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August 2, 2011


flippin’ probation

by Andrea O'Connell

Why must Cheney Mason’s motions always contain personal and snippy vitriol?  More importantly, why must he consistently act like a high-school boy who’s only able to communicate via a middle finger, with a bark and a scowl?

Oh yes, Mason displayed his middle finger again today – flipping it in the direction of a driver, reported Kathi Belich of WFTV.

There’s something wrong with a grown man, nearing retirement, acting like this.  It’s uncouth (also uncool), for a lawyer to behave that way!  It’s bizarre – beyond the beyond of bizarre.

And, what’s worse, Mason told a reporter that Anthony will NOT comply with the probation order.  Hm.  Perhaps he wants to loose his law license?  By suggesting that Anthony will not appear, he – an officer of the court – is asking his client to break the law.

Cheney Mason, who once had a very good reputation in the Orlando area, is risking his law degree, and his reputation, for Casey Anthony?  Really??  It makes absolutely no sense to me.

The motion that Mason “walked” to the courthouse today (all he needed to do was file it electronically), was done to assure he had an audience.

In the motion, titled “Emergency motion for hearing to quash, vacate, and set aside court’s order,”  Mason writes that Judge Strickland’s “order was fraudulently entered.”

Mason also states that Judge Strickland, having amended the probation order, “Showed a reckless disregard for Ms. Anthony’s Due Process and Civil Rights.

I cannot fathom that any lawyer would make such offensive allegations against a sitting Judge, especially a Judge as thoughtful and fair as I believe Judge Strickland is.  It’s offensive.

Perhaps Mason believes that his career is over anyway, and so he doesn’t care who or what he insults.  If so, that’s hardly an excuse.   As an officer of the court and having taken an oath to follow the law, how can a lawyer act with such disregard for the law, and all behalf of Casey Anthony?  It makes no sense.

Here is the emergency motion, filed by Cheney Mason, filed on the CFS News13 website.

Richard Hornsby, a smart (and sometimes sassy!) criminal defense attorney that I admire, wrote a post on his blog that is excellent and that I encourage you to read – the link to his blog is on my blogroll and a link is available in the quote below.

Richard concludes the following with regards to the sentencing orders for probation:

While Judge Strickland’s intentions were clear, there seems to have been some confusion because the sentencing minutes that were generated after the hearing, and which Judge Strickland signed, simply stated credit for 412 days jail followed by one year of supervised probation. Notably, the sentencing minutes never contained the magical words “upon release” at the end of the sentence – not that they needed to.  ~ Richard Hornsby, Criminal Lawyer

The real question is whether Judge Perry will hear this emergency motion tomorrow on behalf of Judge Strickland.

If the order stands, and I think it will, Anthony will have to report to an Orlando probation officer Wednesday, August 3, 2011, by 5 pm, or she will have violated the terms of her probation.  When that happens, a bench warrant for her arrest will be put in place, and back to jail she’ll go.

Anything could happen at this point – and it probably will!

It’s difficult to read the tea leaves on this one.   Oh boy!  Stay tuned….

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  1. Aug 2 2011

    I liked the last paragraph of Hornsby’s blog post. Lamar lawson, I hope you read it! Hornsby also said that oral statements trump written ones where the probation is concerned.

    Andrea sez:
    Cheney Mason, who once had a very good reputation in the Orlando area, is risking his law degree, and his reputation, for Casey Anthony? Really?? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

    I’m thinking that Casey Anthony is Mason’s Siren’s song. It won’t end well, imo, for him. He has already showed disdain for his own reputation by his childish actions.

    • Aug 3 2011

      Hi Sherry, i hope Richard Hornsby is correct – I kind of think he may be!

      Oh, and yeap, i think this is when the fat lady sings for Mr. Mason, too. 🙂

  2. Aug 3 2011

    I just can’t see anything happening to the royal pain in the rear. It hasn’t so far, hate to be a pessimist but I would go into shock, if she had to come back to Orlando and actually report to a probation officer. Andrea, I really like your blog, thank you so much for all your hard work. Thanks again!

    • Aug 3 2011

      Hi Grandma! You surely may be correct…. she’s the luckiest criminal on the planet, it seems to me. I hope like hell she serves real probation…..

      and, thank you for your kind comments! 🙂

  3. Aug 3 2011

    Wow, and wow! It seems Mason’s cannibalistic snacking of reporters, lawyers, judges, media, public-at-large, isn’t digesting well with him at all. What a complete and utter shame, to make a mockery of his own dignity, and honor, as a lawyer, and as a gentleman, and, the Florida Courts. Shame on you, Mr. Mason. If I recall correctly, Judge Perry released the defense team immediately to follow upon the appeal filing for the misdemeanor counts of lying. So, if they’re still retained, Casey’s no longer indigent, and cannot claim so.

    • Aug 3 2011

      “…cannabalistic snacking…” I love that!

    • Aug 3 2011

      Rah, you hit the nail on the proverbial head! It’s cannibalistic is right! And he is making a mockery of his own dignity… It’s like he is purposely acting up, or is filled with so much anger or resentment and is throwing caution at the wind. He probably doesn’t even realize what a fool he’s making of himself….

  4. Aug 3 2011

    Mason has entered the nasty stages of dementia – he has lost control of himself and his body. Someone needs to snap that finger right off

    • Aug 3 2011

      Hey Kim… You could be right on! Sad, sad, sad.

  5. dee
    Aug 3 2011


    Why are you surprised by Mason?

    Baez and Mason have shown such little regard for the Court, their status as Officers of the Court, and the truth…that I do not expect any measure of decency or honor or respect to emanate from either of these people.

    When I witnessed Mason abruptly place his umbrella in Kathi Belich’s face when she approached him with a question, I lost all respect for him. But, I do have great empathy for him because considering his age he will always and forever be an old fool.

  6. dee
    Aug 3 2011

    If the facts alleged in the Motion are accurate and true-considering the author I am taking a risk here-the probation, as ordered, is a big mess and probably will be dismissed. Sometimes messy rulings result in the court deciding in favor of the defendant.

    But, I wonder where Baez and Mason were when the sentencing took place. Did they not have a duty to get the necessary clarity on behalf of their client? As an attorney, I would have never left Court without being extremely clear about all matters related to the sentencing of my client…

    I found the reference to Nancy Grace, in the motion entertaining, especially in light of the fact that Baez plastered what appears to be his television interview screenshot on his website before the trial even started. Not to mention the fact that Baez is in NY trying to broker a TV deal for himself, so I hear…funny.

    • Aug 3 2011

      Dee! Excellent points…. I hope she does serve probation, and if she doesn’t, well, good for her… More power to the little criminal…. and her shady lawyers, too.

      Anyway, you’re not alone in thinking the probation will not happen – Shaeffer says that Casey will win this one. But, I have hope, still!!! 🙂

      I really do think that Judge Perry will want to stand by Judge Strickland and uphold his decision. I sure hope so. Judge Strickland is a fine judge and I am sure he followed the law to a “T”…. Well, well have to wait and see…. In the meantime, I am up way past my bedtime! Talk to you later….

  7. Aug 3 2011

    I think I can honestly say that I have never seen a man of Mr. Mason’s age flip the bird.

    • Aug 3 2011

      Hey Kitt! Me too! It’s really strange to see someone his age do that! It’s like when my mom let’s a cuss word fly – she rarely does, but boy, when she says a cuss word, she really means it, and it’s startling!

      Talk to you later…. good night all… sweetest of dreams, too! 🙂


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