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July 28, 2011


Project runway……

by Andrea O'Connell

My favorite show is back! I love this show….love watching the creative design process and the wonderfully colorful personalities on the show.  It brings back memories of my former career in the theatre, modeling and working with designers…..I get nostalgic and start missing acting and the theatre….

So, tommorow night I’ll write…..tonight I’m on the couch – working on my Xoom tablet during the commercials!

okay – gotta go…. the designers are using their own PJ’s to create their design! love it!

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  1. Jul 28 2011

    So do I! LOL!

    I was so hoping that “old” guy was in! Yipee! I can’t wait to see what these kids thought up with their bedsheet. I like the Mormon guy, too.
    My other favorite show is America’s Next Top Model-heehee. A good friend of mine way back when was a model-a male model. When he returned from his New York stint he showed me his pics-wowwee! He made me mad because he was gay and i had a bad crush on him. lol

    • Jul 28 2011

      Bert won! Yay! And did you see the previews for next weeks show??!! Holy cow – it’s going to be brutal!
      I enjoy America’s next top model, too! Project Runway is the only show I’mabsolutely addicted to…. And I love Tim Gunn. He’s a dear heart. Love Heidi and Nina and Michael Kors. Lol

  2. Jul 28 2011

    I love them all, too! And I knew Bert had the winning look. The one who recently taught herself to sew is either as good as musicians who have never read sheet music yet can play a tune they’ve only heard once or she is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes about her lack of sewing experience. Her outfit was good, too, but I didn’t like it much.

    Just the other day I ran across a blog for Project Runway so in my looking for it tonight I found this:

    You can see videos on that site. I gotta go-to that site! TTYL! lol

  3. CptKD
    Jul 29 2011

    Sorry folks!

    The “CAP” dont DO “Project Run-away”!

    • Jul 31 2011

      LOL! CptKD…Understood! But, have you tried it? The designers are a hoot!

  4. Jul 29 2011

    I’ve never seen the show, but I know it’s my youngest daughter’s favorite, as she is a fashion designer. One of my fave shows….Hell’s Kitchen!

    • Jul 31 2011

      HI Kitt! I am sure you’d enjoy it – it’s creative, fun, and provides such insight into the design process…. It makes me wish I’d paid more attention and been more serious in the costume design classes I had in my undergrad work…. It’s pretty exciting that your daughter is a designer! Do you sew. too?


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