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July 15, 2011


casey’s crucible

by Andrea O'Connell

Appeals, more law suits, motions, judge recusals, protective orders, Casey look a-likes, death threats, social media analysts…. And that’s just today’s news in the Casey Anthony saga.

The saga continues to have legs in the media and the public.

The most disturbing news today came as a result a women in Oklahoma who was literally attacked because she “looked” like Casey Anthony.  The victim, Sammay Blackwell, was seen by the suspect while Blackwell was working.  Suspect, Shireen Nalley, having waited for Blackwell to get off of work, followed in her van and rammed Blackwell’s truck a few times until she flipped on the road.

This is bizarre and very, very frightening.  How many people in communities out in America have this violent mindset?  Is it ignorance that causes this reaction?  The people who react this way are no better than Casey Anthony.

It is ironic the people who would attack Casey Anthony are defying the law, just as the Anthony’s felt they were above the law, early in the case.  No one is above the law and the people who think they can take matters in their own hands, are very harmful to society.

Casey Anthony will be released on Sunday, and the jail will allow three media representatives to capture the event.  And, “event” is what it has become.

Here we are in the year 2011, and yet there is a seventeenth century witch-hunt mentality in this country that reminds me of the Salem, Massachusetts witch-hunt trials, as playwright Author Miller wrote of in his play, The Crucible.  Although this is a work of fiction, it was written as a treatise against Senator Joseph McCarthy’s own witch-hunt trials conducted in the name of the United States of America.

Incidentally, today is the third anniversary of Cindy Anthony’s call to report Caylee Marie Anthony as a missing child.  Some have a tendency to claim that Casey Anthony waited 31 days to report her daughter as missing.  The fact is, Cindy Anthony reported her granddaughter missing on July 15th, 2008.  Sadly, we now know that Caylee was never a missing child; she was a murdered child.

The Social Media Influence

What we write on blogs, on Facebook or MySpace, or tweets has been examined and turned on its heels to benefit the defense in this case.  Click to read the article.

A social media analyst used data gathered from these social media sources regarding trends and opinions.  For instance, many blogs, including this one, expressed disdain about the confounding behavior of the Anthony’s – the perceived lies they told.  Then, when it came out that George was involved somehow with River Cruz, there was disdain for George’s alleged behavior.  And so, because the reaction to the Anthony’s was intensely negative in the sphere of social media, it was not a far stretch to figure out that a jury just might have the same reaction.  And so the horrible attack of George was born.

Other News…

The defense is appealing the misdemeanor charges for lying that the jury found her guilty of.  It is outrageous that the defense should try this tactic when they ADMITTED Casey Anthony was a liar!  They will lose this appeal, that is my prediction, anyway.

This mornings Civil Court hearing concerning Zenaida Gonsalez, ended sharply when Judge Jose Rodriquez recused himself.  “Surprise, surprise!”  This was a great ploy to get the case postponed.  But….A new Judge was appointed!  There was a 3:00 hearing in which the defense won a protective order, which means the deposition that Morgan & Morgan wanted to conduct before Casey was released from jail, is now rescheduled for October.

Sue, sue, sue!  So, there are lawsuits flying everywhere!  Now, Roy Kronk is suing Leonard Padilla – (a well deserved law suit, in my opinion).  I believe Leonard Padilla is suing Casey Anthony.  Tim Miller is suing Casey, who is suing Zenaida Gonsalez who is suing her back……………

Things just get curiouser and curiouser in this saga, don’t they?

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  1. Jul 15 2011

    The never-ending rabbit hole…

    I’m a bit gun shy in hoping for lawsuit wins against Casey. Already she got out of having to give a deposition on the 19th. Mr. Mitnik was upbeat about it during the candid presser thrust upon him after the hearing. He said that a subpeona will be served to Casey O.J. Manson-Anthony at the jail for her to appear on October 8th. Mitnik knows he has to stay on top of the “game” with her.

    Egads…this is never going to end…

    • Jul 16 2011

      Egads is right, Sherry. It is going to be interesting to see how they are going to handle her release from jail given all the hysteria over it. And it’s the hysteria that scares me. I hope Zenaida has her day in court, or enjoys a nice settlement so the whole thing can just go away now. 🙂

  2. Jul 16 2011

    A Legal Soap Opera! “Timer 55”?! (still curious about that oddity. 55 days til decomposition?) Gosh, with the jurors, I’ve given into two thought processess: 1. Jury instructions did not include verbiage to mesh cohesively with circumstantial evidence which leads to, but does not prove a specific conclusion. 2. juror tampering (#3 says chloraform never was an issue, duct tape never came up. #11 says “at one point, chloraform and duct tape was a big issue”. Were they not sitting at the same table, at the same time, reviewing the same evidence, going over the same facts? Given the mob mentality, its understandable #12 bolted, unless there is something to hide. And a Judge recuses himself? Those are some mighty deep, and dark pockets.Yes, curiouser, mightily so.

    • Jul 16 2011

      Hi RahRah. I agree – the jury instructions may not have been conclusive enough for them to understand that circumstantial evidence IS EVIDENCE! It’s as if the jurors wanted to be witnesses to the crime itself before they’d believe it…. Oh, and the Timer 55 had to do with Casey’s counting down from the day of the murder until the day of Caylee’s Birthday. That’s how Casey knew, on July 15th, that it had been 31 days. She was counting how many days she had left until she HAD to do something. If Caylee was not home by her birthday (in 55 days) Casey knew her party would be all over.

      And, you mention jury tampering…that’s really scary. I can’t imagine the defense tampering with the jury – I think they may be underhanded at times, but I do not believe they’d tamper…..Reminds me of that John Grischam book/movie, “The Juror” which was totally over the top as far as believability, but was a great story nonetheless!

      Excellent comments, RahRah! 🙂

  3. dee
    Jul 16 2011

    Andrea…someone has a new website… Guess who? Check out Baez’s new website… (LOL)

    • Jul 16 2011

      Hey Dee! I saw that, too! Finally! And they did a nice job on it, There were some grammar goofs, and I thought the photo of Jose in the surgical mash was hokey, but otherwise it’s a very nice site… and the links work!

  4. Lona1
    Jul 16 2011

    Casey Anthony Anthem…from Facebook,

    • Jul 16 2011

      I can’t stomach watching this type of thing, Lona, but maybe someone would like it, so I’ll leave it here….

  5. Lona1
    Jul 16 2011

    Casey Anthony Eye witness,

    • Jul 16 2011

      What a smart dog! Spooky, too.

  6. Jul 16 2011

    Hello, my friend! I hope you are well as I hope all of you are!

    I have been fighting my computer for a few weeks and am happy to report I won! Finally!!

    Maybe it was telling me I need to back off 😉

    I will however remain vigilant in watching because I know there are many surprises left for us in this sad never ending saga

    • Jul 16 2011

      Hey Kim! thanks for stopping by… I’m doing good – busy, of course! Glad you solved your computer problems. I had some problems with mine, too. I downloaded a fixer solution… it was $60, and I’m not sure if its working because when I woke up this morning, i had the blue screen of death on the computer screen…. must have been that way all night and I didn’t know it. All seems to be okay now though… but I think I just gave away $60!!!!!!!!!!!
      I will be there watching, too, Kim… I can’t turn totally away from this case – I’m committed to seeing it through, too. 🙂

      • Jul 16 2011

        I have tried to decide it that it is sad I don’t turn away or if it that I am stubborn and insist on seeing it through to the end

        I am voting for stubborn 🙂

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