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may I be catty for a moment?

Before I write about my day, I want to take a moment and express how frustrating it is to read the catty tales from numbskulls  in the community!  Reading the discussions claiming that “mistakes” were made by Judge Strickland regarding the probation issue, in the Casey Anthony check fraud sentence, makes me want to bear my teeth and hiss like a cat!

Clearly these bloggers never took a moment to actually read about what happened.  A little research will make it crystal clear.  I’ve written a couple of posts about it already, so I won’t re-hash it here.

Suffice it to say, Judge Stan Strickland is beyond reproach. Period.

Attorney Richard Hornsby, whose writing I often cite, said the following in response to a blogger criticizing Judge Strickland’s sentence in the check fraud case:

You do realize, that Judge Strickland could have convicted her of all 13 check fraud charges and sentenced her to 30+ years in prison, but instead withheld adjudication on seven counts, meaning she was only a 6 time convicted felon instead of 13 time convicted felon, sentenced her to time served on all counts and 1 year of probation once released on the seven counts he withheld adjudication on.

No other judge I can think of would have gone that easy on her considering she was being held on murder charges. To imply that Judge Strickland was unfair or was not impartial to her is ludicrous.

She literally got a slap on the wrist for the check fraud charges and you are somehow complaining that Judge Strickland was acting biased towards her? Get real.

The above comment, written by Richard Hornsby, is part of the comments of a post titled:  For Judge Perry’s Eyes Only

Beau did GREAT at the Vet!  Me?  Not so much…

I took Beau to the vet this morning.  That’s him in his carrier, waiting at the vet’s office.

Beau got, for $182.00, a blood test, fecal and urine tests, and an exam.

The vet won’t be able to diagnose if he has Hypothyroidism until we get his test results back, tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning.

Beau in his carrier, at the vet's office

However, Beau’s ravenous behavior may have been solved (I hope) after I explained to the vet how I feed him…..

The vet seems to think that Beau’s ravenous hunger and his mad-cat attacking of people food, could be because I’m starving my own cat.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God….

I am starving my cat.

After I told the vet his feeding routine, he said: “Double his food.”

As soon as I got home from the vet, Beau got more breakfast; tonight he got more dinner. And, is he happy!

I thought, wow, will this cure his hunger?

Not so fast. But there is some improvement already!

Although, just as soon as he finished eating, he was on top of me, trying to put his nose into the sandwich I made for dinner.  But, he was calmer about it…..he didn’t show his regular ravenous madness in the pursuit of catching a bite of my food.

If the problem can be solved simply by feeding him more, that would be fantastic!

He did so well at the vet’s office.   The only time I heard him scream bloody murder was a result of the vet getting a fecal sample… can’t blame him for screaming, who wouldn’t scream at that?

I’ve had Beau for 12 years – since he was born.  He’s the nicest cat I’ve ever had.  He’s incredibly affectionate, attentive, and follows me around like my constant shadow.

The vet told me he also has a black male cat and his cat has a similar personality to Beau’s.  And he told me that the best and most docile domestic cats are black males, and male orange Tabby’s.

I had a white female cat, Tallulah, for 20 years and she had the same loving qualities as Beau – but she was smarter.

I would have liked to ask the vet more questions about this cat personality phenomenon, but my mind was still racing and feeling so guilty that I’ve been starving my Beau….!

Well, in truth, the vet didn’t say outright that I was starving him….

Well, I think it’s because he saw how upset I was…. Guess he’s careful when it comes to near hysterical cat mothers who’ve been starving their cat-child.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…………

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