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probation for Anthony on hold – for now, anyway

It was another newsy day with regards to Casey Anthony.

First, the Honorable Stan Strickland recused himself from the Anthony fraud case in which Casey Anthony plead guilty and was ordered to serve probation.  At issue, as you’ve most likely heard by now, is the oversight in the probation orders typed by the court, as well as the interpretation of the orders by the Orange County Corrections.

The wording, in the written order, states there is to be one year of probation.  Because the sentence lacked the words “upon release” (from jail) it was not clear when the term of probation should commence.  Huh?

Probation is what it is – isn’t it?!!    It’s supposed to be an extension of the custodial process, right?  Who ever heard of probation happening while an inmate is in jail?  Well, perhaps if the inmate is in prison with out the possibility of parole, perhaps then it may be used.  Even then, if the inmate is in jail, it sounds like a redundant process, doesn’t it?

It was the Dept. of Corrections who took it upon themselves to set up Casey Anthony’s probation while in jail. Why they did this is anyone’s guess.  Someone failed to take the time to think this one through.

Judge Stan Strickland, the original assigned Judge in this case, when he realized that his order of probation was omitted, he amended his order to include it. And, oh the firestorm it caused!

Judge Strickland recused himself from the Check Fraud case today, and Judge Belvin Perry took the reigns.

The first thing that Perry did was to issue a stay as it relates to when the probation should begin.  The Court will hear arguments on Friday, August 5th, and will rule as to whether to enforce the probation, or dismiss it.

There’s every reason to believe that Judge Perry will uphold Judge Strickland’s position, unless Perry can find a legal reason to change the ruling.

I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that probation is an important part of the rehabilitation process and should not be taken lightly, whether your name is Casey Anthony or Anthony Casey.

Regardless, Judge Perry knows his case law, and follows the law to the letter; if the law calls for probation, then it will begin.

In what ever decision he reaches, Judge Perry will have to weigh the safety of Casey Anthony.  If it’s possible to move the probation to another state, perhaps that is an option – I don’t know.  We’ll find out on Friday what fate befalls defendant Anthony in this regard.

I firmly believe her deeds in the check fraud case should have a period of real probation – not “pretend” probation as she served while in jail.

TMZ photos and video

Someone working for got pictures of Casey Anthony doing what she loves best: Shop!  She’s in Ohio, says TMZ.  Take a look at the pictures, do you think it’s her?  I do.

There’s a video, too.  You can view it at this link: TMZ.Com Video.

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