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August 13, 2011


FloriDUH | Report: Naked sword fight lands lawyer in jail

by Andrea O'Connell

FloriDUH | Sun Sentinel Blogs | Report: Naked sword fight lands lawyer in jail.

DUH! is right.

If you’re hunting for a Florida defense attorney who uses “out of the box” strategies, look no further, you’ve found your guy.

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  1. Aug 13 2011

    Andrea, I got a kick out of your “tags”, lol!

    • Aug 14 2011

      LOL! I kinda did that purposely, can ya tell?!

  2. Aug 13 2011

    He may need to hire Baez~

    • Aug 14 2011

      Perfect, Sherry! Baez: “Your Honor, my client was not nekkid, no way, he was wearing his birthday suit.”

  3. Aug 13 2011

    Sherry, don’t forget Cheney, then the 3-ring circus would be complete, lol!

    • Aug 13 2011

      True that!
      Let Felon Anthony be the paralegal for this case, too!

  4. Aug 13 2011

    I was so hoping for pictures

    color me sad 😦

    • Aug 14 2011

      Well, Kim, color me grateful! What an eyeful that would be!


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