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July 20, 2011


update: Leiby Kletzky

by Andrea O'Connell

The Missing Flyer for Leiby Kletzky

The Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes, announced today that a grand jury had handed down an eight-count indictment against the animal, Levi Aron.  Aron is charged with the horrific kidnapping, murder and dismemberment of eight year old, Leiby Kletzky.

The most serious of the charges facing Aron are two counts of felony murder.  They carry a maximum penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Aron was also charged with three counts of second-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping in the first degree and one count of kidnapping in the second degree.

Aron is currently being held in a psychiatric ward at New York’s Bellevue Hospital.  His lawyers are suggesting Aron’s defense could be insanity; they have also made passing mention of “diminished capacity.”   A diminished capacity defense is a partial defense and suggests that although the defendant is not deemed “insane,”  they are not aware of their actions and do not have the capacity to comprehend actions they may have taken.  In this defense, the defendant does not refute they committed the crime, they only contend the state of mind (due to physical and/or emotional factors), was such that the defendant should not be judged to have committed premeditated, or felony, murder.

Attorney’s are claiming that Aron hears voices and must play very loud music to drown the voice out.  He also suffers from hallucinations.

The medical examiners office said the boy was drugged prior to being suffocated by Aron, who murdered the little guy after realizing there were hundreds of people looking for the him in the community.  Aron stated that he “panicked” after seeing the flyers that alerted the community that Leiby was missing.

The insanity defense is very difficult to prove. I don’t think it will fly in this case.  Well, it will be interesting what the defense comes up with in this awful case.

More on this story as it evolves.

As for the Casey Anthony case…. The madness continues with very little new news.

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  1. Jul 21 2011

    Thanks for the update. Will you follow this case? I would appreciate it. It may very well work-the diminished capacity defense. He’s still a monster who must be put away. Damn. We need to find a cure for those who hear voices in their heads!

    • Jul 21 2011

      I have a cure for it –

      I am just sick and tired of the ‘sickness’ defense. Sure, he hears voices – who doesn’t?!!!! I wake up at all hours of the night hearing demands on my time and bank account! I toss and turn in anxiety! Do I kill because of it?


    • Jul 21 2011

      Hi Sherry! Yeap, I want to follow this one. And, wait til’ you hear this…..! They set up a fund to help other families faced with the tragedy of crimes against children, and they are already – in one day – over $85,000! There are people from all over donating! This story has touched so many people very deeply…..

  2. Jul 21 2011

    Animals have more rights in this country than our children. I’m glad to see 20 states are crafting a version of Caylee’s Law. Why does it take losing a child in some heinous way to reform the law? America we have a problem, and I am beginning to believe that our aged lawmakers of the “good ole boy” society are all closet pedophiles and perverts. Why do crimes of our children result in mere hand-slaps compared to, say, marijuana traffic offenses?

  3. Jul 21 2011

    The drugs identified to be present in Leiby’s system through toxicology testing were:
    ■Hydrocodone – an opiate-based pain killer
    ■Quetiapine (Seroquel) – an atypical antipsychotic drugged used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and/or depression
    ■Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) – a muscle relaxant
    The Hinky Meter-Autopsy Report

    • Jul 21 2011

      😥 😡 😦

    • Jul 23 2011

      Thanks a bunch for the link, Sherry! I really appreciate that!

  4. Jul 22 2011

    Hi Sherry! Thank you for the link. I was wondering why no other family member was charged as an accessory to the facts. A Mother, Father and Uncle also shared the apartment. And children’s clothing not Leiby’s were found? Another Anthony family senario? Dear Lord!

  5. Jul 22 2011

    Oops! The apartment is a house owned by Levi and his father. The 3 story house is listed as a multiple dwelling. Levi had the attic apartment. His Dad, remarried, and shared the 2nd flr. with other tenants. ? Two younger brothers have the first floor to themselves. The article did not mention the uncle, whereas, other articles have. So, the possibility is there, Levi, to come and go, undetected.

  6. Jul 23 2011

    Got to be thick skinned to be a defense lawyer, I imagine. I’d become a mental case, repeating myself, “innocent until proven guilty”. There is an volunteer advocacy group here for children involved in abuse, called, Casa, that I wanted, initially, to participate in, until I realized, I wasn’t strong enough, emotionally, to be of help to children in that situation (office positions are filled, with a waiting list). So, I wrote letters, to my Senators, to do something to help “change” along.


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