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will casey anthony serve probation in Orlando?

Is she coming baaaaaaacccckkkk to Orlando to serve out probation in just 72 hours?  That was the buzz today in the Casey Anthony trial saga that just won’t end!

Judge Stan Strickland, the original judge in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony first degree murder case, also presided over the case in which Anthony stood accused of writing a number of fraudulent checks, charges were pressed against her by Amy Huizenga, a former friend that Anthony stole from.  Anthony plead guilty in this case.

Bang! And the decision is...???

Judge Strickland sentenced Anthony to one year of probation.  At the time of sentencing, he considered allowing her probation to be carried out while she was in jail awaiting trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, but then decided she spend one year of probation upon her eventual release.

There was either a miscommunication or a lack of understanding on the part of the clerk who wrote the order that detailed what was decided by Judge Strickland.

The order, as understood by the Department of Corrections, was carried out by the Dept. of Corrections according to the order for probation, as they understood it.

A probation officer was assigned and Anthony was visited regularly by the probation officer handling her probation.  The probation period lasted one year, as the Judge ordered.

Why did no one question this?

It seems odd that a person would serve probation while in jail.  The purpose of probation, as I understand it, is to monitor the behavior of the individual to ensure his or her rehabilitation into society will be successful. How can that occur when one is locked up in jail and isolated each day for a period of 23 hours? What kind of trouble could a person get into with those constraints?

Of course the prisoner is going to behave!  They are isolated and have no choice! This is hardly the intent of probation.

There are quite a few prognosticators weighing in on what the defense team in the Anthony case will do to stop this probation order.  As I see it, the defense has a few options:

  1. Argue that Judge Strickland recused himself from the Anthony case (after the defense filed a motion to remove him), as such, he should not be deciding this case.  However, it seems that Judge Strickland is still the Judge on record and responsible for the application of the sentence – as he originally intended.
  2. The defense could, and likely will, file an emergency motion to appeal the amended order.
  3. They could request another Judge, potentially causing a delay in the application of the probation order.
  4. The defense could claim “double jeopardy.”  (I cannot see how double jeopardy would apply – the probation is solely related to the fraudulent check sentence.)  No doubt they will claim that Anthony is being persecuted.
  5. The defense may attempt to argue the hostility and danger of Anthony returning to Orange County to serve her probation. I am not sure if the court will care…. that’s a county issue, I believe.

Apparently the good Judge Strickland realized last week that Anthony was not serving probation, looked into it, and set about to correct the situation, much to the chagrin of the Anthony defense team.

Having to bring Anthony back to Orange County to serve her probation would mess up the planned publicity junkets, interviews, magazine centerfold posing, books, and whatever else is planned so corporation Anthony can eek out a living from the murder of her child.

The Conundrum….

Ever since the news broke about the probation issue, my first thought was, “Here we go, again!”  If Anthony returns from hiding, it would be another nutty media circus, providing more attention than is deserved.

Then, I thought, if she is required to serve probation in Orlando it will be deserved hell on earth for her.   But there’s also the question of her security, as we know there are terrible people out in the public who will harass and possibly harm her.  That would not be a desired outcome, of course.

We have the privilege of the First Amendment, and people in the community have a right to protest, but there is also human decency and the safety of Anthony and the public.   Also, it would be yet another cost to the taxpayers to have her in Orlando – she’d have to have protection.

I certainly would NOT want any harm to come to Anthony.  Frankly, I’d like to forget her.

If probation prevents her from profiting, all the better.

It is repulsive that she may be in a position to profit.  If her returning to Orlando will in some way squash the networks cashing in and paying her, that would be a great outcome….. I’m probably only dreamin’ though.

In the meantime, while we wait for the outcome of the probation issue to unfold, I would like to nominate Judge Strickland for President.

Anyone second that motion?

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