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I hadn’t planned on writing about the Casey Anthony saga, but I do want to discuss a couple of interesting tidbits that have occurred of late.

The Orlando County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) has announced the amount of the bill it intends to slap like Henkel duct tape on Casey Anthony.

The OSCO is seeking reimbursement of $293,123.77 for its investigation of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance.  The cost is calculated from the day Cindy Anthony reported Caylee missing: July 15, 2008, until December 11, 2008, when the location of Caylee’s remains were located.

The State Attorney’s Office has filed a bill with a price tag of more than $141,000.   The amount of the costs that can be levied against Casey Anthony will be determined in court, on August 25th.  By that time, the final costs could reach in excess of $500,000.

And that’s only the beginning!  There are other lawsuits waiting in the wings, which is why Casey Anthony will have to do the hustle sooner or later.

The defense may well argue that it is unconstitutional to hold their client responsible for costs since Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  Not so in this case.  What Casey Anthony did was a fraud deliberately perpetrated by the dishonest mother of a supposedly missing daughter.  The fact that it was a fraud has been conceded by Jose Baez in open court.

The People of the State of Florida should not have to bear the burden of the costs of the investigation, period. End of story.

No matter.  Casey Anthony could make $500,000 from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine if she chooses to bare it all in his centerfold.

Larry Flynt told Nancy Grace that should Casey Anthony do the hustle for the Hustler, she’d earn $500,000.  How perfect!  That would just cover the bill from Florida!

It’s anyone’s guess if this Hustler offer is being considered. (It’s a disturbing visual.)

Are the network wars for “the” interview going by the wayside?  It’s anyone’s guess.  The networks are falling over themselves to say they will NOT pay for interviews.  The have integrity, they yell from the rafters.  They have standards!  They are about real journalism, you know!  Uh, right.

You know what would bust the network’s hustle for a Casey Anthony interview?  The answer:  The Zenaida Gonsalez civil law suit.

If the law firm Morgan & Morgan has their way and can move forward on a videotaped deposition of Caseey BEFORE a network interview it would remove or lower an audience’s interest in seeing a network interview with Casey Anthony.

Wouldn’t that be just perfect?!

C’mon Morgan and Morgan, do the hustle!

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