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August 8, 2011


my today; Caylee’s tomorrow

by Andrea O'Connell

My vet called this evening to tell me Beau’s blood test results are perfectly normal!  I am soooo relieved!  And, Beau is much happier now that he’s getting twice the amount of food he’d been getting!

That’s the good news!

The not so good news?  My computer just died.  It’s dead as dead can be.  It was very sudden – no warning at all.  I turned it on earlier this evening, and nothing.

I guess the good news is I have to get a new computer!

The bad news?  I have to get a new computer.

I have a laptop to use for the time being…. thankfully!

I’m not sure what brand of computer I’ll get…. I’ve had Dell’s for the past few years.  Before that, I had Sony – which I liked very much.   Dell is okay, but I don’t think I’d go with another one – I haven’t had very good luck with them.

As for my desktop, well, for the last month it has been plagued with the Blue Screen of Death until, finally tonight, it went to sleep!

It would be more interesting if the stupid thing died slowly so I could try to save it – try to resuscitate it.  It just went to sleep and that was the end of it.

I love computers. But, darn it!  Damn it!  I wish I were smarter than they are!


I began a new new-hire class today.  I have six new employees in my class – nice group, too. I’ll be training them all this week until Wednesday of next week.  I have them 7 hours a day… it makes for an exhausting day.

Every now and then, during the day, I get so tired.  I have to be “on stage” all day – running the show.

It’s usually after lunch when the mind-farts begin.  That’s when simple words evade me.   Sometimes, the mind-farts are loonnnng and I tell my students that I’d momentarily gone to the Bahamas.

It’s rough.  My mind goes to the Bahamas but my body is in Hot Freakin-Flash Hell!

Oh, it’s bad.  Hot flashes and chills from a cold room.  I’d like to rip my clothes off and dunk my head in the sink, or the toilet, if there was no sink.

The perspiration rolls down the side of my face.  It’s worse when it rolls down the center of my back.

Clothes are soaking wet.  Face soaking wet.  Mind in the Bahamas.

That’s what it feels like to be 50.

OH MY GOD!  The hot flashes are HELL!

Sometimes I am sure that if I could ring out my clothes, I’d have enough water to also quench my thirst.  Eeeewwwww!


Tomorrow would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s sixth birthday.  She’d be entering the first grade.  She’d be over the moon with excitement, like my niece, Elizabeth is.

We’ll all be thinking of Caylee tomorrow.

I’m saying a prayer for the Anthony’s, too.

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  1. Aug 8 2011

    Okay, if i may be so bold…

    If your “dead” computer is not unplugged-unplug it. Wait about 20 minutes and plug it back in. Try it to be absolutely sure it is dead. My nephew told me this trick when I thought my old computer had died (I wished it had so he was thanked grudgingly for the advice). It lived! Hmm. lol

    Get more soy in your diet! Due to having one ovary removed and a hysterectomy at a young age my menopause wasn’t too bad. I had the hot flashes at night but didn’t have the hellish sweats. I began having the brain farts and they are with me to this day. 😕

    What was I talking about…? Now why did I stop here…?

    • Aug 8 2011

      Forgot to add: there was a static electricity build-up that caused my computer to “die” and unplugging it for a time revived it. I was able to get a new one (Dell 😯 ) only because i fibbed to the hubs about it being “dead”. Shhhh….

      • Aug 9 2011

        LOL!!! That’s so funny! And I bet Hubs was really wanting a new one, too!

        So, I”m lying in bed not able to fall asleep despite how tired I am, and I heard my email ding…. so I’m out of bed quick as a hot bunny to unplug my PC in the hopes it will come back from death in the morning ..I sure hope it works!

        I almost clicked “submit” tonight for a new computer, too! I came to my senses, though, after seeing the grand total in the cart !

        Anyway, thanks so much!

        Sorry this is so quick….. hi to everybunny, too! Will talk to you all lata gata!

        sent from my Xoom

      • Aug 9 2011

        Hi Donna & Sherry! Unplugging overnight seemed to do the trick (it started!) I took Donna’s advice and downloaded system mechanic – they are having a sale right now on the full version. I got it and began running it. The result? My system us running “poorly”. I started running the fix but had to leave for work, so I left it running. Hopefully all will be well and i can avoid having to buy a new PC! Thanks ladies! 🙂

        Sent from my iPhone

  2. Donna
    Aug 9 2011

    If you get it up and running, immediately download a free trial of System Mechanic. It does miraculous things to computers on the verge od death. Good luck!

    • Aug 10 2011

      Donna! I must tell you, and everyone, that System Mechanic is AWESOME! It was on sale and I got it for only $29.00, which gives you three licenses (they last a year). I put one of the licenses on my PC and one on my laptop, and they are both running really well now!

      I highly recommend it!

  3. Aug 9 2011

    I second Sherry’s motion for soy! Everyday! Silk French Vanilla Soy creamer for my coffee, and Bonus!, sweet enuf doesn’t need sugar. Not liking the soy milk, at all, so steamed edamame beans for lunch or dinner, often. Symptems have disappeared completely. ~Lighting a candle for Caylee

    • Aug 10 2011

      Silk French Vanilla Soy cream sounds luscious! And I do like endamame beans, too but I have never cooked them – don’t even know what they’d look like in the produce section! LOL! I’m not really a enthusiastic cook – never have been… LOL, but I DO like to eat!

  4. Aug 9 2011

    Maybe your P is feeling the pains of menopause like you and I, Andrea. You may also consider opening the tower and cleaning the dust out. Mine needs it too, come to think of it!!

    • Aug 10 2011

      Good idea, Kim… I did that, too. It wasn’t too bad because mine is a slim tower that sits on its side on my desk – my monitor is on top of it. Thanks for the ‘minder cause it was dusty….

  5. Aug 9 2011

    *PC, sorry

  6. Aug 9 2011

    LOL! Kim, I had to read your post three times, lol, and where I went with it, sure wasn’t the Bahamas! oh me! Lol! Sure am glad you clarified that, lol!

    • Aug 9 2011

      I guess we all have Bahamas moments 😉

  7. Aug 9 2011

    Still laughing at myself! ~beet red!

  8. whistlersmother
    Aug 9 2011

    God Bless Cindy and George Anthony on this day!

  9. Aug 9 2011

    Oh, Andrea…the change o’ life! What memories I have! I’m only 52 (or did I turn 53? Nope, I did the math real quick; I’m still 52), and I began perimenopaus at 45. Took me forever to figure out what was going on with me!! Started with “flushing.” My face and neck would turn red and hot, as if embarrassed. I was a smoker back then, and I’ve read and been told that smokers seem to wig out ahead of non-smokers. I rarely have even a “warm-flash” any more, and you can bet I am so thankful that I survived that long, strange trip (and so did my family!) A good thing did come out of it….I got my own bedroom! I love my hubby, but maybe I love a bed to myself more! He gave up on trying to sleep with me. He said he was sick and tired of getting the @#*& kicked out him every night, as I was flailing arms and legs to get those covers off of me as quickly as possible! I had to have glass doors open, oscillating fan going full-blast. But then, chills. So had to jump up, turn off fan, close door, pile on the covers. Over and over and over. The sweat…OMG!!! There were times when I thought there was a spider or other 8-legged creature crawling down my legs or stomach or back, only to fling the covers aside and find SWEAT rollling down me! Wow, it was freaking me out! The good news is…the sooner you start, the sooner you get it over with! My best to you, my dear 🙂

    • Aug 10 2011

      Kitt! Thanks so much for your words of wisdom on this brutal time of life! The funny thing about my experience, I am okay during the night – well, nothing wakes me up, anyway. But, during the day, oh, even if the A/C is in the 60’s, I’m still hot. I bet I’d sit in show and still be hot! I have a fan on full blast here in my office…. I couldn’t sit here without it!!! The only place I’m happy is in my car. My A/C works like a dream! It’s heaven,,, …

      Will it really end? it’s been about a year. Isn’t a year long enough? Oh boy, if it gets worse, I’m in a heap of trouble…I’ll have to carry an electric fan around with me where ever I go.

  10. Aug 10 2011

    Andrea, edamame beans look like italian green beans, if you are familiar with those. They are wide bean pods. If you cannot find fresh (saturday’s is farmer’s market day!), my Target here, carries the brand, Seapoint Farms, in the freezer section, and they can be thawed, and eaten cold, or microwaved and eaten hot!

    • Andrea OConnell
      Aug 11 2011

      Thanks so much, RahRah for this info and the LSAT advice. That’s a great idea , too! I will have to study some to know what to expect. I don’t really know if anything will come of it, but I do think it’s worth having a go of it! You never know, I guess, what may come of it! 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone


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