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July 14, 2011


marketing casey? isn’t THAT special!

by Andrea O'Connell

I’m still thinking about the jury and the verdict.

I’m trying to figure out what happened.  I’m trying to understand.

Was the jury in the Casey Anthony case like an apparition?  Were they like a confluence of wild variables and coincidences that brought like-minded people together in such a way they all ended up marching to the same drummer?

Why didn’t the jurors ask questions of the Court to clarify aspects of the law?

Sadly, there are more questions than there are answers.

The jurors who have been on TV all talked about guilt, but didn’t vote for guilt.  I don’t understand that.

But, like I’ve said before, I have accepted the decision, I don’t like it, but I have accepted it.  Casey Anthony now deserves to be left alone to go about her business.  She has earned the right – as unfair as it is, she is soon going to know total freedom.

You know, the fallout from this story has been bothering me.  The media coverage seems over the top.  But by the same token, I don’t blame the media –  they are simply doing their job and giving their audience what it wants.   And, you know shat?  Many, many news outlets will converge on the Orange County Jail at the stroke of midnight when Casey Anthony is released on Sunday, the 17th. They will hang from trees, hoping like mad they’ll get a glimpse of the soon to be ex-inmate.

Once she’s free, the paparazzi will be in full swing, stalking Casey Anthony like she was a rock star, or a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.  The sale of her picture will be lucrative; the photographer in the right place at the right time could make a fortune.

These are the sad facts of criminal notoriety.  Train wrecks sell.  Can there be a worse train-wreck than Casey Anthony?

The interest and the coverage of this show called “Casey Anthony” now has millions of viewers.  The interest is high, and getting higher now that she’s going to be free.

Her story may only be appealing to people who like those pay-per-view bloody boxing matches on HBO.  No doubt, the Casey Anthony audience will want to see her center-ring and bloody-well given her due – metaphorically speaking!

I understand how people feel about the verdict – I don’t like it either.  But, enough is enough now, because all this attention is actually making Casey Anthony more and more marketable – pushing her price up and up and up.

There was a news story today that Al Taylor, an independent producer from California, has contacted defense attorney, Jose Baez about a one million dollar payment for an interview.  The producer said he’d pepper Casey Anthony with tough questions, in the hope of grilling her like a fish. Taylor said his offer to Casey Anthony would be good for Florida.  I’m not kidding!  He said Florida could recoup the money she will be in the hole for…

Can’t you just hear Dana Carvey, as the Church Lady saying, “Isn’t that Special?”

The truth is, all the major networks are going to go after the big interview with Casey Anthony.  The highest bidder will get the golden ring, too.

Don’t kid yourself, the major networks aren’t worried about any network or sponsor boycotts that we might threaten.  We represent a drop in the bucket to them.

This is about money – big money.

I guarantee that IF Casey Anthony wants to tell her story in prime time, she’ll have the opportunity.  It’s about money now, for her and her lawyers and for the networks, too.

The California based television producer, Al Taylor, who has reportedly worked with tabloid type sensational shows like “Hard Copy,” Jerry Springer, and “A Current Affair,” wants to pay $1,000,000 for the interview.

Personally, I don’t think one million will come close to the kind of money she could make.

I don’t like the thought of her getting rich over the death of dear little Caylee Marie, and I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I believe a Casey Anthony network interview will be reality before the media frenzy settles down.

And she needs money – badly.  There are a number of lawsuits hanging over her 25 year old head, and of course, she’s young and will want to live la vida loca, unless she gets in trouble again.

I certainly could be wrong about this…. but something tells me she wants to talk, we know she loves the attention.  It was intimated that she really wanted to testify during her trial, but her lawyers strongly advised against it.  Now that she’s vindicated, she’ll thoroughly enjoy telling her tale of being an innocent victim in this tragedy.

We’ll hear quite a fairy tale.

Perhaps what the producers don’t realize – this will be a one-shot deal for them, and for her.

Once she weaves her make-believe in front of an American audience, they won’t want to see or hear from her again.

It will be a one-shot deal because ….. it will be that sickening.

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  1. dee
    Jul 14 2011

    Like you, I still ponder the verdict. I simply do not get it!
    Having exhausted all attempts to rationalize this outcome, I’ve reached a place of acceptance.
    As for Casey Anthony, she will certainly talk; but, I will never listen…

    • Jul 15 2011

      Hey Dee. I wouldn’t want to watch any kind of program with her on it. However, I know myself and I think my curiosity might get the better of me….I’m not sure. I can’t stomach Baez or Cheney or Baden – they are insulting, I change the channel. I can’t stomach watching the jurors either…though I read the print media re: their opinions.
      I’ve accepted it and no longer feel any anger, just upset over it, but I have let the anger go. Now i just want to figure out what happened with their thinking.
      Today a professor at the university where I work spoke about the case and the jury – I had another commitment and had to miss it – but I’m going to meet with him one on one, so that’s even better! Anyway, I’m told he said spoke about the woman – Springer is her last name – who read all the blogs, tweets, and other social media messages, and compiled all the data. This analyst was able to gauge the reactions of the general public – what they believed/didn’t believe – and apply that thinking to how the jury might respond. That’s how they came up with the George theory….
      Social media is changing the landscape of our world….

  2. Linda
    Jul 14 2011

    Whatever she does Andrea I won’t be watching..Jose is already shopping her around for the best price, She is his Cash Cow now..NOTHIN MORE. Maybe with her new fame and money she will buy herself a home and live the good life for a while with her new fake friends…
    I heard George and Cindy are in hiding somewhere..Who cares..I know Casey is their daughter and they may want to see her, but the fact remains that Caylee is NEVER coming back.. They now know Casey killed her.. I am coming out of the trial hangover and waiting for the Karma to catch up with them ALL…………

    • Jul 15 2011

      Hi Linda… It is like a hangover, isn’t it? I’m sure we all felt like sleep-walkers going through our days, in a fog. I have stopped wishing any ill-will on Casey. I want her to find happiness somehow, but not “material” happiness, just inner happiness after she seeks forgiveness. The best thing would be for her to disappear and live quietly somewhere. I tend to think she’ll seek the limelight…. sadly.

  3. Jul 15 2011

    I watched the youtube interviews with juror #11- foreman (the scheduled vacation dude? hmm?!) and juror #3 (Ford). There is a discrepancy between the two interviews, as to pre-votes, mid-votes, post-votes. Listening to #11- Foreman, lead me to think he herded the jurors, like cattle to slaughter, corraled them, cornered them, and pinned them to “not guilty”. I do hope his (GestapoFORMANING) intention was in no way based upon HIM making his ship on time. ~goodgrief! is it remotely possible?

  4. Jul 15 2011

    I just listened to juror #11’s first interview again. And something is very, very wrong. Listening to him talk about George, CONVICTING (called him “a murderer!”) George based on “his demeanor and his actions”, and “selective memory”. DO WHAT?? He saw what we all saw, Casey’s “demeanor and actions” for 31 days! Ironically, he also used the word, “snowballing”. Something about that word is very distasteful to me. ~phllechphft!

    • Jul 15 2011

      Gawd! I didn’t have the stomach to listen to him, but I heard he made some bizarre statements. They bought the defense theory hook, line, and sinker, like they’d been brain-washed. I think they were brain-washed into wanting to go home – you can’t blame them. That is an awful burden to put on people… I know it’s their civic duty to do their jobs, and they were well taken care of, but it was detrimental to the truth, the law and the evidence, in my opinion.

  5. Jul 15 2011

    Let her get so rich she will go nutty crazy! It won’t be because of me in any direct way. Already I’m tuning coverage of her out. I liked what you said, Andrea, about the one shot deal. Casey won’t tell the truth so its a waste of Taylor’s money and time. Other media ventures with Casey will be thought about a second time because of it.

    • Jul 15 2011

      Hey Sherry,
      I have been tuning out the television coverage,it’s gotten repetitive and annoying. But, I still read the Orlando paper and some the local TV stations still…. because I just can’t let go..not yet, anyway!

    • Jul 15 2011

      DawnMc, Thank you for posting that link…very interesting…. I always wondered how either side would use all the information we were churning out. I would have done the same thing if I were on the defense – but, it’s too bad the state didn’t use it to see the defense’s weaknesses that we ALL wrote about constantly.

  6. Rob
    Jul 15 2011

    Andrea, Mr. Mason has stated he has received checks in the thousands of dollars from people who want to help Casey. Also, many people have offered her a sanctuary to live in. People who have farms and such. As Jeff Ashton stated ………………….It is an Alice In wonderland world ………………..down the rabbit hole. I am completely amazed at this entire situation. It is as if the Casey Anthony saga is a drug induced nightmare.

    • Jul 15 2011

      Hey Rob. You captured the whole saga perfectly… it sure is a drug induced nightmare…an overdose of a nightmare.

      I didn’t know about the money Cheney has received on behalf of his client. Maybe it will be enough for her to go away and stay away for a long time….

  7. colleen
    Jul 15 2011

    Hi Andrea, you are too kind with comments regarding the jury. I would say it like it is…12+ stupid people ended up on that jury. People with no common sense. What are the chances of that happening. It doesn’t happen too often, but it was bound to happen eventually. Unfortunately, it was this sad case involving the death of a little girl. I too have come to grips with the verdict. With regards to Casey becoming rich and famous….not going to happen. Maybe she’ll have money for a year or two, but, who will support her antics. The media will milk her for what they can get out of it, then that will be it.

    • Jul 15 2011

      Hi Colleen. I know! LOL! I am trying to be diplomatic and not blame them directly because there is enough blame to go around. I agree, she may be a one-note wonder and will slink away only to get in trouble again. I hope she’ll quietly go away for the rest of her life…

  8. margaret
    Jul 15 2011

    Andrea and all, I agree with all of you. Mason claiming to be holding checks worth thousands for her and Baez filing indigent forms for her. The jury enabled her to continue her life of taking advantage of others and continuing her life of lies. The jury told her she is doing the right thing, it was ok to kill your daughter and to continue your lies and using other people. Sick ,sick sick . I wish all media would shut off cameras and not print another word that she,Baez or Mason has to say. I don’t care where she goes, what she does. I just hope God never allows her to have control of another child. I will never forget Baby Caylee but in my head Casey is dead. We all hurt for Caylee more than she ever did. It would not surprise me to learn George and Cindy have been whisked away to meet up with Casey when she is released.

  9. Jul 15 2011

    Another Juror Report. Juror #12 goes home, quits her job, packs up, moves out of Florida, and vanishes without a trace. ~ fast money??

  10. Jul 15 2011

    Once again you all are falling for the BS from the media. Why do you all keep living off of CNN and HLN? Didn’t you learn your lesson and wasnt it clear that the media misled the ones who live by the media and die by the media? See folks, this is the problem with America in general! Lack of common sense, most listen to the media and believe every word as tho they’re preaching the bible. Sad, very sad. Brainwashed zombies…..Truly sad.

  11. Jul 15 2011

    Or, ~money talks and bullsh*t (C.A.) walks.

  12. Jul 15 2011

    If you kept off of all the trash tabloid type of reporting and believing every word from them perhaps you would’ve seen just what was going on. Fogged by the irresponsible reporting just to gain ratings and most of you ppl fall hook,line and sinker! I’m dont reading up on the same ol same ol and the same way of thinking, it’s truly sad….Take care.

  13. Jul 15 2011

    Excuse me, gASS Can, my common sense wants to know which rabbit HOLE you came from? This IS America, and just like you, we all have one.

    • Jul 15 2011

      Good one!

      It seems Ash Can, er, Trash Can, er, nevermind, has gotten rather smug since the verdict. Its disrespectful to others’ opinions now.

      • Jul 15 2011

        I agree, Sherry. I know that you, and I, and RahRah, and everyone who visits here, appreciates what GasCan has said in the past, but not today.

        No one will appreciate disrespectful or rude comments. Your behavior raises a red flag, GasCan.

        State your truth honestly and clearly and speak your own mind out of respect for your own opinion – you cannot know anyone’s way of thinking.

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