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July 12, 2011


an honorable OCSO; an honorable Judge Strickland

by Andrea O'Connell

It was another interesting day in Orlando as the Law Enforcement and Judicial community resolve to accept the Not Guilty decision in the State V. Casey Anthony trial.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), today held their first and only press conference to discuss the work they did over the three years the case progressed.  (The men and women of the OCSO are the best of the best – literally.)

The well-spoken Sheriff Jerry Demings attended and discussed the devotion and the hard work the men and women of the OCSO put into this case.  He also mentioned that the Caylee Anthony case, as a father and grandfather himself, personally affected him.

At the press conference it was confirmed that George Anthony was never a suspect in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.  There is an open investigation into witness tampering with regards to Laura Buchanan and it is on going.  Detective Eric Edwards is leading that effort.

You may remember that it was Laura Buchanan who the defense team wanted to use to prove that Caylee’s remains could only have been placed at her final destination only AFTER Casey went to jail.  The problem, as it turned out, Laura Buchanan (or some one else), attempted to fabricate a Texas EquuSearch document so it appeared that she had searched in the area where Caylee was found, when in fact she had not been in that area.

The defense wanted Joe Jordan to provide a similar story, but as we heard in the trial, Jordan was mistaken about where he searched and admitted he had not been in the area where Caylee was found.

This mystery will continue to unfold.  The question on the table is whether Laura Buchanan created the paperwork herself, or if the document, and the story, was manufactured by someone from Jose Baez’s office.  The OCSO is not talking about it at this point since it is an open case.

There was a very large picture of Caylee on display at the press conference.  When asked about the picture, the replies given were heart-felt.  “It was always only about Caylee,” was the unanimous response.

If you missed the OCSO press conference, the WFTV website has included the video in two parts.  Click here: Part One.  Part Two.

The Honorable Judge Stan Strickland

Judge Stan Strickland, snipped:

Reporter Bob Kealing of WESH, did an excellent interview Judge Stan Strickland, who was the original Judge assigned to the case prior to Judge Belvin Perry.

Those of us who were following the case closely during the early days were thrown for a loop when Judge Strickland recused himself.  Like Judge Perry, Judge Strickland proved to be an extremely fair and balanced jurist – thoughtful and kind, but no-nonsense.  It was a great loss, we all felt.

Judge Strickland’s style was somewhat more restrained than Judge Perry’s.

I especially liked him because he is not one to sentence death, unless the law demands it. In fact, he told Bob Kealing that the thought of Casey Anthony facing the death penalty kept him up a few nights.  In contrast, Judge Perry, as a former prosecutor, did have a history of leaning toward Capital Punishment.

It was the defense’s doing to get Judge Strickland recused from the case – and the reason for it was nonsensical – so it was ironic for the defense when they were handed Judge Perry who is pro-death penalty.  Judge Strickland, in his recusal from the case, wrote with regards to media attention, “The irony is rich indeed.”

Linda Drane-Burdick used the line, “The irony is rich indeed,” in her closing argument, too.  I’m certain she was expressing a respectful homage to a very fine Judge.

Here is the full interview with Judge Strickland. It’s excellent! Click here to watch on WESH.

In other news

Cindy Anthony will not face perjury charges; and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch, filed a lawsuit asking for $112,000  in damages against Casey Anthony.  There is a bill pending from the State of Florida, too, which will recover costs from Casey Anthony for the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance.


That’s about all the news I have for you tonight!  In the meantime, I will leave you with this thought, from Dr. Martin Luther King:

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Even though a final decision was made by unsuspecting men and women regarding the guilt in the death of Caylee Anthony, we have to accept it.  This is our system – and, here on earth, there is none better.

But, there is a balance in the universe; and I believe that someday Casey will be forced to see her crime and she will be punished according to the laws of Karma, and the Universe.

That’s what I believe, anyway!

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  1. Rachel Baltes
    Jul 13 2011

    I had a brilliant idea this morning, and that was trying to find an address for Yuri Mellich so I could send him some information regarding the Casey Anthony trial. I came across this blog, and decided, “I’ve sent it to CNN, HLN, tried to call the tipline and got not a second to share the information, and literally blown off.” So please read this, it was posted on a Newser link after I had posted a comment about the verdict. I will not post the woman’s name, but if anyone wants it, I will share that too. I copied and pasted it, then went back later to check her profile, and it was deleted from the thread on Facebook. Here it is, not in my spelling but hers:
    “I will tell all , but not now. It’s all in a book not published. No one knows what Caylee suffered at the hands of these people. But because I live there still…I must be descreat in what I say. I know quite a lot; and it involves many people. if ono one chooses to listen to the truth…. I still hold that truth within. Unless Caylee looked into your face… you will never know what I suffered as a eye witness. When you all hear what I have to say, you will see I have been the missing key in this case the whole time. Too bad Gearge and Cindy kept digging in deeper with faborcacated stories. They could have saved them selves a lot of trouble by recieving the truth. Many of you are judging Caseys sin issues… Only God has a right to judge her. But she did neglect Caylee in some way…. That, she is guilty of. What ever happen to bring Caylee to my area, I don’t know. Of course most of you know that when a child is taken for drug payment, they are sold into sex slavery… So, did she give Caylee to these peole? Was she drunk when she was taken? Did they take her for drug payment? Things were not clear to me what was going on till one day I started seeing things add up that brought the ending answer. now the where, the who, ect…. is nto for now. Casey, if you are reading this, I want you to know that your child was passed around. That is what you have to live with! Had you swollowed your pride and told the truth, Caylee may have been saved.

    Now, doesn’t this make sense. None of the other scenarios presented by the defense or prosecution make this much sense. Please investigate it. If you want the name of the woman, please post your e-mail or phone number.

    • Hilde
      Jul 13 2011

      Rachel, I do agree there will be a Judgement Day for Casey in the End and it won’t be up to us.
      Meanwhile here on Earth we do have Laws, that means any one who commits a Crime will have to take the Responsibility for their Actions.
      In a Criminal Case there is a Jury which will judge the Defendant and determine their Guilt or Innocent according the Law.

    • Jul 13 2011

      Hi Rachel,
      If you google the OCSO and look at their directory, Yuri’s email address should be there. I truly believe this story was written by someone seeking attention and playing games. I doubt there is any truth whatsoever in this.

      • Rachel Baltes
        Jul 13 2011

        Thanks, it was there and I sent it off to him. They thought Roy Kronk was playing games too; one never knows unless they check it out.

      • Jul 13 2011

        That’s great Rachel! If there’s any truth to it, they’ll know. 🙂

  2. Hilde
    Jul 13 2011

    Andrea, I love that Thought by Dr.Martin Luther King You mentioned above
    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
    So true!

    • Jul 13 2011

      Hi Hilde, Thanks – yes, that’s one of my very favorite quotes – one of my favorite persons, too.

  3. Hilde
    Jul 13 2011

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) put their Heart and Soul in
    to this Investigation.
    All they thought about was, what they were told back, then a missing little Child Caylee Marie Anthony.
    When they found her Remains they did All they could to seek Justice for Caylee by providing All the Evidence they had to the Prosecution, after that is was out of their Hands.
    It had to be sad for them to see the Outcome of All their Efforts in this Case.
    Gracefully they accepted the Verdict, even though deep down they might not agreed.
    They will go on and have been, to investigate other Cases which in their Mind and Hearts are just as important, that is their Job and that is who they are. JMO

    • Jul 13 2011

      They didnt do enough. Sorry but it’s true and they know it too. It would be even more of an embarrassment if we found out they knew all along that the druggies were responsible. There is so much corruption it’s sickening. Cops being paid off to look the other way, etc, etc.
      I’ll give you a recent example. In NY a girl was murdered, nobody has been arrested. The rumor has it the sheriff could be responsible along with another cop….The FBI is involved however no arrests. Where is Nancy Grace on this one? Corruption all over.

      • Jul 13 2011

        Hi GCG,
        Yes, there is corruption, sadly. Since our system relies on human beings, there will be those who choose to do exactly the wrong thing for whatever reason. This is why we need defense attorneys, to keep things in balance and ensure that the government is not acting unlawfully, or over charging, or using baseless evidence. That’s why the law must be fair to both the defense and the government, And, keeping the government with the burden of proof is right and just.
        As for the link above, it’s terribly sad about such a beautiful girl. I didn’t read about any corruption, though. I would be interested to see what additional details you may come across.

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