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play date with my niece!

It’s been a wonderful day because I played with my niece all day!

We planted a some plants, played hide n’ seek, Simon Sez; we searched for hidden treasures (Elizabeth wrote little notes around the house that lead to the treasure – a hat of mine that she’d had her eye on!), we played dress-up and had fashion shows with my mom as our happy audience; she taped silly things like “I love being weird” and taped them on my back, on my moms back, and on my dogs back, too.  One of my notes said, “I love Jazz” (my dog), another one said, “feed me a hot-dog.”  There were more funny ones but, darn, I just can’t remember them now.

Then, we went to the mall in search of a dress for another fashion show.  But then we passed a Day Spa and we decided to get pampered!

I got a pedicure, she got a manicure.  She chose a bright blue nail polish!  My toenails are red, but I wish I’d chosen blue – it was really pretty!

Then we found the perfect dress for her fashion show – a cute yellow romper. Then we went to the store “Claire’s” which is like a little girls candy shop…. she wanted everything there, of course.  She settled on a yellow headband and a yellow flower barrette, to match her dress!

Soon the mall closed, and we were off to the grocery store to pick up fixins’ for our hamburger & hot dog dinner. But, before that, we had to get down to business and have the fashion show!

I did her hair and make-up (red lips, rouge and purple eye shadow!), and it was so darn cute!  But, I forgot to get pictures.

I did get pictures of the earlier fashion show…. And, I got pictures of her manicure.

Oh, what a day!

a fashion show outfit!

Elizabeth gets a manicure!

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