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hearing tomorrow – Anthony probation issue

It was a Project Runway night which meant I have been glued to the T.V.!

I do love that show!  However, I often don’t pick the winning look; worse than that, I often like best what the judges like least!  But I always learn something and end up appreciating the opportunity to see the design from the eyes of the judges.

Tonight’s design challenge was to construct something unconventional from items purchased at a pet supply store.  Josh, the designer sent home during tonight’s episode, made an outfit out of quasi-fabric material – he used umbrella fabric, and a black piece of material used in a fish tank.  The sad thing about his design, it was very dated: A halter top and short skirt.  Not exactly unconventional. The other designers used bird seed, feathers, dog toys, hamster bedding material, dog food, and other non-fabric material.

I thought the worse design was the skirt constructed from dogie pee-pee pads.  The outcome was off center, in a bad way and prompted a stream (pun intended) of cynical retorts!

Tomorrow’s hearing about probation in the Casey Anthony probation issue

Judge Belvin Perry will hear defense arguments concerning the probation issue.  It is difficult to know how Judge Perry will rule on this – many experts have differing opinions.  Whatever the decision of Judge Perry turns out to be, I’m sure it will be the correct one.

I found it interesting that Lawson Lamar, the Orlando State Attorney, made a statement regarding the opinion of his office.  Lamar believes that should Anthony be forced to serve probation (again) it would amount to double jeopardy, which is unconstitutional.

Far be it from me to know the truth of the probation matter from a legal perspective.  Lawson Lamar would know far better than I, but I question that statement never the less.  My opinion is that Anthony did not serve probation in jail – on paper she did, but it was not real probation.

The question for me is: Do we value probation as an important tool to lessen the behavior of the criminal who we want to rehabilitate? Are we treating Anthony differently?  Clearly, she is given far more consideration than another person charged with the same kind of crime.  What other defendant would be able to serve probation while in jail?

Whatever the outcome is, it will be for the best.

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