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Leiby Kletzky, Caylee and randomness

I wrote about this case a month, or so, ago and realized that I never followed up on what is currently happening in the case.
Murder suspect, Levi Aron, appeared with his defense attorneys in a Brooklyn court last week to plea “not guilty” to the charges of kidnapping, murder and dismemberment of eight year old, Leiby Kletzky. (Those are not the official charges, they represent the crimes.)
Another significant update regarding this case is that Aron has been found to be mentally competent to stand trial.
The child, Leiby Kletzky, was brutally murdered by stranger Levi Aron, as little Leiby was just trying to find his way home.  On the day he disappeared, Leiby’s parents, for the first time ever, allowed him to walk from day camp all by himself to meet his parents.
It was an important day for 8 year old Leiby.  He was anxious to have a little independence, and his parents finally agreed to allow him to walk by himself.  Though they insisted on waiting for him at a designated spot along the way.  Leiby walked about seven blocks and became lost.  Tragically, he asked suspect Levi Aron for directions.
It is terribly, terribly tragic, as most murders of children are.  This crime,  however, is so heinous and disturbing, it is is difficult to fathom.  The case has garnered a great deal of sympathy from around the world, and especially in Brooklyn, NY, where the crime occurred.
The eyes of a murderer?

Murder suspect Levi Aron.

Do the eyes of this murderer tell of his crimes?
Do the eyes in this photograph look like a man who is sorry for his crimes, as he has purportedly said in the recent past; expressing his regret and sadness?
Even though we don’t see the man’s eyes straight on, there is something about those eyes and the glare that is frightening.
People who work in jails with prisoners or inmates, often say that there’s something different in the eyes of a killer.  There’s a blank, vacant coldness behind the eyes of a killer, many have said.
I once toured the Miami Dade County Jail and saw a notorious serial rapist and murderer who was really scary to encounter.  I can’t remember his name right now.  It was eerie to see  him, like in a zoo, behind bars.  And it was odd because, I remember how everything about him – the way he walked, and stood, the tilt of his head, and the way he stared gave him away.  You could actually see the evil in him.  It’s unnerving to encounter pure evil like that.
This dangerous criminal was held in isolation but was allowed an hour a day to exercise in a small yard outside of his cell.  When I was touring the jail that day, instead of exercising, he paced and paced and paced in circles, then abruptly stopped and stared into space.
I saw his eyes.  And he looked my way, right at me.  Even though he was behind a set of double bars, seeing him and looking in his face was terrifying.
Back to Levi Aron!  (I got off topic for a moment!)  His attorneys are claiming mental illness.  They say he is a very sick man; he hears voices and hallucinates.  It remains to be seen if his plea will include insanity.
There will be a status hearing in October.  In the meantime, Aron is being held in Bellvue Hospital in the psychiatric ward.
This case is horrible; so senseless and so cruel.
Today would have been Caylee Anthony’s sixth birthday, had she lived. have a video of George and Cindy releasing balloons to commemorate the day. It was touching to see, and of course it was very sad.  Both George and Cindy were treated very kindly during the event by the crowd.  There were many well-wishers there.
Maybe it is just me, but why must everything the Anthony’s do be followed by the media?  Granted, this is a sad and important day for the family and the community who cared about the death of little Caylee, to me it seems a bit odd how everything related to this case has to be publicized.
I suppose, I’m just as much to blame as I am fascinated by this story and have written extensively about it.    I simply wonder why everything must be such a public event?
I don’t mean to criticize the publicity, I am questioning why so much publicity and media attention?
What ever happened to grieving in private?
Has it become more about publicity and on-camera time than respect and remembrance?

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