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I say, looney tunes, I say…I say!

And the fallout over the acquittal of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, continues.

The looney tune opportunists are hunting for a quick buck.  There’s a $1,000,000.00 offer on the table by a producer by the name of Al Taylor.

Taylor originally said he’d spoken with Jose Baez about the deal, Baez flatly denies it.  Now, Taylor is saying he met with Casey Anthony.  He claims that the first thing Casey said said to him was, “Where’s my check?”

He also claims to have met with Casey on Tuesday, at a Palm Springs hotel.   It sounds like Wimpy when he says to Popeye, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  Tuesday never comes and Wimpy gets a free hamburger every day.  Let’s hope Casey Anthony’s pay day goes something like that.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

In other news, we heard a lot from the lawyer-with-the-nimble-middle-finger-in-your-face, Foghorn Leghorn, who tells us some bizarre and downright looney news:

Foghorn:  By George! Lookit here, that Casey girl, yeah, she be wantin’ to become a lawyer, I say, I say, that girl is, I say, I say, that girl is wanting to become a lawyer and she wants to work in my office! Lookit here, I say, like hell I telled her, I say, like, like, like, I say, like hell that’ll happen – but she can dream, can’t she now?  Hah!

And then, Foghorn, pulling a rooster out of his pocket, in response to the media incessantly asking where Casey is hiding out, says to the media:

Foghorn:  Lookit here now, I say, I say, the only way you’ll find out where Casey is hiding out, I say, I say, the only way you’ll find out is if this here rooster tells ya.  Cause, I say, you won’t be gettin it outta me, I say.

The media is hounding ole Foghorn now.  “How is Casey doing,” yells a bright journalist.  Foghorn says:

Foghorn: Well now, son, looky here and listen good, I say, listen good to me now.  The little lady is, I say she is, she is, a-learnin’ now howta grieve about her little girl now, I say.  Lookit here, we have some good grief coaches.  Good grief!  I tell ya, I say, we got us some good grievin teachers I say!   And she sure is a fast learner yes she is.  I say, there’s something kind of eeEEEEeeehh about a gurl, I say, a gurl who aint grieved.   I telled her, I say, you best be cryin’ now sister, I say, I say, the smilin’ will come later, when you’re rich, I say, when we’re rich.

My Confession (excuse for this post!)

Even though I sat down at the computer to write about some of the recent crimes and horrible murders that have plagued Florida lately, I deleted it all.

Children are being attacked and killed by adults.  Children are killing their parents. Husbands killing wives leaving orphaned children.  Strangers killing strangers…..

“Stop the world, I wanna get off!”

Some day’s these stories hit me harder than other days and Foghorn Leghorn takes the sting out – momentarily anyway.

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