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July 10, 2011


a must read Op Ed re: the verdict

by Andrea O'Connell

I nearly missed writing a post tonight…. My inspiration to write today literally vanished from thin air. I just had a lazy day of reading on the couch… working on my XOOM.  Have you heard of the XOOM?  It’s just like the IPad, only it’s Andriod and made by Motorola.  I love it – it’s light and very handy.  I have my Nook Books loaded on it, too.

So that’s what I did today.

My cat is in my lap now after having escaped from my dog.  But, he’s heavy and hot and it’s not easy to type over his sprawling long body, and he’s practically hanging off my lap like a rag-doll.

The cat, (his name is Beau), won’t be on my lap for too long because Jazz is bound to find him any minute.  Once Jazz (my dog) realizes the cat is on my lap, Beau will be history.  But for now, Beau has a respite and he’s happy- purring loudly.

Jazz is my first dog and I never knew dogs could be so jealous. And I never realized how smart dogs are.  This is going to sound crazy, but I swear that Jazz sometimes reads my mind.

Oh, and Jazz is worse than a boyfriend; he loses his doggy-mind if I should even THINK about talking to another person in his presence.

It never fails, should I stop and chat with a neighbor as I’m taking him for a walk, he paws at my legs and demands to be picked up.  He literally bounces on his two back legs while his front two legs are pawing me.  He jumps so high on those back legs, too.  It’s kind of funny.  All I have to do is half-crouch so my legs become a lap, and he jumps from my lap to my arms until his tongue finds my face and, oh, the facial I get!

Jazz is even more jealous when other animals are near me.  When it’s Beau, my cat, or his furry cousins, Owen, the Cocker Spaniel, or Mazy, the Chihuahua are near me.  He’s just a crazy, prancing, jealous dog that I love like a child. He is my child!  I’m mad about him.  My days revolve around HIS schedule, don’t ya know!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about the Casey Anthony case, but I read a wonderful Op-Ed in the New York Times about the verdict.

It’s an excellent observation of our system at work, written by Frank Bruni, titled, A Sordid Cast of Characters Around Casey Anthony.

Note – sorry for previously inserting the wrong link!  Here’s the (REAL) op-ed link:

The author, Frank Bruni, begins the opinion piece by stating:

AS a reflection of the criminal justice system, the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony — who in all likelihood bore responsibility for her 2-year-old daughter’s death, but will never pay for that particular crime — was reassuring. Juries are supposed to presume the innocence of even the vilest defendants. Evidence must outweigh emotion. And in the end there simply wasn’t enough lucid, specific proof that Anthony had murdered her little girl.

It is definitely worth a read!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am putting the Casey Anthony story on the shelf for a while unless there’s something particularly interesting, like this article, that I want to talk about.

And, I wanted to discuss the fact that the Not Guilty One,  (or NGO), is going to be sprung in exactly one week, next Sunday to be exact.

Hal Bodeker, of the Orlando Sentinel, writes that the Defense team is promising that the NGO damsel of the defense will be whisked off as quickly as you can say NGO = to a place unknown.

Yes, Jose Baez told his bud, Geraldo Rivera, that the damsel will be treated to mental health treatment and therapy.

I’m glad to hear she’ll be getting help – she needs it, as we know.  Let’s hope she finds peace within her soul and lives out the rest of her life quietly…. maybe in a nunnery.

Let’s hope that this wannabe media princess, if there is any justice in this world, will go off into that good night never to be seen again.

I don’t think she’ll stay quiet for too long, but we can hope she will.  We can hope that she’ll become healthy enough to realize who she is and someday, after a lot of intensive introspection and therapy, she will mourn for her daughter.

I do hope redemption becomes her.

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  1. Jul 11 2011

    That was a good article-I read it this morning. I thought it was going to be one of those “we must respect the jury’s decision” kind of op-ed but it wasn’t. BTW, check your link to that article! It led me back to my dashboard though it is a link to yours. 😆

    Your dog is just like my little poodle was. He was like a little kid! I couldn’t even sit down in a chair completely before he’d jump in my lap. He was jealous, too. Jealous if I pet another dog-he’d go off to a far spot in the yard and stick his nose up in the air and be mad (pouting). If hubs sat next to me on the couch he’d jump between us and bear his teeth at him if he tried to kiss me (we loved teasing that dog). I’d go to bed at night with hubs and wake up with the dog. I’d find the hubs sleeping on the couch because our baby would get in bed between us and kick hubs in the back until he left. I called him “Shoe” because he was always underfoot. I lost him once and found him right at my feet! No kidding! lol

    • Jul 11 2011

      Good Morning Sherry! Thank you for letting me know about not adding the right link! LOL! It was so late by the time I got around to writing that post, I think I was seeing with one eye closed and the other one dazed! And now, it’s morning and if I don’t get off the computer right now, I’ll be late for work! Yes, it’s back to reality for me….I’ve had a week of vacation and it’s coming to an end today.. whaaaaaa!!!
      I’ll be baaaack tonight! byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Jul 11 2011

    Hi Andrea and Sherry, love you guys pet stories. They are so funny. My Louie is very smart. He was a stray and he found us when he was about five months old. He is three now. He likes to come inside and visit us and take a long nap but then when he wants out he wants out. He loves to play with the leaves in the fall and he was slapping at a butterfly today. He is like a little kid. He will run in for a snack or an appetizer dish and back to the door he goes, like see let me out people. My hubby and i have spoiled him so rotten and we love him dearly. My hubby is always making sure he checks the weather if louie is outside so we can hunt him down and get him inside. He is also like baby bear, he has three rooms he likes to take his naps in. He strolls in and it is like hmmm, which one do i want to sleep in today. lol.

    • Jul 11 2011

      Good Morning, Knight Owl and Louie! I’m rushing here because I am very close to being late for work…. I just wanted to say a quick good morning to you and to all…

      ugh – back to work for me…………

    • Jul 13 2011

      Aw, that’s cute, Knight Owl! No one adopts a cat-the cat adopts you. feed a stray once and you are his! On his terms! LOL

  3. Jul 11 2011

    Andrea, by the way i just love Jeff Ashton. He is one nice man that cares about people and especially Caylee. It will be a great loss to the State with his retiring as he is a fantastic Prosecutor, and unlike Baez and company, Mr. Ashton plays it by the rules and the truth verses lieing, cheating, sneekey like Baez and Mason. I hope Mr.Ashton enjoys his retirement as he has earned it. Mr.Ashton did Caylee and me proud as he fought for her with all he had and then some.

  4. Jul 11 2011

    Andrea and sherry, one thing that came from this tragedy i met you two and lot’s other nice people blogging and that has been so great. yikes it is after one in the morning, no wonder i am talking to myself. good nite friends~~

    • Jul 13 2011

      True that! I’m glad I decided to comment on blogs about this case. There’s far more wonderful, justice seeking people in our world than not. And some of us have become online friends that will last a long time.

  5. offthecuff
    Jul 11 2011

    Mental health treatment? Therapy? For her molestation? I thought the judge had three professionals evaluate her and found her competent? Previous to that, she had other evaluations which cleared her of issues?

    • Jul 11 2011

      LOL! She needs a lot of help! Poor lass lost her baby, says Baez – she’s been through a lot, he says. Seriously, she needs major help… I hope it works for her and she can rise out of that rabbit hole somewhat sane….

      • Jul 13 2011

        I think some of the therapy is because she has been in solitary confinement for three years.

  6. Jul 11 2011

    Hi Andrea,
    There’s something I wonder about….now that NGO has been deemed NG, and she’ll be getting out, can she take any legal action against all the blogs/bloggers who use her name in articles? Let’s hope not!

    • Jul 11 2011

      Hi Kitt! Oh my, that’s a scary thought! But, we’re protected by the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech!). Thank goodness! 🙂

  7. NancyB
    Jul 11 2011

    Hi Andrea and all.
    My dog reads my mind too and sometimes I think that i can read hers! Very good op ed, thanks. I do wonder if Casey will show up for her civil depo next week but I kind of doubt it. I think that she may make them chase her down to wherever she flies away to. Agree with knightowl, so great to have found this blog and community of commenters!

  8. Jul 12 2011

    Hi Andrea and friends. I decided to take a break from blogging after that travesty of a week that would create a new history for all the legal books, orators of the law, media and of course the public at large. I can admit I was quite depressed at the very first cry of NOT GUILTY. By the time the 2nd to last one was read, I almost fainted from shock. It was like what just smacked my face on the left and right and then kicked my ass to make sure the exclamation mark was finished. Unfortunately all this fame and fortune are exactly the cocaine that Casey is looking for, and if I were

    George, I would take to the longest beach with every bakini clad girl he could find and get some damned good loving. That poor man did not deserve all the abuse he received from any of his family, the Defence Team, lying River rabbit and of course the media and their vicious tongues. That’s why I like Nancy Grace. She stood by him, and rightfully so. She is now being touted as the next to fall and fall big. By whom does the prognosis come from? Well she knows, as she acknowledged on her show last night. Let’s see – She can get sued because Casey was found innocent because she touted TOT MOM was a horrible mom and she interviewed all the players in the game. Well, that’s ridiculous. And if Michelle from Madison reads your post, Michelle, laugh if you like, but you are still a kook, imo.

  9. Jul 12 2011

    Andrea; not to be a pest but the box here to type in seems weird. Whenever I type in it I can’t use my scoll bar and i get 3 0r 4 lines between paragraphs. i don’t know how to explain it, but it only happens here???? If you could look into it I would be grateful. My scroll button only works the page not the reply box. ???


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