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July 29, 2011


do the hustle

by Andrea O'Connell

I hadn’t planned on writing about the Casey Anthony saga, but I do want to discuss a couple of interesting tidbits that have occurred of late.

The Orlando County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) has announced the amount of the bill it intends to slap like Henkel duct tape on Casey Anthony.

The OSCO is seeking reimbursement of $293,123.77 for its investigation of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance.  The cost is calculated from the day Cindy Anthony reported Caylee missing: July 15, 2008, until December 11, 2008, when the location of Caylee’s remains were located.

The State Attorney’s Office has filed a bill with a price tag of more than $141,000.   The amount of the costs that can be levied against Casey Anthony will be determined in court, on August 25th.  By that time, the final costs could reach in excess of $500,000.

And that’s only the beginning!  There are other lawsuits waiting in the wings, which is why Casey Anthony will have to do the hustle sooner or later.

The defense may well argue that it is unconstitutional to hold their client responsible for costs since Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  Not so in this case.  What Casey Anthony did was a fraud deliberately perpetrated by the dishonest mother of a supposedly missing daughter.  The fact that it was a fraud has been conceded by Jose Baez in open court.

The People of the State of Florida should not have to bear the burden of the costs of the investigation, period. End of story.

No matter.  Casey Anthony could make $500,000 from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine if she chooses to bare it all in his centerfold.

Larry Flynt told Nancy Grace that should Casey Anthony do the hustle for the Hustler, she’d earn $500,000.  How perfect!  That would just cover the bill from Florida!

It’s anyone’s guess if this Hustler offer is being considered. (It’s a disturbing visual.)

Are the network wars for “the” interview going by the wayside?  It’s anyone’s guess.  The networks are falling over themselves to say they will NOT pay for interviews.  The have integrity, they yell from the rafters.  They have standards!  They are about real journalism, you know!  Uh, right.

You know what would bust the network’s hustle for a Casey Anthony interview?  The answer:  The Zenaida Gonsalez civil law suit.

If the law firm Morgan & Morgan has their way and can move forward on a videotaped deposition of Caseey BEFORE a network interview it would remove or lower an audience’s interest in seeing a network interview with Casey Anthony.

Wouldn’t that be just perfect?!

C’mon Morgan and Morgan, do the hustle!

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  1. Jul 30 2011

    Didn’t the judge move the depo to an October date? Doesn’t matter-I can’t see Casey getting any offers from any network prior to that time. The advertisers have a bit of pull on it. Maybe Howard Stern can kick in a small payment to feel her breasts and guess her bra size.

    I think the only one wanting to see her naked is Larry Flint. Ew.

    • Jul 30 2011

      Hi Sherry, As far as I know, the D-Day with Morgan and Morgan Anthony Slayers is set for carving on October 28th. I believe they’re trying to push it back even later, like in the year 2050. 🙂

  2. Jul 30 2011

    I’m wondering if the EquuiSearch volunteers can file a class-action lawsuit against her as well? I also wonder how long she can hold out declaring ‘Indigent’? -or if that is even an issue? Who’s paying the civil lawyer? The state of Florida, right?

    • Jul 30 2011

      Hi RahRah…..I don’t think the volunteers would be able to do that, unless they can show how volunteering for the search did some kind of damage… but they were volunteered and the money, time, and emotion they may have spent in doing that would most likely not warrant a law suite.
      That’s a good question about the civil lawyer… His name is Charles Greene, that’s about all I know!

  3. Jul 30 2011

    In my Opinion Casey Anthony will get out of All her legal Problems as far as All the Law Suits.
    After All Casey A. got away with Murder with the Help of her Defense Team which was willing to do everything they could to help their Client, that included making up Stories which had nothing to do with the Truth and putting the Blame on Ever One they could.
    Also Casey got lucky, having a Jury who didn’t pay Attention to the Evidence and obviously didn’t bother doing their Job like they were supposed to do but most of us already know that.
    With the Help of a Attorney/s, could be Baez who knows, Casey will get out of paying any of those People who are suing her. There seems to always be a Loop hole to get away with every thing when it comes to Casey Anthony.
    The whole Anthony Clan and their Attorneys are working the System and yes they seem to be good at it.
    I wonder is Baez ever going to get back to his own family or will he hang on to Casey Anthony indefinitely to make sure he will get his Part of the Fortune which obviously he thinks he can make of the murdered Child Caylee Marie Anthony!
    Do they even remember her? I wonder!
    Again I think Casey Anthony will get out of paying any body a red Cent.
    She will live her Life the Way she wants and maybe even replace Caylee with another Child, doesn’t seem to be a big Deal to her.
    Does Casey even realize, that All those People around her now are just using her, to make Money of her, or is she just using them the same Way to get what she wants?
    Either Way I really don’t care any more!
    Life for the Rest of us goes on and there will be sadly more People just like Casey Anthony and People who will make Money of Tragedy.
    Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine) is a perfect Example, All what matters to him is Money, he couldn’t care less how he gets it. JMO

  4. Jul 30 2011

    It is repulsive the Way Every One seems to hustle trying to get any thing they can from Casey Anthony when it comes to making Money or boosting their Ratings.
    It sure brings All those greedy, money hungry People out in the Light! Sickening that’s what it is!
    Meanwhile Caylee Marie is the One they forget because of their selfish Needs.
    I wonder if it would be their own little Daughter/Grand Daughter who was murdered and discarded in such a horrible Way, would they still feel the same Way? Would it still be just Business for them?
    Again, I say Shame on All of that sad Bunch , who are in any Way helping those greedy, selfish People,

  5. Jul 30 2011

    Now I have that dang song stuck in my head

  6. Jul 30 2011

    I realize I did quite a bit of venting today but it was necessary 🙂
    We have discussed All the corrupt and selfish People in this Case in Details.
    The Anthony Case seemed to bring out a lot of Emotions in All of us and rightly so.
    Now I would like to say, there are so many good People out there who really care and are compassionate to speak up for what is right and what isn’t.
    I have met a lot of good People on these Blogs and I am thankful for that.
    I also have read a lot of not so nice Blogs and Comments within those.
    Those Blogs taught me a thing or two, one is I am thankful that I am not like that and never want to be like that.
    There might be a lot of corrupt and hateful People in this World but there always will be good People who care about the next Person and are willing to help any way they can to make this World a better Place.
    We seen it in this Case, All those Volunteers ready to help searching for a Child which they thought was missing.
    All those People praying for little Caylee to be found save and then being emotionally distraught when her Remains were finally found.
    We can’t get discouraged, there are still decant and good People in this World, we see it every day in one Way or another and that is what I like to concentrate on and be thankful for. JMO

    • Jul 30 2011

      Hi Hilde… Yes, it’s good to vent! And your venting is good and welcomed by all here, especially me.

  7. Jul 30 2011

    Hi kim/manfred. hope your having a good saturday. Louie says hi.

  8. Jul 30 2011

    Hi Hilde, i know just how you feel so i have a good story to tell you. I read this and saw the video yesterday. This coyote had his head stuck inside a large mayonnaise jar. People had seen the coyote and called police. Police were looking for it to help it and two men happened to see it near their home and managed to catch the coyote and get the jar off it’s head. The men said it ran off but slower than normal as it was weak. This was such a wonderful story it gave me such a thrill to see officer’s of the law as well as citizen’s wanting and trying to help this poor coyote. It made me so happy to see that jar off that poor little things head.

    • Jul 30 2011

      knight owl, thanks for sharing this Story with us, this does put a Smile on my Face 🙂
      Like I said there are still a lot of good and caring People in this World.
      I will try to concentrate on the good News more than on the Bad from now on. The Anthony Case or Cases like that are to exhausting to follow, especially if there was no Justice in the End for sweet little Caylee.
      BTW Hi there knight owl and Louie, always nice seeing You.

    • Jul 30 2011

      Hey Knight owl and Louie! I saw a story like that once about a bear… Although, at first kind of funny, it got serious very fast as the bear would die if there was no intervention. Thankfully, the story ended well and the bear was soon freed from that glass cage….

      Thank you for sharing the story about the coyote! It does the heart well to hear it. 🙂

  9. Jul 30 2011

    I guess i had Kim on my mind and she is not even here. what i get for typing while on the phone. I meant to say Hello to you Andrea, so Helloooooooooooo. Great article by the way. That Flynt guy is a real scuzz ball but so is casey and her attorneys.

  10. Jul 30 2011

    Sherry. louie says meow (which is hello) and a big hello from me.

  11. Jul 30 2011

    Kim is here. It is official, i should be off the phone. bbl.

  12. colleen
    Jul 30 2011

    Any news about the contempt charges against Jose Baez??

    • Jul 30 2011

      Good question, Colleen. I have not heard one peep about it. But, I imagine the Bar is still investigating – but then again, maybe not! I haven’t heard a single thing.

  13. Jul 30 2011

    Everyone talking and SPECULATING as usual. I have news for the Morgan and Morgan case,and of course it’s just my humble opinion. I haven’t been wrong about anything thus far so, this could be the first. THE SUIT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND THEY WILL LOSE as KC Anthony did not point out that ZFG period. If anything a group of ppl thrusted themselves into this case and said, here I am, the ZFG, my life is ruined etc, etc which is a total load of crapola if I can say so myself. If you really look at it KC wasnt the one who called in LP, Tim Miller or anyone else for that matter. Sue the Anthony’s as they’re the ones who continued the “Caylee is Alive BS” not CAsey Anthony…..I didnt want to comment any further about this mess however, it’s just all hooplah and nothing else like usual…..CIAO

    • Jul 30 2011

      Hi GasCan, You have a point there. I think Morgan and Morgan have been way out of line with this case from the beginning. Not that I fault ZFG, I think she deserves to file this lawsuit, as does anyone. But, it’s odd that this huge law firm (and Morgan and Morgan are huge) would represent someone like ZFG. The clients they represent have million dollar cases….When Florida Governor Crist stepped down, he went to work for Morgan and Morgan! This firm doesn’t need the publicity, but it’s clearly publicity they seek…. I don’t get it.
      And, I agree, it was the Anthony’s perpetrating the lie that Caylee was alive…. I wanted to believe, at the time, that it was because they really believed it..

  14. Jul 30 2011

    Maybe the FBI should investigate who is actually behind all of the stories and scripts since day one. IT’ll lead to Saw Grass , ZG the whole nine yards and it’s all about the money…..THINK>>>>>who is the one who saw $$$$$$$$ since March of 2008…..PC does the talkin…..IMOO….

  15. Jul 30 2011

    March? $$$$$? Would that be when Casey stole money from her Grandparents’ bank account, or stole her Mom’s credit cards and racked up $25k?

  16. Jul 30 2011

    GasCan, you know what? None of it matters. A beautiful little girl lost her life, by a dysfunctional family, who didn’t know how to cope/deal as a family unit from the getgo. The damage is a done deal.

    • Jul 30 2011

      RahRah, You’re right. That is the bottom line. The damage is done and can never be undone now, sadly.


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