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August 11, 2011


a DCF report in the Anthony case concludes….

by Andrea O'Connell

Today, a Department of Children and Families (DCF) report was released with regards to the death of Caylee Marie Anthony.  The DCF called Casey Anthony responsible for the “Maltreatments of Death, Threatened Harm, and Failure to Protect.”   Their 12-page report itemized the neglectful responsibility which led to the death of Caylee:

Anthony’s actions were “neglectful.”  She failed to “report her child missing in a timely manner” and left her in the care of “a baby-sitter for which she was unable to provide accurate information.

The report stopped short at naming how Caylee died since the autopsy report concluded it was not possible to determine the cause of death.

Here is a link to the report: Department of Children and Families (DCF) report.

Reading this report tonight, with its details and thorough timeline of events, once again brought back my feeling that the jury in the case against Casey Anthony, completely failed to do their civic duty for Caylee, the victim.

This jury took the easy way out by deciding to err on the side of caution and vote Not Guitly.

Well, after all, they did not have adequate time to debate the facts of the case because they sure wanted out of Dodge .  This jury had cruises to go on; there were children to get home to, animals to care for; jobs to return to, and lives to live.  There was no time to consider the evidence since they knew in their heart that they had all the doubt that the defense dumped on them.  All the cow manure that was shoveled in their lap by the defense team, made no difference.  (Even cow manure has value, they may have concluded.)

Did they try to reason with one another by concluding, “A dead child will still be dead whether Casey walks or faces death?”   Apparently they never heard Dr. G. say Caylee’s death was homicide.   Did they only hear, “death by an undetermined means,” and in their warped conclusions, “undetermined means” meant “homicide” was not proven?

The people on this jury were just plain lazy.  They all decided that there were too many unanswered questions.  Had they taken the time to weigh the KNOWN facts of the case (evidence), against what they felt was UNKNOWN, you would think the pile of the knowns would exceed the pile of unknowns.  Right?

Who drove the car with the smell of death?  Who had the most to gain from Caylee’s death?  Who was the primary care-giver during the time of Caylee’s “disappearance?”   Just those three things, by themselves, tell a damning tale about responsibility.

So, this DCF report brought my anger out, again.

Soon the jurors names will be released to the public.  No doubt they will be bombarded with questions and comments. I have no desire to hear from them.

I hope these jurors will slink away and stay clear of the limelight.  I hope they’ve each come to the realization that it’s not a good idea to profit from their jury experience in this case.

Casey Anthony was just voted the most hated person in America.  The individual jury members may well join her on the list should they not choose to go gentle into that good night.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.
  ~Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

It is difficult now to go back and think about the trial and its outcome in light of this report.  It only serves to remind us that justice did not happen for Caylee, but it did for Casey.

I can’t live with anger.  Holding on to any anger over what happened only hurts me.

I guess all that’s left is to forgive and forget (in between the times when I cringe and want to cry).

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  1. Linda
    Aug 12 2011

    Hi Andrea I feel the same way you do…… and I am still upset whenever I think about it…. This jury did not even deliberate for one full day.. The day the verdict was read they all came into court all dressed up, packed and ready to go home, that tells me that they all talked about it all along……..
    The defense was right in picking a bunch of followers NOT leaders….. And I don’t and wont feel bad for them when their names are released…. It was

    • Aug 12 2011

      Hi Linda, that makes two of us as i want feel bad when the juror’s names are released either. We know several sure had time to get on every media show they could with warp speed in doing so. I am no even sure these juror’s were even qualified to br follower’s as they seem to be out in never never land. Ford said she felt like she was in a maze, said she was all over the place. None of them had a lick of reasoning sense nor common and i agree also with Andrea they were lazy. They were also selfish in my opinion too or they would have put their petty wants aside and worked hard to establish justice for a baby that deserved to have it

  2. Aug 12 2011

    Hi Andrea, Louie and i just left you a post on your ”Here’s My Heart” blog. Now i am scrolling up to read this post.

  3. Linda
    Aug 12 2011

    LOL don’t know what happened to my post but I wanted to finish it… It was THEIR choice to let Casey walk… I don’t think they ever even thought about Caylee at all……. The defense made this case all about Casey…… Can’t wait for all their names to come out, I hope they are all ashamed of themselves….. I could go on and on about how I really feel…..LOL and trust me its not pretty…

  4. Aug 12 2011

    Linda your 1:53 post ditto for me too~~ Had these juror’s gotten to read this DCF report they would have voted not guilty. They were just not qualified and will go down in history as the 12 village idiots that even topped oj’s. I hope their names have been flagged so they never get called to jury duty again. I think of all the work done by LE, FBI, Tim Miller’s Searcher’s, Ashton Burdick, and George and so many and Kronk finding Caylee with duct tape and all that and the village 12 idiots just treated it like it was a mere non serious game. I will always be furious at these juror’s if you can even call them that.

    • Aug 12 2011

      These jurors had more to peruse than just remembering what was said in court. There were documents to support what was testified to to look at and to discover more behind that testimony. Lazy is the word for them. May they need a jury one day and be granted a lazy one.

  5. Aug 12 2011

    Andrea thanks for posting the information. DCF should have had these out in 2008 not that it would have helped the 12 village idiot juror’s. My opinion this would have sailed right over the tops of their heads. Andrea next time we will get Louie, your cat Beau, and your cutie doggie as juror’s. I can guarantee you they have more sense. lol.

  6. Aug 12 2011

    nitey nite friends.

  7. Aug 12 2011

    I have a feeling some of these juror’s if not all of them know exactly what they did. You would have to be a complete reprobate not too. As Andrea said. These juror’s had much better things to do, vacations, family, etc. It was too much on them to stay and do their civil duty. May their family members look at them and say, “How could you?” But maybe ” the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” in these people lives as well.

    Shame on them. I also believe they wanted to serve just because it was Casey Anthony, but cared less to stay and do the right thing.

  8. Hilde
    Aug 12 2011

    DCF Report didn’t tell us any thing new. All I have to say, too little too late!
    The Majority of People already knew that Casey Anthony is the Only One who is responsible for Caylee’s Death.
    You would have to be blind and deaf not to know where All the Evidence presented by the Prosecution clearly pointed too, Casey Anthony!
    The Jury did not do their civic Duty for All the Reasons Andrea posted.
    At the same time Andrea is right, we can not let our Anger consume us, it would not be healthy and wouldn’t change a Thing.
    Casey Anthony did get away with Murder, thanks to the incompetent Jury.
    There will be a Day and that I am sure of that Casey Anthony has to answer for what she has done to her own Daughter.
    Meanwhile we will go on with our Life’s and concentrate on more pleasant Things in our Life and eventually forget about Casey Anthony but never Caylee or All the other innocent Children who are Victims of Abuse and Violence. JMO

  9. Faith
    Aug 12 2011

    ITA with all you’ve written and all the comments also. I replied I hope they find peace. Their friends,family and co-workers will know they are the people who allowed this injustice. I wonder if they’ll continue to tell themselves the state didn’t prove it’s case,when in their heart of hearts they know they were just to unconcerned and lazy to take the time to come to a just decision. One of those jurers said her children thought she was a good mother. I wonder if she feels she deserves to be thought of as a good person?
    As to KC can you imagine being voted the #1 most hated person in the USA and second only to Marilyn Manson when it comes to creepy? Well she always believed she was #1 and now she is.
    I personally can’t imagine a life like KC will have. No peace,no contentment,no real love,no real friends,no one who truly cares about you. It would be unbearable for me.

    Thank you Andrea for all you do. And I know I didn’t thank you for your kind words about me,I was just to overwhelmed. My real name is Faith and my faith in God is strong without it I would be lost. I do know that all that He allows will work out.

  10. Aug 12 2011

    Andrea sez:

    I hope these jurors will slink away and stay clear of the limelight. I hope they’ve each come to the realization that it’s not a good idea to profit from their jury experience in this case.

    Haha! Thing is, had they done their jobs and still, after much investigation into the evidence provided them, came to the same decision, they could have made a bundle! Who wants to read a book by them now?

  11. Aug 12 2011

    hm. It’s a chess game, and two moves just been played. What purpose does this DCF report serve? Why now? Is it a CYA (cover your a**) move by DCF? The 2nd move? CA voted, ‘Most Hated’ Really? Who voted? I didn’t. Did you? Isn’t that just like the self-proclaimed Jose Baez, who’s website touts, ‘Most Hated Lawyer in America’. I wasn’t polled then, either, or even seen such a poll! Have you? As far as the jurors, I’m very interested in the Foreman, and the one that vanished. They hold the answers I want to hear. I also would like to see their financial records, just before, and, after the trial!

  12. Aug 12 2011

    The news media should be held accountably for the blatant LIE started by “California’s based E-poll’s E-score, which is carried out weekly among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents aged 13 & over.”- Reuters. Shame on you, News Media, for picking up this propaganda, and running with it. It smells of Todd Macaluso, as did the CA halloween masks that surfaced on ebay. CA whisked off by TM’s private jet? CA had to pay for her plastic surgery, somehow! LOL! Jeeze, who would want a CA mask?

  13. Aug 12 2011

    It just hit me, this is all about the pending case before the Honorable Judge Perry! Baez is using the media AGAIN to sway a decision favorable to his client!


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