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August 7, 2011


may I be catty for a moment?

by Andrea O'Connell

Before I write about my day, I want to take a moment and express how frustrating it is to read the catty tales from numbskulls  in the community!  Reading the discussions claiming that “mistakes” were made by Judge Strickland regarding the probation issue, in the Casey Anthony check fraud sentence, makes me want to bear my teeth and hiss like a cat!

Clearly these bloggers never took a moment to actually read about what happened.  A little research will make it crystal clear.  I’ve written a couple of posts about it already, so I won’t re-hash it here.

Suffice it to say, Judge Stan Strickland is beyond reproach. Period.

Attorney Richard Hornsby, whose writing I often cite, said the following in response to a blogger criticizing Judge Strickland’s sentence in the check fraud case:

You do realize, that Judge Strickland could have convicted her of all 13 check fraud charges and sentenced her to 30+ years in prison, but instead withheld adjudication on seven counts, meaning she was only a 6 time convicted felon instead of 13 time convicted felon, sentenced her to time served on all counts and 1 year of probation once released on the seven counts he withheld adjudication on.

No other judge I can think of would have gone that easy on her considering she was being held on murder charges. To imply that Judge Strickland was unfair or was not impartial to her is ludicrous.

She literally got a slap on the wrist for the check fraud charges and you are somehow complaining that Judge Strickland was acting biased towards her? Get real.

The above comment, written by Richard Hornsby, is part of the comments of a post titled:  For Judge Perry’s Eyes Only

Beau did GREAT at the Vet!  Me?  Not so much…

I took Beau to the vet this morning.  That’s him in his carrier, waiting at the vet’s office.

Beau got, for $182.00, a blood test, fecal and urine tests, and an exam.

The vet won’t be able to diagnose if he has Hypothyroidism until we get his test results back, tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning.

Beau in his carrier, at the vet's office

However, Beau’s ravenous behavior may have been solved (I hope) after I explained to the vet how I feed him…..

The vet seems to think that Beau’s ravenous hunger and his mad-cat attacking of people food, could be because I’m starving my own cat.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God….

I am starving my cat.

After I told the vet his feeding routine, he said: “Double his food.”

As soon as I got home from the vet, Beau got more breakfast; tonight he got more dinner. And, is he happy!

I thought, wow, will this cure his hunger?

Not so fast. But there is some improvement already!

Although, just as soon as he finished eating, he was on top of me, trying to put his nose into the sandwich I made for dinner.  But, he was calmer about it…..he didn’t show his regular ravenous madness in the pursuit of catching a bite of my food.

If the problem can be solved simply by feeding him more, that would be fantastic!

He did so well at the vet’s office.   The only time I heard him scream bloody murder was a result of the vet getting a fecal sample… can’t blame him for screaming, who wouldn’t scream at that?

I’ve had Beau for 12 years – since he was born.  He’s the nicest cat I’ve ever had.  He’s incredibly affectionate, attentive, and follows me around like my constant shadow.

The vet told me he also has a black male cat and his cat has a similar personality to Beau’s.  And he told me that the best and most docile domestic cats are black males, and male orange Tabby’s.

I had a white female cat, Tallulah, for 20 years and she had the same loving qualities as Beau – but she was smarter.

I would have liked to ask the vet more questions about this cat personality phenomenon, but my mind was still racing and feeling so guilty that I’ve been starving my Beau….!

Well, in truth, the vet didn’t say outright that I was starving him….

Well, I think it’s because he saw how upset I was…. Guess he’s careful when it comes to near hysterical cat mothers who’ve been starving their cat-child.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…………

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  1. dee
    Aug 7 2011

    Andrea, I share your apparent. Go ahead and take all the catty moments you need regarding the creative or rather inaccurate spin that is being placed on Judge Strickland’s order. His order, as articulated during the sentencing hearing, was crystal clear and fair and balanced.

    BTW, beau is a handsome dude indeed. I am glad he is on the mend and getting back to his purr-fectly loving self.

    • Aug 10 2011

      Well, thanks Dee! Beau is doing purrrrrfectly fine now, by the way! He’s one happy dude now that he has all the grub he wants 24/7…. 🙂

      Hey Dee, I also wanted to ask you…. I’m thinking of taking the LSAT’s and wonder if I should just take it, or study for it?

  2. Aug 7 2011

    Andrea, I agree as well, Judge Strickland is, indeed, a fine and honorable gentleman judge. Truly caring, and lenient towards Casey, as I watched the videos of the check fraud case he presided over. His compassion really shown through, and I don’t believe any other Judge would have been as generous as Judge Strickland’s verdict. ~ I will keep my fingers crossed for your handsome Beau. I do believe animals reflect on our personalities, and yours’ is of a loving nature, you’re a great Mom, no worries. Ouch!, on the vet bill, but worth it for peace of mind that Beau is healthy, and happy, and on the mend.

    • Aug 10 2011

      Hi RahRah! LOL! I agree with you, of course about Judge Strickland… I really like him, too, And, Beau is doing really well! The funny thing is, although I’m giving him one can in morning and one at night, he never finishes breakfast or dinner… 🙂 He likes to have relaxing meals, at his leisure, like the King of Catdom he is!

  3. offthecuff
    Aug 7 2011

    Glad to hear your cat is getting some good diagnosis, although that may mean you’ll also end up spending more time with the cat litter.

    • Aug 10 2011

      LOL! You are totally 100% right, Offthecuff!!! When more goes in, more comes out…. Yucko, but it’s okay…. 🙂

  4. Aug 8 2011

    ROTFLMBO!!! You are starving your cat!

    Let him live with us for a week and you will get one fat cat back! Hubs gives our furbabies treats every time they look at him-and its a handful per each cat. 😯 I keep telling him that treats are to be treats, not meals. Each of our cats get a tablespoon of wet food every day. Plus, we leave a bowl of dry cat food out for them to snack on during the day and night.

    Your beautiful Beau looks like my Corey-or what my Corey looked like before old age set in. He is still a lover boy but prefers to be by himself more now. He’s 22 years old.

    I agree about HHJS and what the critics are saying is due to lack of making an informed comment. On a BlogTalkRadio show today I heard a California lawyer accuse HHJS of being a media hound because he went on Nancy Grace, and that he was in danger of malpractice-that it was all his fault about the probation mess-up and he talked about it being double jeopardy and blah, blah, blah… 🙄

    I love Hornsby’s retort!~ But it goes on deaf ears unfortunately.

    • Aug 10 2011

      Awww, is Corey a sweetheart too? And, he’s 22? My goodness, Sherry, he’s living to a ripe old age! The longest I was able to keep a cat so far has been 21 years. And what a great cat she was, too. I still long for her…

      And the lawyer who said Judge Strickland was in danger of malpractice! Maybe this lawyer fellow doesn’t realize that he’s living in America… That’s just silly for a lawyer, of all people, to say that!

  5. Aug 8 2011

    Some of those Media Talking Heads are Dim Wits in my Opinion. They really don’t know what the Heck they are talking about.
    Judge Strickland was fair when it came to the Check fraud Charges, matter of fact I felt like he was too lenient. Casey got away with a Slap on the Wrist on the Check Fraud Charges.
    Judge Strickland was very clear about the Probation, it wasn’t him who messed up. JMO

  6. Aug 8 2011

    Andrea, I miss Your Dog Jazz on Your Avatar, he always made me smile looking at him, he is so cute!
    I am also glad Beau is doing better and You found out what was wrong with him. 🙂
    I can’t imagine You not feeding him enough, doesn’t sound like You. I guess we learn something new everyday, don’t we.

  7. Aug 8 2011

    Hello Andrea, you have mine and Louie’s permission ot be catty all you want. lol. I know these talking heads make me sick. Judge Strickland is a great guy and he sure couldn’t have been any fairer to the outlandish annoying defense team and ms.anthony. In fact if he were to be faulted for anything it would be he was too fair to ms,anthony and her defense team.
    I love your kitty Beau (great name by the way), Louie and i say he is one fine cat. He has beautiful big eyes and how cute looking out his carrier. My hubby thinks i over feed Louie and i call him the food police when he tries to stop me. hahaha. Have a great day and pet Beau for me.

    • Aug 10 2011

      Hi Knight Owl! I love your cat’s name, too! I call Beau my “Beau-friend” because he’s so loveable! Jazz is my other boyfriend, of course! Beau recognizes his Beau-friend name, too! 🙂 Oh, and when I call Beau to come, Jazz comes running because he can’t stand the thought of Beau getting attention without him getting some, too. Beau is a lap cat but only sleeps on my lap when Jazz is sound asleep some where else! There are some days that they both share my lap..

  8. Aug 8 2011

    Hi Sherry, off the cuff, Hilde, and Rah Rah and dee. Louie says hi to you too Sherry. lol.

  9. Aug 8 2011

    Have a great day today everyone and Louie says ”CAT’S RULE”. LOL

  10. Aug 8 2011

    Thank you, Knight Owl & Louie! ~A big Texas hug & a little Texas hug being sent your way! A round of hugs to all!

  11. Aug 8 2011

    Judge Strickland is a wonderful Judge and a fine man. People just like to lay blame.

    Hi everyone!

    • Aug 10 2011

      Bingo, Kim! The blame game is everyone’s favorite pastime.

  12. Aug 10 2011

    Andrea, I don’t know if it is too late to reply to a question you posed to Dee, but I just wanted to share that our county public library here has multiple great preparation study aids for the LSATS. It never hurts to over prepare! Oh, I wish you the best, skill and luck, lol! What an inspiration you are, Andrea!


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