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marketing casey? isn’t THAT special!

I’m still thinking about the jury and the verdict.

I’m trying to figure out what happened.  I’m trying to understand.

Was the jury in the Casey Anthony case like an apparition?  Were they like a confluence of wild variables and coincidences that brought like-minded people together in such a way they all ended up marching to the same drummer?

Why didn’t the jurors ask questions of the Court to clarify aspects of the law?

Sadly, there are more questions than there are answers.

The jurors who have been on TV all talked about guilt, but didn’t vote for guilt.  I don’t understand that.

But, like I’ve said before, I have accepted the decision, I don’t like it, but I have accepted it.  Casey Anthony now deserves to be left alone to go about her business.  She has earned the right – as unfair as it is, she is soon going to know total freedom.

You know, the fallout from this story has been bothering me.  The media coverage seems over the top.  But by the same token, I don’t blame the media –  they are simply doing their job and giving their audience what it wants.   And, you know shat?  Many, many news outlets will converge on the Orange County Jail at the stroke of midnight when Casey Anthony is released on Sunday, the 17th. They will hang from trees, hoping like mad they’ll get a glimpse of the soon to be ex-inmate.

Once she’s free, the paparazzi will be in full swing, stalking Casey Anthony like she was a rock star, or a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.  The sale of her picture will be lucrative; the photographer in the right place at the right time could make a fortune.

These are the sad facts of criminal notoriety.  Train wrecks sell.  Can there be a worse train-wreck than Casey Anthony?

The interest and the coverage of this show called “Casey Anthony” now has millions of viewers.  The interest is high, and getting higher now that she’s going to be free.

Her story may only be appealing to people who like those pay-per-view bloody boxing matches on HBO.  No doubt, the Casey Anthony audience will want to see her center-ring and bloody-well given her due – metaphorically speaking!

I understand how people feel about the verdict – I don’t like it either.  But, enough is enough now, because all this attention is actually making Casey Anthony more and more marketable – pushing her price up and up and up.

There was a news story today that Al Taylor, an independent producer from California, has contacted defense attorney, Jose Baez about a one million dollar payment for an interview.  The producer said he’d pepper Casey Anthony with tough questions, in the hope of grilling her like a fish. Taylor said his offer to Casey Anthony would be good for Florida.  I’m not kidding!  He said Florida could recoup the money she will be in the hole for…

Can’t you just hear Dana Carvey, as the Church Lady saying, “Isn’t that Special?”

The truth is, all the major networks are going to go after the big interview with Casey Anthony.  The highest bidder will get the golden ring, too.

Don’t kid yourself, the major networks aren’t worried about any network or sponsor boycotts that we might threaten.  We represent a drop in the bucket to them.

This is about money – big money.

I guarantee that IF Casey Anthony wants to tell her story in prime time, she’ll have the opportunity.  It’s about money now, for her and her lawyers and for the networks, too.

The California based television producer, Al Taylor, who has reportedly worked with tabloid type sensational shows like “Hard Copy,” Jerry Springer, and “A Current Affair,” wants to pay $1,000,000 for the interview.

Personally, I don’t think one million will come close to the kind of money she could make.

I don’t like the thought of her getting rich over the death of dear little Caylee Marie, and I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I believe a Casey Anthony network interview will be reality before the media frenzy settles down.

And she needs money – badly.  There are a number of lawsuits hanging over her 25 year old head, and of course, she’s young and will want to live la vida loca, unless she gets in trouble again.

I certainly could be wrong about this…. but something tells me she wants to talk, we know she loves the attention.  It was intimated that she really wanted to testify during her trial, but her lawyers strongly advised against it.  Now that she’s vindicated, she’ll thoroughly enjoy telling her tale of being an innocent victim in this tragedy.

We’ll hear quite a fairy tale.

Perhaps what the producers don’t realize – this will be a one-shot deal for them, and for her.

Once she weaves her make-believe in front of an American audience, they won’t want to see or hear from her again.

It will be a one-shot deal because ….. it will be that sickening.

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