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can’t stop thinking about….yup, the trial

I want to mention a couple of things about the Casey Anthony case that are still really bothering me. And, I want to share what I learned today about “Cloud Computing” and using Microsoft “SkyDrive,” which is relatively new, I believe.

But first, the trial.

Practically everywhere I look – on Twitter, blogs and on newsy websites – there are articles and reports about the Casey Anthony trial.  I can’t get away from it – especially when the news reminds me of critical questions that should be asked.

Here’s what bugs me still:

  1. If, like the Anthony defense contends, Caylee drowned in the pool, that would be the manner of death.  But, there were at least two times that Jose Baez said in the trial (I believe it was in front of the jurors), “We’ll never know how Caylee died.”   So, what’s true? Did she drown?  If it was a pool accident, that’s how she died!  This equivocation by Jose tells me he was NOT completely sold on the drowning theory.
  2. When did Jose Baez learn that Caylee was not a missing child?  Didn’t the Anthony family and the defense, until December 11th, 2008 – when Caylee’s remains were discovered – believe she was missing?  The Anthony’s were on Larry King on the evening of the 10th of December and they were bound and determined to get us to believe Caylee was “missing” and yet, according to Lee, Cindy had Dominic Casey, in November, search the woods off of Suburban Drive.  The search supposedly came about via a tip from psychic, Ginnette Lucas.
  3. When did Jose Baez and Cheney Mason learn of the “drowning”?  And did Casey tell them, or was it simply a theory of the defense?  In Dr. G’s deposition, Cheney Mason mentioned drowning as a possibility.  The Dr. G. deposition was taken in January or February, 2011.  Did they only just “learn” about the drowning?
  4. If it was an accident, why did Casey spend three years in jail?  I don’t believe for a single moment she would sit in jail if her father was complicit in the “accident.”
  5. On April 6th, 2010, Casey Anthony’s jail letters were released.  In them, Casey writes to Robyn that her brother would sneak into her room at night.  She also writes in the letters that she’s wondering if maybe her dad molested her, too.  She’s not sure because the memories are just coming back to her now.  But, she’s pretty sure he did molest her, too.  Did the defense team see a Golden Egg filled with reasonable doubt in the letters?  No doubt they did!
  6. The jury, we’re learning now, DID think Casey was guilty, but they claim, the prosecution didn’t prove it????   Juror #11, the foreman, told Greta Van Sustern that he was “disgusted” that he had to sign the verdict form.  Um, if the jury THOUGHT that she was guilty, wouldn’t that mean the prosecution proved their case?
  7. Some jurors thought that George could have been involved. The jury was told only to consider “evidence” during deliberations.  Where was the evidence regarding George’s involvement???  The answer?  In Jose Baez’s opening statement only, which is NOT evidence. Did this confuse the jurors?  Was Jose lying to the jury?  Why isn’t it illegal for a defense attorney to lie?
  8. Jose Baez gave a number of public statements referring to a “missing” Caylee early in the case. Jose specifically discussed a missing Caylee during his press conference on the day of Casey Anthony’s indictment.  Did Jose know at that time that Caylee drowned?  Why would Baez discuss Zanny the Nanny early on if there was a drowning?  Seems as if the drowning theory was just that, a theory, aka a lie.
  9. Cheney Mason said today he believed Casey’s story the first day he met her, at her home, before he signed on to the case.  At her home???  This would  have to be before October – prior to the indictment.  But, Caylee was missing then, right?  He believed her story about the drowning then?
  10. Casey was living at home with her molester father until she was 22, and then also when she was out on bond?  If the lawyers really believed the story about George, why didn’t they tell law enforcement or the prosecution about the molestation?  There is NO Statue of Limitations on child molestation.  So, if George did molest Casey he would be in jail right now.

So, these are my top 10 maddening left over issues.  But, I have accepted the verdict – almost.

Anyway, we have known all along that Casey Anthony is a prolific liar and we knew that George Anthony was going to be the reasonable doubt the defense needed.

We also knew that the jury would be able to see through the smoke screens, but they followed the law as they saw it, and I feel for the jurors now.

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