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July 19, 2011


84 searches for chloroform – NOT! Give OCSO its CacheBack, please

by Andrea O'Connell

It was much ado about nothing.

The brouhaha today regarding the initial dramatic testimony given by State witness John Dennis Bradley, the designer of the software “CacheBack,” that there were 84 searches for Chloroform, was a big story today.

But, this is a non-story.   It is neither an admission or a State error; nor was it an attempt to hang on to exculpatory evidence, as many reporters and bloggers have recently said.

Granted, this WAS dramatic testimony originally – it would have been damning evidence – had it been true.

The State of Florida corrected this in its rebuttal case.  Additionally, you may remember, it was never referred to in their closing arguments.  Why?  Because in its rebuttal case, the correct number of searches for the word Chloroform, using the UPDATED CacheBack software, was only ONCE.

One time. One search. Not 84 searches.  And this was made, although not abundantly clear by Linda Drane-Burdick, it was clarified when another expert computer witness testified during the State’s rebuttal case.

Casey Anthony, searched for chloroform ONE time – perhaps once is not enough to establish premeditation.  And that is the sticking point, too.  If the jury had considered 84 searches in their deliberations, it would have been a serious problem.  (The jury never considered any evidence, so we know this is a moot point, anyway.)

Oh, and although the chloroform search was singular, she also searched for:

  • Internal bleeding,
  • Ruptured spleen,
  • Death,
  • Self-defense,
  • Chest trauma,
  • Household weapons,
  • Hand to hand combat,
  • Neck Breaking, and
  • Internal Bleeding.

Might she have had murder on her mind?

Regardless, the State of Florida protected the record, I believe, by the testimony of the witness who said that when CacheBack had upgraded its software and analyzed the same data with the new and improved software, there were NOT 84 search instances.  There was only one.

It is in Mr. Bradley’s best interest to make hay out of this story to market his company and software. Perhaps he was getting unfavorable press as a result of the error that was exposed?

In deference to Mr. Bradley, he makes a good point when he stated that  although it was the Orange County Sherrif’s Office (OCSO) that had used his software to find the 84 Google searches, he points out that the OCSO should have validated those findings another way, but they did not do so.

Aha!  Now, he owns up.  Blame it on the OCSO.  How conveeeenient!

Uh, well, the OCSO was convinced this software was reliable!  They did not realize it would give back FALSE data.

When the software was updated, the test was rerun, and it was then discovered that his software, the earlier version, was not correct.

Isn’t it convenient for Mr. Bradley to blame the OCSO now?

I am not a lawyer, but it appears that had Casey Anthony been found guilty (of something) and convicted, this would NOT be reversible error because the truth of the matter is on the record in the rebuttal case.

And, if this was really an issue, Jose Baez would have made some comment about it, but I believe he has been largely quiet on this non issue.

Granted, Cheney Mason was quoted in the NY Times article as being appalled at this.   “Outrageous!” said the nimble-fingered Mr. Mason.  (I don’t think Mr. Mason caught all the testimony in this case, frankly.)

Mr. Bradley, the computer expert, believed that the State and the police were negligent in its work by not correcting the record.

The record was corrected.  It truly was much ado about nothing.  Kind of like Mr. Todd Macoluso having fun with the media by dressing a woman up in the same clothes that Casey Anthony wore in her release from jail, and running this “decoy” with a coat over her face, until she was out of sight on Orlando’s Executive airport.

It drove the news outlets into a tizzy!  All of a sudden the headlines began to sing:  “Casey Sighting in Orlando!”

Todd will have a good laugh over this for days to come!

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  1. Jul 19 2011

    I’m glad to know that this info wouldn’t have caused a reversal due to it being corrected by the State. Not that it matters anymore…

    I sure hope the media quits persuing where Casey is at. This is what she craves and loves-knowing people are paying attention to her. More than knowing where she is I just want to know if she doesn’t show up for court when she is supposed to, and, to know what the situation is with these court appearances. Besides, she has an appointment with the Judge one day and Baez, Mason and macaluso won’t be defending her or playing games! He don’t do that~

    • Jul 20 2011

      Hey Sherry…It’s true that KC craves the media attention. I’m sure she’s having a field day reading and watching news about herself. I do hope she becomes a piranha sooner rather than later. Give her a chance to become one, and she will – well, she already is.

  2. Jul 20 2011

    If it was such a big deal I would have expected for Baez or Mason to file a complaint with the State Bar. It seems convenient at this time for Mason to talk to the media as the way to file that complaint. Now we have the antics of Malacuso? I wonder if the DT will pay him back for trying to keep Casey on the front page. Baez calling the media to say it’s not her and the above lead me to believe they must be getting close to a deal. They need to keep the irons hot to close a deal before the offers start to diminish or price goes down. They will have to make several deals in order to cover the law suits that will come and have a few bucks left over. I hope the American public stick to their guns and not support any financial gain for anyone having to do with this case with the exception of: Costs related to searches and investigative time looking for ZFG. If you go back to the beginning of the case you will find Youtube videos of Baez devoting investigator time looking for a live Caylee and ZFG. It’s scary to think how many cases took a backseat by LE because of what Casey told them. How many families were effected because of how the Anthony family and Baez monopolized media time with a wild goose chase. This is far from over… OJ, justice may have been deferred for a time. Greed will get you every time…..

    • Jul 20 2011

      Hi my friend, Damagdpets, Excellent points you make. You could be right about teasing the media to keep the story hot so the demand for her story goes up. But, this stunt backfired, in my opinion, and made them look pretty darn silly, and maybe desperate to stay in the news… I sure hope that Tim Miller gets his money back, and then some. And I hope Roy Kronk is taken care of – let him live comfortably….
      Not Padilla – he’s just in it for the exposure – been like that from the outset with him. Maybe it’s just me, but I have trouble believing anything that comes out of his mouth.

  3. Jul 20 2011

    Just a real quick comment, as I’m late to work already! Anyway, when Baez called (whomever) and said that it wasn’t Casey, I think he did that so it would make media think that it WAS Casey. He says Macaluso playing games….well, I think he’s playing games as well. That wasn’t Casey, Baez wants media to think it was, so he called up and said it wasn’t. JMO.

    • Jul 20 2011

      it was not Casey!
      Some One is playing a sick Joke on every one.
      I don’t think this Case was funny whatsoever.
      The Defense Team played enough Games through the Trial and even before, it seems like it’s time to quit playing those silly Games and act like Adults and Professionals but I guess that is too much to ask from a greedy money hungry Bunch, we All know who they are.

      • Jul 20 2011

        I agree with you, Kitt and Hilde… It was a sick game and a horrendous one to boot. I do think they are so determined to keep this story going…. they smell money, they want it so badly they can’t see straight!

  4. offthecuff
    Jul 20 2011

    Good clarification, Andrea, on the 84 searches. I must’ve missed that correction in the rebuttal. High levels of chloroform in the trunk is still a sticking point even if the computer was never used for searches. I don’t see how that evidence can be brushed off.

    • Jul 20 2011

      Hi Offthecuff… I totally agree. How in God’s name did this jury not consider the chloroform levels??? And even if she only searched ONCE – it’s still ONCE! she got the info she needed and used it on Caylee, bottom line.

  5. Lona1
    Jul 20 2011

    Hatred is large!
    Plan is for this vid to go viral…O’Reilly, etc….read comment below video.

    • Jul 20 2011

      Lona, this is quite good. Thank you for posting it! I hope that this message gets to the ears of those who need to hear it. I hope….

  6. Suzanne Spittal
    Jul 22 2011

    Anyone who intentionally injures, starves, tortures or kills an innocent child or animal must be put to death themselves, by the slowest and most painful processes known to mankind. If this can be done publicly, all the better, as then future child and animal molesters will be able to see what the outcome of their actions will be.

  7. Keith
    Aug 7 2011

    Not a big deal? 84 searches was the centerpiece of their case for premeditation. That was the evidence they counted on to send someone to their death. They were still bringing up the 84 searches when trying to impeach Cindy for saying she made the search. The prosecution was lying by omission. And that’s a very big deal. I don’t know whether or not Casey had anything to do with her daughter’s death, but I do know there is no proof that she did. I wouldn’t send someone to their death either without a lot more evidence then what was presented at the trial. Anthony probably is guilty of not caring, but that’s not the same as committing murder. I’m less concerned that someone might have got away with murder (though, I think it was an accident. There is NO evidence of a history of child abuse) then I am of the lynch mob mentality that seems to be gripping the nation. Check out the innocence project and see how many innocent people who have spent decades in prison, sometimes on death row, who were sent there based not on the evidence, but based on jury’s perception on how someone “should act”. Oh, and add the 84 searches to the no DNA on the tape, no heart sticker on the tape, at least one expert testifying that the amount of chloroform in the trunk was not abnormal. Every piece of evidence introduced by the prosecution refuted or impeached by the defense. Like her attorney said, you might have her on improper handing of a dead person, but you don’t have murder. Narcissists don’t care about anybody, and they don’t like to look bad. Anthony behaved exactly like a narcissist would whose baby died accidentally on her watch. Morally bankrupt, but not murder. Again, I’m not defending Casey Anthony. I’m defending the jury. They did the correct thing based on the evidence presented. Just hope that if anyone ever makes a false allegation about you, the people judging you will look at the facts, not fake 84 searches (no big deal? Really?), not maybes (tape on the face? what evidence?) but on what can actually be proven. Don’t confuse common sense with assumptions.


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