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July 26, 2011


the interview

by Andrea O'Connell

There’s wild news, even wilder allegations about the amount of money to be made off of the Casey Anthony trial and verdict.

This evening I watched the Nancy Grace show (without the hothead herself – which is why I watched it), and the discussion about profiting and money was interesting, but not surprising, unfortunately.

The gist of the show this evening had to do with marketing Casey.  Making money and more money, and more and more money – we’re talking lots of money from Casey’s story.

There is an incessant beat, beat, beat of the drum, drum, drum as the major networks march (as fast as they can) to be the leader of the band and score the interview.  A band of goofballs.

Pictured: Jose Baez, Casey Anthony, Mark Geragos / Photo collage: TMZ

The Nancy Grace show quests discussed the terribly irony that with the acquittal, this story is no longer about a murdered two year old.  It’s a story about Casey.

Furthermore, the story is “sexy” because Casey, before she was arrested, was a pretty girl with a great deal of sex appeal, said the panelists on the show.   The reality we’re dealing with is that Sex Sells.

That’s the reality of marketing today – edgy, slick and sexy is what sells. And if the context of the story is salacious, it’s even better.

The panelists on the show made no bones about it, Casey Anthony stands to make money, and lots of it.

After her interview deal, she’ll have a book deal, and there will be more and more deal making until the story fades eventually.

This is the abhorrent reality of the marketing game.  And, the networks will gauge the public interest to be sure they hit the market when it’s hot and take full advantage of a promising and lucrative “deal.”

Deal or no deal, as I’ve said before, Casey Anthony, at the end of the day, has to live with herself.

The fact is, Casey has every right to profit as a result of being found not guilty.  No one likes it, but “it is what it is” or “what will be will be” or add your own cliche – it’s gonna happen, the pundits seem to be saying. They will milk this story for all it’s worth.

I’m not really convinced.  It’s difficult to fathom how the networks will be able to get away with it, given the groundswell of disgust that rises across the country when talk of Anthony profiteering comes up.

It will be interesting how it plays out.  One thing is certain, there will be many boycotts of any network or show that airs a Casey Anthony interview.

The question is, do the networks or the individual shows even care about the backlash?   Is the population of people who want to hear from Casey Anthony bigger than the population who will boycott?  I don’t have that answer, of course.

I hate to say it, but I think those of us who boycott will be a drop in the bucket compared to an audience interested in seeing Casey Anthony – in her own words.

According to TMZ, NBC is likely leading the band of miscreant networks:

Sources tell TMZ … NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview.  Sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ there is a “big price tag” for the interview.  We’re told the networks — which say they don’t pay for interviews — are offering to license photos and other material and pay big bucks … that’s S.O.P. in the network game.  (Note from Andrea:  SOP = Standard Operating Procedure)

We’re told NBC looks like the frontrunner so far, but ABC is in the game.  We’re told CBS “is a distant third.”  We’re told NBC is paying for Baez’ hotel room.

Baez spent part of the night Thursday in the Mandarin Oriental bar with famed lawyer Mark Geragos  — who knows a thing or two about high-profile cases.  We’re told Geragos gave Baez pointers on negotiating the deal.

Sources also say that Jose Baez in is acting as an agent to seal the deal for Casey, and himself. The scuttlebutt is that Baez is being mentored by Mark Geragos, in the pursuit of cashing in on “Casey” and her infamous notoriety.

Cindy and George Anthony allegedly turned down $250,000 for an interview – it wasn’t quite the amount of money they were looking for, thank you very much.

We may have to grit our collective teeth when it happens.  If the pundits are correct, we’re going to be bombarded with Casey Anthony, in the flesh.

I really don’t want to believe it.  I don’t think this is a done-deal yet…..

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  1. Lona1
    Jul 26 2011

    R E L E N T L E S S B O Y C O T T!
    Now and forever.

    • Jul 26 2011

      Thanks for the video, Lona1!

      I don’t usually have much faith in boycotts even though I participate in them, including this one, for my own conscience’s sake. I think that this boycott may just work if there’s enough people to show up on Aug. 8th at the NBC studios. I hope it does, anyways.

      One of the networks is going to have to be the one to test the waters and CBS may very well not want to be the one which may be why they are lagging behind in the offers. We shall see then how serious people are and if their message is heeded. Sadly, when I look at what is popular in today’s culture, it seems there is a fascination with human train wrecks. Perhaps there is a limit? Like sociopathic mothers who get away with murdering and trashing their child?

  2. dee
    Jul 26 2011

    I read earlier that Jose is trying to ink a deal for himself as an on air legal eagle….what about conflicts of interest?

  3. terri
    Jul 27 2011

    I can only say to Casey, what goes around comes around and Karma will be a big bad BITCH!!

  4. offthecuff
    Jul 27 2011

    It’s so funny that NG spouts such disgust for Casey but can’t seem to stop her own money-making news show from squeezing what she can from anything Casey. She does have the option, you know, of ignoring her. But NG feeds off of festering hate…hate that she helps to propagate, hate that she festers.

    So NG will wave the moralistic justice of Caylee/disgust for Casey, while lining her pockets.

    Caylee is more out of the picture now. And the tide is turning towards more and more people wanting to hear from Casey.
    Maybe it’s because they never felt closure or justice with the trial.
    Maybe they feel they must exhaust “this thing” to its end (its end being Casey’s self-destruction or disappearance into a complete secret, private, non-media life…yeah, right)

    Maybe Casey represents that big-bad-girl, perhaps a bully, whom everyone knows in their life, someone who always seems to get their way, hurts others and gets away with it, and continues to shove that status in everyone’s face.

    In that sense, it is hard to let this all go.

  5. Jul 27 2011

    Maybe the media is just gauging public interest? Why not just send emails directly to the each network, and tell them, if you do this thing, or anything having to do with the Anthony’s, you will boycott THEM! That ought to work. Hm! I am. Wait & see if the defense don’t try to parade a miraculously recovered felonious pathological liar, the new Casey. I mean, why would anybody be stupid enough to believe anything she says. Seriously!

  6. Jul 27 2011

    That is why all you hear from the defense team, the pitch, “She’s in a safe place, she’s getting ALL THE HELP she needs”. They been playing to the MEDIA, PUBLIC, the entire time! ~right even to the mock trial one of the stations did. How was that even LEGAL before the trial even had an ending?

  7. Jul 27 2011

    Baez intended to try this case in the media from the very beginning. C word is nothing but a meal ticket for him , always has been. Any help they may be getting her will only to prep her for all the talk shows and appearances he is planning. All for the big pay off that will set him free from her finally.
    He was as shocked as we were when the verdict was read. He now has this spoiled, tantrum throwing she beast to deal with. I am glad.
    When it is all said and done and they get what the get then they will all finally get what they deserve.
    They will make no money from me, not one red cent.
    As awful as this entire thing makes me feel there are other things in the world needing tending to. My voice is small but I will use it to join with others that think and feel as I do and hopefully one day real change will occur in this world and I will be able to tell my grand children that I took part in the real change.

    • Jul 27 2011

      I am swiping this 😉

    • CptKD
      Jul 29 2011

      I’m with you on that one, Kim!

      There ARE others out there, requiring and needing our assistance!

      Enough time has been spent on this “C”!

  8. Jul 27 2011

    I am so sick hearing of Casey’s Rights, she seems to weasel herself out of every thing and still comes out ahead.
    What about Caylee and what happened to her Rights, one comes to Mind, her Right to live and be able to grow up.
    I guess Caylee is in the Past and Casey and her family need to be protected and make sure they get rewarded for Caylee’s Murder. This just isn’t right, anyway You look at it.
    Baez had One thing right when he said, something is wrong here!
    This whole Case is so absurd it’s ridiculous say the least.
    I do however find Comfort in knowing what goes around comes around.
    Casey and her family will have to live with the Fact that their precious Caylee is gone forever and one Way or another they are All responsible for that. Casey for the Death of her Child and the Rest for covering up and lying for Casey.
    They are truly a sick and greedy Bunch.
    Baez, Mason and the Rest of the Casey A. Supporters aren’t any better, just as greedy and Money Hungry than the Anthony’s. JMO

    • Faith
      Jul 27 2011

      ITA with all of your post,and I do truly believe that no amount of money for KC,the A’s or anyone else can buy happiness and contentment. Until KC and the A’s repent of their crimes they will never know peace,however I really doubt that will ever happen.

  9. Jul 27 2011

    My cell phone is not smart, nor is it idiot-proof, apparently, cuz I don’t see a link in Lona1’s posting. I thought I could find it elsewhere, like youtube. And the email addy’s I needed for the networks? same thing! I got physical addresses, going “old school”, and actually mailing them. Needed to go to USPS for more stamps anyway.


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