise do you have for those of us who are so upset and sick over the outcome of this trial?”    He tells Kathi that the best thing we can do is to turn our anger into some kind of positive action.  Work for/support new laws, be an advocate for children, be a Big Brother or Big Sister, etc.  Turn the anger energy into positive action.

Then he says, the best thing we can do going forward is to ignore Casey Anthony.

The best thing, he says, when Casey Antony gets out of jail, we should turn our collective backs on her and walk the other way.

This, says Jeff Ashton, will be the harshest punishment for Casey Anthony!   Ignoring her will hurt her more than anything in the world.

I need to do the same – to stop writing and thinking of this case so much.  Well, there are a couple more stories I want to write about it, but I don’t want to give Casey Anthony the satisfaction of this blog’s attention, so I’ll try to phase this case off this blog….

Of course, there will be things about the case that will pull me back…. I can’t help it!!!!   But I’m going to try to turn to more positive and encouraging topics; focus on other news-worthy things that I enjoy writing about. (Can’t go cold-turkey off this case!)

Here is the wonderful video of the wonderful Jeff Ashton:

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  1. Jul 9 2011

    Thanks for the video. I just watched the Dr. Drew rerun tonight and Jeff Ashton said that ity would be the 2nd best punishment for Casey Anthony by turning our backs on her, by ignoring her. Mr. Ashton is quite wise. His children are the luckiest kids in the world!

    • Jul 9 2011

      Hey Sherry! He really is quite a wise person and I agree with you that his kiddo’s are sure lucky! It’s really nice to hear him share his thoughts about the trial. It would be terrific to hear from Linda D. Burdick, and Frank George, too. Maybe they’ll agree to discuss it at some point in the future. I’d prefer to hear from them than the defense or Casey… (eck, yuck, spit at seeing Casey out from behind bars…).

  2. Jul 9 2011

    Andrea, I just finished watching the video too. In fact, I put a link to it on my own blog. Jeff Ashton gave some great advice and that was to ignore Casey. A narcissist craves attention and needs to be the center of attention. I wish there was some way to get Jeff’s message out to the people who intend to show up at the jail on the 17th. Ignoring Casey would be a better punishment than sending her off to Lowell Women’s Prison.

    • Jul 9 2011

      Hi Mainstreamfair… I was thinking the same thing… it would be wonderful if everyone who is so upset, or who is having trouble letting go of the anger, to see this. You’re right, the narcissist must have the attention – it feeds them, apparently, so it is the wisest way to deal with this debacle…. Of course, there will be crowds and media at the jail when she’s released….BUT, I heard she may be released on another day, to avoid any problems… Or, they may release her during the middle of the night. It will be interesting to see if they just want to throw her out, or if they’re going take measures to guarantee her safety. I’m sure they’ll want to handle the release as quietly and as expeditiously as possible… Maybe Baez and Cheney will just swoop in and carry her off in the sunset to a land far away…to a place where we’ll never see her again! Wouldn’t that be nice! 🙂

  3. Kitt
    Jul 9 2011

    That is a very wise suggestion from Mr. Ashton.
    A few years ago, I was having problems with an alleged child molester (he was awaiting trial, which would take place in California). I called the Assistant District Attorney of the county down there to ask if there was anything I could do, any action I could take. This ADA gave me this advice: If the guy wasn’t doing anything illegal, the best thing I could do was to turn my back on him, ignore him, and give him a biblical shunning. The ADA’s name isn’t Jeff Ashton, but the two of them think alike!!

    • Jul 9 2011

      Hi Kitt!! yes, that’s really the best option…. Frankly, I am tired of feeling so angry over this… it is what it is, and our system went a-muck and totally haywire in this instance. This is not indicative of the way our system should work, though. The Jose Baez’s are not very common, and I still blame his antics for much of this miscarriage… oh, there I go with the negativity…..LOL! Sneaks in from time to time!

  4. Susan
    Jul 9 2011

    Same here. I have slowly been deleting links to blogs and other links that solely or mostly deal with the Anthony case. I am retaining some of the ones that deal with crimes in general, but I am not sure that I will retain them for long. I have always watched crime shows such as Forensic File and those on the ID Channel. However, those are generally solved cases. I am not sure I will ever have the energy / time / strength to deal with another on-going case.

    I have found some blogs, such as yours, that I plan to retain and follow. But wallowing in anger at the injustice of the Anthony case is not healthy and frankly fruitless. As Ashton says, it is best to just shun Casey and probably the whole Anthony bunch. Unfortunately, I live less than 10 m from the “scene” of the crime and must pass some of the “landmarks” on regular business.

    • Jul 9 2011

      Hi Susan, I feel exactly as you do and love to follow the real crime shows that you mention, too. I really enjoy the show “The First 48” but, don’t always get a chance to see it….i spend more time in front of the computer than the TV. 🙂
      I don’t think I’ll get as wrapped up in another case either, Susan… I follow many of them, too, but never to the extent I did this one. I was obsessed!
      And, yes, it’s not at all healthy. The good things that have come of this has been to meet a lot of nice folks! Though the subject matter, in reality, is too negative and horribly sad… poor little Caylee…it’s heartbreaking.

      On a separate note, I didn’t realize you were so close to the events there in orlando! Were you able to get to the courthouse? I really wanted to take a trip to Orlando, but the idea of fighting with unruly crowds didn’t appeal to me in the least!.

      • Susan
        Jul 10 2011

        I never really had any serious thought of going to the trial. I have a full time job that keeps me very busy – at least for now. Plus one look at the zoo that downtown Orlando was becoming and the circus involved in getting tickets for seating made me very wary.

        I have respect for those that attempted to attend every day, but that isn’t me. I settled for DVRing all of the coverage on WFTV (local station) and watching as much as I could every evening. They (WFTV) generally started coverage 1/2 hr before court started and ran into the local afternoon news. I probably only saw 1/2 of the trial, but between the blogs and nightly summaries on the news, I think I saw / heard all the most important points.

        I did have business downtown near the courthouse on a few days, so I got to see Caseytown being setup and later in action. That was plenty.

        I wouldn’t mind meeting a few of the people that I have found on the blogs, but I think only after we ALL have gotten into a better mental state including acceptance.

  5. Mary
    Jul 10 2011

    I applaud you for pointing out how we should ignore Casey. I have already begun by turning the channel every time her story is on. I saw Barbara Walters on one night and when I realized she was interviewing Jose Baez, I turned it off. I think that if we really want justice for Caylee, we have to be vigilant in making sure non of the Anthony’s profits one cent from this. The defense team and her family will funnel money to her one way or another but not if they don’t have it. I also believe that Casey, like O.J., will end up in prison one day. She will screw up again.

    • Jul 10 2011

      Hi Mary, I purposely didn’t watch the show with Barbara Walters interviewing Jose Baez, either. I did see a bit of it because another program showed a clip of a segment. The clip I saw was of Jose giving his opinion that Caylee would not want her mother to suffer (not those exact words), and it was distasteful, to say the least, to hear Jose Baez say such a thing, as if he’s in any position to speak for Caylee! It bugged me.
      And, I think she will screw up again, too. I pray she will be careful and not have another child….

      • Jul 10 2011

        I agree..I too have just begun turning the channel whenever anything about Casey Anthony comes on..mainly because it is so upsetting to me..I simply can NOT see her smiling face that sentencing day one more time…I hope to God people WILL shun her and that she will not become the new Paris Hilton or something…the whole thing is just so disgusting..but I can no longer let it eat me up as it has….

  6. Linda
    Jul 10 2011

    Hi Andrea, so glad to hear from you I was worried because I haven’t seen you…..We are justice for Caylee, and as long as we stay united we can boycott any and all stations that think they can get high ratings, How disgusting is it that Casey is thinking of making money off her dead child…… Like you I am trying to get over my anger but it is hard to think of how the jury came to their conclusion…….You need to check out youtube for the song Rascal Flatts put out for Caylee, WARNING You will need tissues……..the name of the song is She’s going places………

    • Jul 10 2011

      Hi Linda! Absolutely, there is no way I will support the deviant defense team and their disgusting client for one second. They must not have the satisfaction of enjoying the spoils of this crime.
      It is encouraging that we’re hearing of talk shows and talent agencies backing away from dealing with the defense team or Casey – I only hope they do not get Casey Anthony to come on their show….

      In the past, the Caylee supporters made some TV shows and networks worry, and some even canceled on the Anthony’s. People like us who care about this terrible injustice to Caylee will speak loudly and frequently in the hope that no one profits from the tragedy followed by the travesty. .

      Oh, and I heard a part of that song!!! It’s lovely. It think it was Nancy Grace, who played it… I haven’t heard the whole song…. will have to be in the right frame of mind when I listen to it in its entirety… :(..

  7. offthecuff
    Jul 10 2011

    Andrea, you’re right. I still can’t get over Baez’ antics, his complete lies and their shock value in the opening statement that set the jury up and led them down a false, unprovable path from the evidence provided.

    Baez knew these to be 100% lies, (as did we who know this case) but the jury didn’t. They were fully trusting that a professional lawyer would not try to pull something like this. They had to believe that something he said had to be true. Especially with Casey’s staged reaction.

    Sure, the judge read a blurb that George was not proven a molester, and they are to weigh only evidence, but as we’ve found out, the molestation haunted them and blinded them to the end. And now Baez is being rewarded for such a stage performance. If any laws regarding court proceedings need to be altered, it would be that such lies cannot be propagated.
    It seems that the state of Florida has given Ashton permission to make the interview circuit. I’ve read elsewhere that LDB is not allowed to comment.
    Perhaps this is one way he can personally recoup from such an outcome after years of hard work and probably some sleepless nights.

    On a side note, I’ve always liked watching Ashton talk throughout trial because he uses his fingers and eyebrows so much.

    I am actually surprised at how long it has taken for my anger to defuse in this. However, I’m not interested in following the entertainment news that will follow Casey around for awhile. I cannot bear to see hers or Baez’ faces. I am a very sore loser.

    I am interested, though, in any case that will come against her, such as from Tim Miller, Zenaida, etc.

  8. Jul 10 2011

    Andrea, did you see this?

    Meet Juror #3… How the he** did this person get on the jury?

    Jennifer Ford-writing bad checks in 2010

  9. Carla
    Jul 10 2011

    Ashton is a class act! And I am boycotting anything Anthony related from the defense or the family members.

    You are right, if we all make this stand it can and will make a difference!

    Thank you Andrea for all your hard work during this case!

  10. colleen
    Jul 10 2011

    Thank you Andrea, some excellent advice. I am going on vacation today and am planning to just chill out and enjoy my children and family. I am thankful. I am going to do something to make a difference!

  11. Rob
    Jul 10 2011

    Andrea, Jeff Ashton is an impressive and remarkable man. I plan on taking his advice and ignoring any media source that features Casey or Baez. I did watch the Barbara Walters interview. She did interview Mr. Ashton and it was worth hearing him speak on national TV. You are correct; it is time to let this case fade away. As you stated it will be difficult to let go “cold turkey.”

  12. Jul 10 2011

    Hi All! I encourage all of you to not let go just yet. There are lawmakers in 16 states that are considering Caylee’s Law, a felony for not reporting a missing child. Here, in Texas, it is currently a misdemeanor. Chris Harris is proposing Caylee’s Law in 2013! What the heck! 2013?

  13. Jul 10 2011

    JA might personally be a nice man however he’s not a very good lawyer The State had 3 years to prepare for this case. The outcome if guilty should’ve been just that. It is clear that CAsey Anthony is not guilty of murdering her daughter. What we should be doing is demanding justice for Caylee and ask for the investigation to be reopened. Dont you feel the lack of investigating GA’s cell p hone and work reoords was a must since George was the last one to see Caylee and it was quite obvious he was lying about seeing her last? Who would remember what a 2 yr old was wearing 6 months prior? There is just too much that wasnt investigated fully. Again, JA might be a nice person personally but the 3 years he had to prepare should’ve given him a different outcome if she was truly guilty. Think about it.

  14. Jul 10 2011

    Demand why LE befriended a fellow officer instead of investigating him.
    Demand why LE never insisted Casey take a poly
    Demand why LE never looked into Cindy’s work records and cell phone records.
    Demand why LE gave Tony L a break then used him to gain info from Lee…(why not Casey?)
    This entire case is a shame and the verdict was right. The anger is directed at the wrong people. Good thing JA retired because I think he knew he would’be been canned anyway after his poor performance…Sorry to say , but it’s true. I demand justice for CAylee and this investigation be reopened! TAke care IMOO


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